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DBWG Chapter 126 – Abstruse Shadow Body

Chapter 126 – Abstruse Shadow Body
Translated by: Ying

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Long Chen’s eyes had been focused on those girls who were crying behind the doors. Seeing the doors open, they were even more afraid, their legs going weak.

They did know who was gathered outside, and hence were too afraid to come out. However, from just the cries, Long Chen could tell there were around 500 people in there.

Killing off five hundred beautiful young girls was something that Long Chen could only admire the sect leader for his methods and callousness.

“How is she under the altar?” Long Chen quickly asked.

“I didn’t expect it either and thought she’d be with those young girls downstairs. Apparently, there’s some mechanism under the altar and Lingqing is tied to a metal pillar. Looks like she’s already fainted, though her body is fine.”

With Lingxi’s words, Long Chen could finally heave a sigh of relief.

Looking at the sect leader’s proud smile, the wrath and killing intent in him rose.

At this moment, the sect leader was paying no attention to the weeping girls and spoke to the masses, “There might still be many who don’t know this. What’s so special about the Blood Sacrificial Ceremony this time? Let me tell you!”

As he spoke, the sect leader faced the altar and pressed down on a protruding rock. All of a sudden, a stone brick in front of the altar shifted away, and a metal pillar slowly rose from underneath. Everyone could see there was a charming young girl who was tied to the pillar with chains.

Feeling the tremors of the pillar, Yang Lingqing who had gone pale regained consciousness. Upon seeing the unfamiliar surroundings around her, as well as the thousand followers who were staring at her like a bunch of starving wolves, she sucked in a cold breath.

“She is the greatest surprise for me, and do you know why? Because…”

With a gaze full of appreciation as if for an artwork, the sect leader strolled towards Yang Lingqing and seemed to go crazy, “Because she has the Abstruse Shadow Body!”

“The Abstruse Shadow Body?”

“What is this Abstruse Shadow Body? What can it do?”

The followers were mostly at the Dragon Pulse Realm and knew very little. It was expected that they did not know about this ‘abstruse shadow body’.

“You don’t need to know what it is. All you need to know is that within this beautiful girl lies blood equal to that of a thousand young girls, or perhaps more than that…”

Having said this, the sect leader chuckled heartily, and upon hearing this, all the followers felt a fire in their hearts as they looked towards Yang Lingqing, extremely excited.

“With her around, most people will be able to raise their strength by a level just with this blood bath and with a little more effort. It is very possible for cultivators at the ninth dragon vein to solidify their Deity Dan through this process. When that happens, our Crimson Blood Sacred Sect will have at least thirty Human Dan Realm cultivators! This is therefore a significant time for us where we will rise to the top. Everyone, look forward to it!”

Hearing the words of the sect leader, the followers all began to cheer.

This was especially important to cultivators at the ninth dragon vein. As long as they could solidify their Human Dan, they could instantly achieve success!

The sect leader then turned towards the five sect elders and clicked his tongue, “Sect elders, I want to find out as well. Who amongst you will reach the Earth Dan Realm?”

The five sect elders were so emotional that they sank to their knees, grateful, “We owe everything to the sect leader. If we gain more power, we will follow the sect leader until our deaths, going through fire and water and any adversity for you. Our lives are yours, sect elder!”

With the sect elders leading, the followers agitatedly knelt and were insanely happy.

Yang Lingqing quietly watched on.

She had thought that after the dispersal of the Bai family, she would be able to live a peaceful life. Never did she expect that she would get into such a dangerous situation again. Long Chen was physically not too far away and could save her the last time, but this was different.

She was trapped here alone, and every single person around her was a powerful existence she could not compare to. Any of the people here could easily take care of Grandfather Yang. With all these formidable people around, not even a god could save her.

Hence, Yang Lingqing had now entirely given up hope.

It was impossible for her to say she was not afraid, but since she was facing death already, many figures flashed before her eyes. At the thought of the last person in her mind, she suddenly felt like things weren’t so scary anymore. Her delicate body was filled with immense strength.

“I hope that with my death, the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect can let the Yang family off. Brother, please train peacefully. Once you truly become strong, avenge your sister. I know you will…”

“With you around, nobody can bully me, but the reality is ruthless. No matter how strong you are, there’s always someone in this world who can best you.”

Biting her lips, Yang Lingqing forced herself to be strong. She raised her head, gazing at the beasts around her disdainfully.

“Only by doing this will I not humiliate you, brother…”

The underground city was now sealed off. Yang Lingqing scanned the crowd and then laughed helplessly, speechless at her own actions.

With the emotional words of the sect leader, all the followers were stirred up. The fear and complaints they had towards their sect leader vanished.

Long Chen coldly looked on. Yang Lingqing was right in front of him, but the sect leader was right beside her. He did not act rashly.

Upon seeing Yang Lingqing, Long Chen’s could feel his killing intent spreading throughout his body.

“Long Chen, endure it for a while longer. It’s still not yet time!”

With Lingxi’s warnings, Long Chen kept his composure.

While the followers were still cheering, a sudden explosion sounded. A blood-curdling screech rang, and blood splattered everywhere!

Yang Lingqing raised her head, pleasantly surprised as she shouted, “Brother…”

However, her expression was soon frozen stiff. What she saw was not a familiar figure, but three people she had never seen before. Though they were grappling with their enemies, Yang Lingqing could not bring herself to be happy.

In that moment, she had assumed that Long Chen had arrived. However, as she had not seen him, she could not help but be hit with a wave of disappointment.

“What am I thinking? Coming here to save me would only cause himself trouble…”

At this thought, Yang Lingqing could only shake her head and force a smile.

The sect leader watched the scene beside Yang Lingqing, expression unchanging. A cold expression appeared on his face as he indifferently spoke, “Elder Yan, if they can’t take care of it, then you will do it.”

The elder beside him nodded and headed towards the bridge over the blood pool.

Long Chen had anticipated that those three who were prepared for death would act at this moment. Right before this, everyone in the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect was rejoicing. Who would have thought that anyone would do anything here? Hence, when Li Jing and the other two put their plan into action, the tens of people around them were instantly slaughtered.

Previously, when Long Chen still did not know what was happening, Li Jing had used a flying dagger filled with real Qi to attack. Each flying dagger held within it the power of a large rock, and was entirely capable of piercing through bodies. With Li Peng and Li Cheng’s efforts at hiding all these happenings, a massacre started all of a sudden on the sly!

“The Crimson Blood Sacred Sect must die!

With Li Jing’s resolute tone and rapid movements, the followers who were still at the Dragon Pulse Realm were cut through like vegetables being chopped through, with numerous people dying all at once. Only then did everyone suddenly react and try to escape. All that was left were a few proctors who, with a loud cry, slashed towards the three people.

All these proctors had strength at the initial mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm and could not be underestimated. Li Jing and the other two exchanged glances and immediately headed in the direction where more people were. Not only could this help conceal them, but also allow them to kill more people!

“Elder Sister Li, I’ll take care of the proctors. Use the opportunity to save those people!”

“No! You aren’t strong enough to take care of them! I’m going to go all out. If we’re going to die anyway, everyone is going down with us!”

With the killing spree of the three, the people of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect wailed and cried in despair. One of them was at the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm, while the other two were at the initial mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm, and were far too strong. The only one able to rival them were the few proctors.

Focusing on Li Jing from within the masses, the sect leader smirked, “So there’s still someone at the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm. Elder Yan, Elder Chen, take care of it lest it becomes more troublesome.

After ordering this, the sect leader clicked his tongue at Yang Lingqing, judging her smooth skin and sighing in even more appreciation after witnessing her icy glare. He applauded, “Yes, those are the eyes. I love girls that are durable like you, but it’s a pity that your Abstruse Shadow Body is my sustenance. I won’t hold back then.”

“Don’t be so pleased with yourself. I wish a bastard like you an early death. It’s even better if the king of hell takes away your life!” Yang Lingqing spoke calmly.

The sect leader burst out into laughter till he could not straighten his back. After that, he pointed in Li Jing’s direction, while his eyes were on Yang Lingqing, “Do you mean those three clowns jumping around there want to take my life? My two sect elders are more than enough to flay them alive!”

Yang Lingqing sneered and closed her eyes, not answering him. The sect leader was about to fly into a rage out of humiliation, but all of a sudden, a racket sounded from the other side of the blood pool.

“What’s going on?”

The sect leader turned in that direction, shocked.

Previously, when they had seen the two sect elders of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect heading in their direction, Li Jing and the other two knew they were done for. At this moment, Li Jing could no longer care for her sister. In this situation, it was basically impossible for her to rescue her sister, and all she could do before her death was to kill even more followers and disrupt their Blood Sacrificial Ceremony!

“Brothers! Kill them!”

The three of them seemingly transformed into wild beasts, with Li Jing charging forward alone to take on the two sect elders while Li Peng and Li Cheng darted towards the other proctors!

“If I kill one, it’ll be worth it. If I kill two, I’ve made a profit!”

The two sect elders were calm while they met the desperate attacks of their opponent. “A tiny little existence like you dares to show off in front of us?!”

The moment they acted, an attack that was like howling winds and torrential rains sent Li Jing flying while coughing out blood. With two at the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm against one Li Jing, she lost out in terms of quantity.

“This won’t do. Even if I die, one of them needs to go too!”

At this thought, Li Jing did not care for her injuries and continued her attacks while gritting her teeth. At this moment, however, a burning force pulled her backwards!

Suddenly seeing a streak of red flying in front of her, Li Jing’s eyes widened.

“Who is it?”

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