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DBWG Chapter 125 – Underground City

Chapter 125 – Underground City
Translated by: Ying

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“Long Chen, what are your plans?”

The three of them eventually decided on making their move during the Blood Sacrificial Ceremony.

“If you want my advice, I think it’s best not to do anything for now. While someone is alive, there’ll still be hope. The three of us have reached the apex of what we can ever achieve, but it’s different for you. If possible, we would like you to avenge us.”

“Elder Sister Li…” Long Chen was a little troubled.

“Look, you’re already addressing me as your elder sister. You’ll help, won’t you? I’m not going to be a stranger either, so I’ll call you Little Chen. Little Chen, the three of us will risk our lives here. If it doesn’t work out, avenge us!”

Seeing Li Jing insisting, Long Chen couldn’t do anything but reply, “I’ll definitely kill the sect leader. I promise you not to do anything before the Blood Sacrificial Ceremony. Unless there is some life or death situation, I definitely won’t reveal my identity. Is that alright?”

If they were to die, someone would take revenge on their behalf. That was more than enough for them.

At this age, Long Chen was already at the initial mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm. Compared to the sect leader, he might be less exceptional, but if he persisted on, he had the chance to get stronger.

“Come, let us discuss the ceremony. Little Chen, you don’t know anything about it, do you?” Li Peng asked.

Long Chen nodded.

“Li Peng, explain it to him.” Li Jing was the leader here, and with her instructions, Li Peng and the three sat while he began to speak.

“There are three parts to the Blood Sacrificial Ceremony. First, all the followers go to the underground city and worship the sect leader, and then offer incense to the gods. The second part is to massacre young girls and lead their blood into the blood pool till it is full. The third is the blood bath. The sect leader will first bathe in the pool, followed by the five sect elders and the other proctors, and then the followers. Only then will the Blood Sacrificial Ceremony be considered over.”

“In other words, we have to make our move while they are offering incense. If not, when they start killing people, hundreds of lives will be lost. All of them would also be young beautiful girls… My sister is within their midst as well!”

At this point, Li Jing’s voice was incomparably cold.

“Those beasts!” Li Peng and Li Cheng sighed.

“They’re even worse than beasts.”

Long Chen was full of killing intent. He had used blood transmutation before, but this was only for beasts. The times he had used it on Bai Zhanxiong and Xue Yuanzi had been because of his hatred for them. They were all Long Chen’s opponents. As for the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect, there were hundreds and thousands of innocent, powerless girls who had been caught!

“There shouldn’t be any good soul who would enter the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect. This time, I’m not going to have any inhibitions and kill as I wish.”

At the thought of a mad massacre, countless crimson dragon shadows roared in Long Chen’s body, the aura of bloodthirstiness slowly erupting from his body.

The second day would arrive soon, and with the four patiently waiting, the curtain of night descended upon them soon enough. Long before the sky turned dark, Long Chen and the others assembled with the thousand followers and headed towards the Blood Pavilion.

The followers of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect were typically at or above the fifth dragon vein. A thousand people were gathered together, a strength that could not be comparable to Poplar Town.

Under the influence of the sect leader, a bloody and vicious aura spread in the sect. Long Chen looked around and found that there were few who did not look fiendish.

“I wonder how many innocent people died at the hands of these beasts…”

Following the large group of people and, being guided by the proctors, Long Chen and the others entered the Blood Pavilion. He saw the tunnel to the underground city, which was a narrow pathway with a descending staircase. Only two people could pass through at a time.

Long Chen was at the end of the line. Only after he walked for a long period of time through the tunnel to the underground city did the path open up.

This was a huge area that was dug out using manpower. It was the underground city, and was basically modelled after a city. The only difference was that the walls here were all red, with all sorts of strange drawings on them that made them seem terrifying.

“It’s better to be careful.”

Li Jing warned him, and the three of them separated from Long Chen. They were going to fight the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect openly, and Long Chen was merely here to watch.

Of course, that was what Li Jing and the other two believed.

After walking around the underground city for a long period of time, everyone moved in a specific direction. Finally, Long Chen saw the heart of the city a distance away. In front, there was a large pool that could allow over a thousand people to enter. The pool was now empty, but from the blood stains, it could be inferred that this was the blood pool.

The followers of the sect formed organised lines at one side at the blood pool, while at the other end, there was a giant crimson altar. Three large sticks of incense burned, spirals of smoke rising to the top of the underground city.

Under the altar stood the sect elder, as well as five elderly of different genders. They all wore golden-red robes and were the legendary sect elders of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect. All of them were formidable.

Long Chen’s gaze landed on them.

“I can tell that none of these five are good people. The sect leader is devoid of conscience, and I imagine they aren’t any better. From the vigour bursting out of their bodies, they must have killed many people.”

Sensing the strength in his body, Long Chen furrowed his eyebrows.

“A fourth level profound grade demonic beast, as well as the blood essence of the Heart Corrosive demonic beast still isn’t enough for me to enter the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm. Before I battle the sect leader, I’ll need to do some blood transmutation to break through to the perfect mastery stage…”

Long Chen was a little unwilling to use blood transmutation on humans.

“Don’t think too much. If you don’t do this and something happens to Lingqing, you’ll regret it for a lifetime.” Lingxi sensibly consoled him.

At the thought of that girl, Long Chen had no choice but to nod. “It’s alright. I can make an exception for her!”

“Long Chen, blood transmutation is a heaven-defying ability. I’ve never seen anything more amazing than it. It represents an inexhaustible strength, and people go crazy over it. To be able to control yourself at this age is laudable.”

Long Chen revelled in Lingxi’s heartfelt praise.

“Well, I’ve always been an extraordinary existence…”

“How shameless!”

With Lingxi’s cheerful banter, Long Chen’s stifling emotions eased. The sect leader from before had caused him too much stress.

“The Blood Sacrificial Ceremony begins now. Everyone, kneel!”

Out of the five sect elders, there were four males and one female. An ugly old woman screeched, her voice piercing the ears of everyone around. Long Chen, too, felt discomfort in his ears as he followed the masses and knelt.

The old witch roared and turned back, speaking to the sect leader for a while before standing aside.

Long Chen timidly knelt and, while everyone was in trepidation, looked everywhere.

“Little Xi, do you sense Lingqing?”

Lingxi turned her head sideways in the Lingxi Sword and furrowed her brows, “At the left of the blood pool, there are a few large doors. They are about a hundred metres away from the pool, and there are hundreds of young girls behind. Lingxi doesn’t seem to be there. I’ll continue searching…”

Unsure of Yang Lingqing’s whereabouts, Long Chen did not dare do anything.

By this time, the sect leader had already announced the commencement of the ceremony. He first ascended to the altar and offered incense. Shortly after, the five sect elders devoutly did the same.

Above the blood pool was a bridge that led to the altar. Everyone passed the stone bridge and offered incense, and then drew a bowl of red liquid from the side of the altar. It was fresh blood.

After offering incense, everyone returned to their original positions, but now with a bowl of blood in their hands. Even the sect leader was no different.

“Everyone, this is a very important time for us all. Now, hold the bowl of fresh blood firmly. Sect leader!”

The old witch’s piercing voice rang out, and she sternly glanced towards the sect leader. He laughed heartily for a while and then exclaimed, “Brothers, cheers!”



Taking the initiative, the sect leader drank the bowl of blood and with a crash, flung the porcelain in the blood pool, and it broke into smithereens. Right after that, bowls fell into the blood pond one after the another, filling it with fragments.

As they had made contact with blood, the fragments were all red.

“Open the door and bring in the blood sources!”

The sect leader commanded, and on the left of the blood pool, large doors rumbled as they opened. There were four heavy doors, each even more thick than the other, and even with Long Chen’s current strength, it would be difficult to destroy these stone doors in a short period of time.

The sect leader had made ample preparations to ensure the ceremony proceeded smoothly without a hitch.

The stone doors opened one after another, and shrieks, as well as wails could be heard. The sounds of people about to break down caused the followers of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect to laugh maniacally.

“Cry on, cry on! These are the last few minutes you have in this world. Cry as much as you like. You should be honoured to be able to make us stronger with your blood.”

The sect leader’s crazed laughter boomed in the underground city.

Long Chen tightly clenched his fists from within the masses.

“Long Chen, I’ve found Lingqing! She’s under the altar!”

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