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DBWG Chapter 124 – Crimson Blood Sacred Sect Leader

Chapter 124 – Crimson Blood Sacred Sect Leader
Translated by: Ying

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Upon hearing the chaos outside as well as someone yelling ‘spies’, Long Chen and the other three were shocked. However, nothing was happening to them, and only then did they realise that the person who had been exposed was not them. They could thus relax.

“Let’s go and take a look!”

Li Jing, whose name implied quietness(1) yet was actually very forthright and tenacious took the lead and rushed out of the room. Long Chen and the others had no choice but to follow.

“In the Crimson Blood Hall, you need to be careful in everything you do. No matter what happens, you can’t let anything slip or harm anyone else!”

Li Jing’s words were mainly for Long Chen. After all, he was young and had experienced very little, and could easily be scared off by others. If they revealed anything now, this mission was done for.

Soon enough, everyone reached the Crimson Blood Hall. There were already many people crowded around, with most at the banister of the second floor. Looking down, one could see that out of over a thousand followers of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect, hundreds were gathered here!

Most of them were watching the scene.

Following their gaze, Long Chen looked downwards and saw a great many people, at the centre of which was a tall, burly man. Looking frantic, he was currently battling against two red-robed men.

“Isn’t that the man who spoke to me just now? He actually snuck in too?”

This burly man was the one who had patted Long Chen on the back at the Crimson Blood Hall.

“That fiendish aura really convinced me that he was actually of the sect. I didn’t expect him to be found out.”

The people battling the man were naturally two proctors of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect. The burly man was merely at the ninth dragon vein and was naturally not a match for experts at the Human Dan Realm. Hence, through the battle with the two proctors, he was soon heavily injured and at death’s door.

“Crimson Blood Sacred Sect, or rather, Crimson Blood Demonic Sect! You devils do such utterly heartless things. Heaven will punish you sooner or later!”

The burly man’s eyes and upper body were stained red with blood. A fiendish aura emanated from his body, and he continued to fight madly despite his injuries. Hence, while the two proctors were stronger than he was, they had yet to kill him.

“Heaven? Punishment? This is a dog eat dog world. Humans and beasts are all alike. What is this talk about being punished by the heavens?” One of the proctors sneered.

“You actually dare cause trouble before the Blood Sacrificial Ceremony at our sect! Youngster, you’re pretty gutsy. I think I’ll dig out your guts today and see how big they really are!”

“If you want to kill me, then I’ll make sure you go down with me!”

Fresh blood spilt in the Crimson Blood Hall.

“Sect leader is here!”

All of a sudden, someone exclaimed. A path was opened up within the masses, and a young person dressed in luxurious, embroidered clothing in red and white, with a faint red on his features laughed demonically. He did not look past twenty years of age. Escorted by the masses, he approached the three people who were fighting.

“We pay our respects to the sect leader!”

Besides the proctors who were in battle, everyone else bowed deeply.

When the sect leader arrived, Li Jing’s expression changed. While everyone was kneeling, she immediately pulled at Long Chen.

In her mind, a young kid like Long Chen was probably rash and would not bow down. Unexpectedly, Long Chen was even more quick to go down, looking like a devout follower gazing upon the sect leader the way he would his father.

While putting on an act, Long Chen stared at the sect leader.

“He’s not that old but his aura is very dense. His eyes are exquisitely evil. Someone like this evidently has a powerful background. Liu Lan mentioned that he is the grandson of the Yuan Emperor, and it looks like she isn’t wrong.”

Sensing the frightfulness of the sect leader, Long Chen knew that it really wasn’t going to be easy to deal with someone at the Earth Dan Realm.

“I have a fourth level profound grade demonic beast and the blood essence of the Heart Corrosive demonic beast. I don’t know if that’s enough for me to reach the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm, but as long as I reach that level, it will be possible for me to handle him.”

After figuring this out, Long Chen calmed himself down.

Now, the sect leader’s expression remained unchanging as he scanned the area, finally halting his gaze on the three people fighting. In his eyes, Long Chen could see a hint of impatience.

“Two pieces of trash.”

The sect leader’s cold voice sounded in the hall, and everyone could only see a red phantom image floating past and suddenly, two figures flew backwards while spitting out blood, falling to the ground with a loud thud.

At the battle area, all that was left was the sect leader, who was still smiling gently, as well as the burly man. He was now stained with blood all over, his aura weak while being clasped at the throat by the sect leader, unable to move at all.

His eyes still exhibited his hatred, but he was not far from death.

At this scene, nobody dared make a sound, especially Li Jing and the others who gasped, fearful. Long Chen also squinted his eyes.

“This guy is really difficult to handle. How should I save Lingqing…”

At this thought, Long Chen was now under more pressure.

Those who had been sent flying were the two proctors of the sect. Now, disregarding their injuries, they were terrified as they knelt towards the sect leader, begging for forgiveness.

“Your subordinate is useless for not being able to handle someone at the Dragon Vein Realm. Please do take into account your subordinate’s loyalty towards the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect for numerous years, and spare our lives!”

The sect leader shot a glance at them, and merely said two words- ‘get lost’. The two hurriedly got up and disappeared into the crowd.

The might of the sect leader was enough to reduce his proctors to this state. It was evident that he was a terrifying person.

“Elder Sister Li, since the sect leader is here, should we take the opportunity to get into the Blood Pavilion?” At this important moment, Long Chen suddenly asked.

Li Jing was shocked and immediately whispered, “Don’t speak. There are five sect elders in the Blood Pavilion, and it’s impossible for us to go now.”

While she was speaking, the scene ahead changed again.

The sect leader was now dragging the burly man and lifting him. Though the leader was not as tall, the man’s legs were hanging down and trailing on the ground, unable to support his body any longer.

“You actually dare sneak into our sect…”

The sect leader exclaimed while smiling, seemingly ruminating on the situation.

“You devil, you’ll eventually have a tragic end!”

Gritting his teeth, the dying man answered.

“Is that so?”

The sect leader spoke indifferently, “In this world, power is king. If there’s anyone here more powerful and can win against me, I have nothing to say. However, it seems like there are none, which means that in this area, I am free to do as I like.”

“You’ll die a dog’s death!” The burly man spat out a mouthful of blood and exclaimed coldly.

“I’ll die a dog’s death? You even have the guts to curse me. Well then, I’ll make sure you die a dog’s death.”

Even before he finished speaking, the sect leader suddenly grabbed the burly man’s arm and, under the astonished gazes of everyone present, suddenly pulled hard. Fresh blood gushed out, unable to stop.

He had forcefully torn off the man’s entire arm!

One hand on the burly man who was giving a blood-curdling scream of pain, the other on the man’s torn-off arm, the sect leader allowed the blood to spurt onto his body and face while his expression remained unchanging.


Tossing the arm he held, the sect leader then tore off the man’s other arm. His face was now sprayed with blood, and everyone was now scared stupid by the shrieks of the man.

Long Chen and the others clenched their fists while watching on.

The burly man was already heavily injured. With another huge blow, the intense pain affected his internal injuries and finally claimed his life. If not, he would die only after immense torment.

Throwing the burly man’s corpse to the side, the sect leader licked the blood at the corner of his lips and muttered, “The blood of a man is not as delicious as that of a woman, especially that of a girl…”

That sentence that was thought aloud scared everyone into silence, and it was as quiet as a cicada was in the winter.

“That annoying f***!”

If not for Long Chen’s previous warning, Lingxi, feeling incredibly indignant at the injustice, would long since have charged forth and had it out with the sect leader!

“In the long period of time I’ve been alive, it’s the first time I’ve seen someone so revolting! Long Chen, promise me this. No matter what, you have to kill him and prevent him from harming anyone else!”

“I know.”

Long Chen was not any less determined to kill the sect leader than Lingxi was. However, before finding Yang Lingqing, they still had a handle on him. For that reason, Long Chen did not dare do anything.

Scanning the area, the sect leader gave a hollow laugh, and a malicious voice sounded.

“We’re about to begin the Blood Sacrificial Ceremony. Just as well, since everyone is here. I’m going to tell you something.”

“Yes, sect leader!”

While watching his followers, the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect leader was bathed with blood but seemed not to be aware of it as he continued, “Due to the existence of a special someone, the Blood Sacrificial Ceremony will be of a higher grade and even grander than before. Hence, all of you have to make the extra effort to ensure the Blood Sacrificial Ceremony will be held without a hitch, even at the cost of your lives.”

“We will do our best!”

“We aren’t afraid of difficulties and will do everything we can!”

“Good, good!” Surrounded by the agitated gazes of the masses, the sect leader clapped his hands. His gaze turned cold as he looked around, “I know there still are spies amongst you, but know this. The Crimson Blood Sacred Sect is my territory, and this person right here could very well be you in an hour, or in a day.”

“The girls are currently kept in my Blood Pavilion. If you’re interested, all spies can enter the Blood Pavilion. I’ll be there waiting for you.”

His gaze seemed to pierce into everyone’s heart. Even the followers who were loyal to him were fearful.

“That’s all I’m going to say. You may all go. Let us anticipate the arrival of tomorrow. Crimson Blood is invincible!”

“Crimson Blood is invincible!”

Under the yells of the masses, the sect leader bathed in blood left, leaving behind a corpse in the Crimson Blood Hall. Long Chen and the others left as well and returned to that small room. All of their expressions were dark.

“With the sect leader around, it’s impossible for us to enter the underground city beforehand.”

“Looks like we can only make our move while the Blood Sacrificial Ceremony is being held.”

(1) The second character of Li Jing(黎静)’s name means ‘silence’, or ‘quietness’.

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