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DBWG Chapter 123 – Crimson Blood Devil’s Palace

Chapter 123 – Crimson Blood Devil’s Palace
Translated by: Ying

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The construction in front of him was several times larger than the Green Willow Residence. Though it was called the Crimson Blood Devil’s Palace, it was extremely beautiful. There were multiple buildings and foliage everywhere. It was very much similar to the places where large families or elegant scholars resided.

Long Chen observed at the entrance for a long while. With Lingxi’s sensing abilities, he quickly found a way to enter the Crimson Blood Devil’s Palace. It was very simple. All he needed to do was to show his Crimson Tablet and then report the name of the proctor he was under.

“Huangtian, under Proctor Zhoutai.”

The four guards at the door were at the peak of the ninth dragon vein. Though Long Chen was multiple times more powerful than them, he did not dare let down his guard.

Nodding, he took his Crimson Tablet from one of them and entered the Crimson Blood Devil’s Palace.

“There are probably shifts for those guards at the door, so they don’t know Huangtian. However, there might be someone who knows him, so I have to be careful.”

Having this in mind, Long Chen strolled around the gigantic Crimson Blood Devil’s Sect. Of course, he tried his best to feign and keep with his identity as someone of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect.

As the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect were preparing for the major Blood Sacrificial Ceremony, followers would all return to the Crimson Blood Devil’s Palace in order to witness this significant moment. Hence, it was very lively within the palace.

It was evident that those who entered the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect were generally ruthless and introverted. Hence, while it was lively, there weren’t people linking arms or throwing their arms around others’ shoulders, which actually made things easier for Long Chen.

Long Chen calmly meandered around the palace, hoping to find out more information regarding the underground city but to no avail.

“Looks like I’ll have to be more daring.”

While the Crimson Blood Devil’s Palace was big, Long Chen went through the area in a short period of time, finally halting in the hall of the Devil’s Palace. At this moment, a burly man walked to his side and gazed upon him with suspicion for a while, “Kid, you look very unfamiliar. Are you new to the sect?”

Long Chen had already prepared himself for such a situation. Huangtian had only entered the sect not too long ago, so Long Chen did not hesitate, “It hasn’t even been a month since I entered.”

The man chuckled, “I imagine you haven’t experienced the blood bath yet, right? The feeling when cultivating in the blood bath really brings up fond memories for me. Honestly though, kid, you’re really lucky to be able to enjoy the blood bath when you’ve only just entered the sect!”

Giving Long Chen a few heavy pats on the back and seeing the resulting grimace on Long Chen’s face, the burly man laughed brightly and left.

However, the moment he left, Long Chen’s expression of misery dissipated.

“There’s no use in my wandering around here. There are lesser people at night, so I should wait till then to investigate, which is probably more effective. If I wander about like this, they might get a hold on me.”

In the Crimson Blood Devil’s Palace, everyone had a residence. However, Long Chen could not go to where Huangtian stayed. The sky was gradually darkening, and he found a corner to conceal himself. As night fell, lesser people were out and about.

“The sect leader stays in the Blood Pavilion here. I imagine I’d need to enter the Blood Pavilion to find out information regarding the underground city. If I’m not wrong, the entrance to the underground city should be in the pavilion!”

Having made his mind, Long Chen proceeded towards Blood Pavilion.

Blood Pavilion was right smack in the centre of the Devil’s Palace and was a sealed courtyard. Usually, only important people of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect were allowed entry, so the closer he got to the pavilion, Long Chen found that there were lesser people passing by.

Soon enough, Long Chen saw a building that was completely red. From afar, a malicious aura emanated from the Blood Pavilion.

“The sect leader is at the Earth Dan Realm. If I rashly charge in, not only would I find it difficult to retreat, I might even harm Lingqing as well! I’ll need a plan.”

Long Chen furrowed his brows and gazed at the crimson building from the corner he was hiding in, silent.

“There is indeed an Earth Dan Realm cultivator in there, as well as five cultivators at the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm.”

Lingxi warned him worriedly.

This situation was very troublesome, with a cultivator at the Earth Dan Realm and five at the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm. Long Chen was merely at the initial mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm and still had a mission to save Yang Lingqing.

“Damn it! If those people approach me, I’ll make sure they get it from me!” Long Chen’s expression darkened as he gritted out.

“Someone’s here…” With Lingxi’s whispered warning, Long Chen quickly hid himself. Soon after, three shadows sneakily crept towards the Blood Pavilion. From their physique, it seemed like there was one woman and two men.

“Long Chen, they must have snuck in as well.”

Long Chen knew this without Lingxi having to point it out. After all, the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect had caused a huge ruckus after kidnapping a large number of young girls. There were sure to be many who harboured a hatred for them.

Out of those three, the two men were at the initial mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm, while the sole woman was at the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm.

They stopped at a place not far from Long Chen, secretly gazing at Blood Pavilion. The woman spoke, “The entrance to the underground city is in the Blood Pavilion, but that devil, the sect leader is also inside. I’m not his match. What are your plans?”

One of the men spoke, “How about us brothers go in to attract the attention of the sect leader, while Elder Sister Li enters the underground city and save your sister?”

Elder Sister Li shook her head, “No. If that happens, you’ll definitely die. In addition, there are five sect elders in there, and there are thus a total of six people who are stronger than us. How many do you think you can lead away?”

At this point, their brows were deeply furrowed.

“Elder Sister Li, I really don’t care anymore. I’ve seen how many people the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect has harmed. They’ve even extended their claws to your sister! Even if I have to pay with my life, I’ll make it so that they wish they were dead!”

“Shut up! We’re still not powerful enough, so we have to come up with a plan. Don’t just go in recklessly, because that’ll just do harm to all of us!”

The two men quieted down after being reprimanded.

“These three do have some power. It might be helpful if I make contact with them.”

While the three were at their wits’ end, Long Chen appeared. In order to avoid misunderstandings, he presented his identity as soon as he appeared.

“I’m not of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect and have the same goal as you do. Would you mind giving me some of your time?”

Initially, the three of them had been startled at Long Chen’s appearance and were prepared to fight. However, after Long Chen introduced himself, they heaved a sigh of relief and looked him up and down. They were a little speechless at Long Chen’s young age.

“This kid is young but has some guts to dare intrude the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect alone. Well, it’s not like we’ll have any ideas just standing around here. We might as well find a place and discuss this properly!”

At this thought, the woman called Elder Sister Li nodded, “Then let us talk.”

Following the woman, Long Chen went a few rounds around the Crimson Blood Devil’s Palace and finally arrived at a small room. These three were actually able to possess rooms of their own here without being suspected, which was rather surprising to Long Chen.

“No need to be too surprised. The three of us had the intention of getting rid of the sect a few years ago. How can we eliminate them without going into the lion’s den? About a month ago, we entered the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect and have been moving around here in order to prevent suspicion.”

So that was the case. It was no wonder that the three of them were so familiar with the area.

The four of them enthusiastically sat at a square table. Long Chen glanced at this tall, valiant looking woman and the two middle-aged men who looked similar and introduced himself, “My name is Long Chen. How should I address you?”

The woman cut to the chase, “I’m Li Jing, while these two are Li Peng and Li Cheng respectively. For what reason have you snuck into the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect?”

“The same as yours. My sister has been taken by the sect, and my goal is naturally to save her.”

The three exchanged glances, and Li Jing spoke, “My sister was also caught in their evil scheme. Young brother, you’re incredibly gutsy despite your young age, and I really do admire you for that. However, it’s extremely dangerous here, and we’re treading on thin ice…”

“Everyone, do you have any information regarding the underground city?” Not minding Li Jing’s lamenting, he went straight to the point.

Li Jing was startled, and then answered, “There are a total of ten paths into the underground city, scattered around the Blood Pavilion. However, it’s difficult to enter, and even more difficult to exit. The sect leader and sect elders all reside in the Blood Pavilion, and even if we were able to enter the underground city, it would be hard to leave.”

“Is that so?” Long Chen furrowed his brows deeply.

Li Peng and Li Cheng kept sighing, speaking ruefully while looking at Long Chen’s young face, “You’re young but already value your family so much. However, the might of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect far exceeds your imagination.”

“Exactly. I think it’s best for you to return and, after becoming more powerful, come back and seek revenge. You shouldn’t just give up your life here! Us brothers and Elder Sister Li are already prepared for death, hoping to make those demons pay even if we can’t save Elder Sister Li’s sister!”

Seeing Long Chen so young and with boundless prospects, they tried to convince him out of goodwill.

Long Chen understood where they were coming from, but this did not mean he was convinced.

“My sister is extremely important to me. No matter what happens, I will save her even at the cost of my life!”

Seeing Long Chen so stubborn, the three of them looked at each other and sighed, and were about to speak. At this moment, there was suddenly an explosion outside.

“There are spies!”

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