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DBWG Chapter 122 – Crimson Tablet!

Chapter 122 – Crimson Tablet!
Translated by: Ying

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Yang Yuntian had heard of Long Chen’s strength before but had never actually seen it for himself. Now, after seeing Long Chen easily taking care of the man in the red robes, he finally believed in Long Chen’s skills.


Seeing the astonishment and excitement on this old man’s face, Yang Yuntian felt the same way inside.

He silently stood by Grandfather Yang’s side, watching how Long Chen was going to deal with this red robed man.

Grandfather Yang had a lot of questions, but he did not say anything. All he wanted to see was how powerful his grandson had gotten.

This was the territory of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect. This red-robed man had caused a huge ruckus, and Long Chen knew that he could not stay for long. Hence, he had to finish this as soon as possible and obtain all the information he required.

The red-robed man was now under his control, and he had no way of escaping. He knew that Long Chen was part of the Lingwu Family, and his actions might cause a lot of trouble to the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect, and that was what the man feared the most.

“I’m not going to beat around the bush with you. You are to answer whatever I ask you truthfully. If you lie, I’ll break a limb of yours. How many limbs do you have, hmm?”

Long Chen stood before the red-robed man and asked coldly.

“I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you! Just ask.”

Seeing that Long Chen was quite young yet his words and gaze was filled with viciousness, the man was distressed.


Long Chen nodded in satisfaction. “The first question. When will the Blood Sacrificial Ceremony be held?”

Long Chen’s main purpose here was to attend the ceremony. Hence, the red-robed man was not the least bit surprised at this question.

However, this information was not something only people of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect were privy to, and he promptly answered.

“The Blood Sacrificial Ceremony will be held tomorrow!”

“At what time will it be?”

That was what Long Chen wanted to know.

Seeing Long Chen’s icy glare, the red-robed man quivered in fear. “Tomorrow at midnight, which is when there is the most Yin Qi. It is also the most appropriate time to hold the ceremony.”

Midnight? It looked like there wasn’t much time left.

Seeing Long Chen not answering immediately. The red-robed man tried asking miserably, “My lord, will you let me off if I tell you everything?”

“That depends on whether your answers can satisfy me. If I find that you hem and haw and try to cover up anything, you’ll die a pitiful death.”

Though Long Chen sounded calm, these words were extremely terrifying to the man.

Grandfather Yang and Yang Yuntian watched Long Chen, who was maturing day by day. They exchanged a glance and nodded.

“Looks like after Chen’er went to the Lingwu Family, both his strength and his personality have matured a lot.”

This helped them gain some confidence in Long Chen in wanting to save Yang Lingqing.

“He might actually succeed…”

Meanwhile, Long Chen asked the second question.

“In which part of your Crimson Blood Devil’s Castle will the ceremony be held?”

The Crimson Blood Devil’s Castle was the base of operations of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect.

Recalling Long Chen saying that he would be let off as long as he answered honestly, the red-robed man saw the righteous air around Long Chen and concluded that he must be someone trustworthy. He honestly answered, “Our Crimson Blood Devil’s Castle has an underground city, and the Crimson Blood Ceremony will be held there. The underground city is usually closed off, and only when it’s time for the Blood Sacrificial Ceremony will followers be allowed to enter the city.”

For the red-robed man, the questions that Long Chen asked could be easily answered by any follower of the sect. Hence, he was not afraid to be punished by the sect leader.

The underground city?

If it was still in Yuanling City, it was still possible to get there in time.

“One more question for you. You must give me an honest answer.

Long Chen looked at the red dot between the red-robed man’s eyebrows. “What does your Crimson Blood Sacred Sect use to differentiate your followers?”

“You want to infiltrate the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect?” The red-robed man was appalled.

“Do you not want this arm of yours anymore?” Long Chen exclaimed coldly.

“I’ll tell you!”

The red-robed man knew he should not waste more time and thought, “Even if this kid wants to enter the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect, the sect leader and five sect elders will definitely take care of him. By telling him this, I’ll be able to get rid of him!”

Having thought this through, he immediately answered, “The followers of our sect all have a vermillion mark between their eyebrows, known as the Crimson Mark. I see you have a red dot between your eyebrows, so you don’t need the Crimson Mark to enter. We also have a Crimson Tablet used to identify ourselves.”

“Crimson Tablet? Show me.”

The red-robed man produced two crimson tablets from his cosmos pouch, passing one to Long Chen. He took it and found there was a strange pattern on the front, while there was a name at the back- Proctor Zhoutai.

“Your name is Zhoutai?”

He quickly nodded and passed another tablet to Long Chen, “My lord, there are over a thousand followers of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect. There are around a hundred people I have jurisdiction over. The owner of this tablet infuriated me and I’ve already killed him on the sly. Nobody knows about this. If you would like to enter the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect, you can use his identity. Nobody will find out.”

After taking the tablet, he saw the words written at the back- Follower Huangtian.

Seeing Long Chen not saying anything, the man was anxious and spoke carefully, “My lord, I’ve told you everything that I need to. I’ve even given you a tablet and arranged for you to have an identity. I wonder if you are satisfied? I guarantee that as long as I get to leave this room, I’ll immediately leave Yuanling City and never return nor have any dealings with the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect!”

“Is that so?”

Leylin laughed gently and kept the Crimson Tablet. Beaming at the red-robed man, he spoke, “Don’t be in such a hurry. I’ll let you go when the time comes, but I have one more question. Where are the young girls that the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect has been kidnapping during this period of time? Describe the area and the way there, and then you can leave.”

“My lord, this… I really do not know. In order to prevent the plan from falling through, our sect leader has been extremely careful about this. I’m afraid only he knows this information!”

After hearing the question, the man paled and answered anxiously.

“Do you mean you don’t want this arm anymore?” Long Chen’s expression darkened.

“No, I really don’t know! All I know is it’s somewhere in the underground city, but it’s so large. How would I know where it is?”

Seeing the unfriendly gaze in Long Chen’s eyes, he was now ill at ease.

Long Chen merely laughed coldly, acting without any warning. However, his goal was not the arm of the man. Rather, it was his skull. With a strike from his palm, Long Chen subdued the man and killed him.

Till his death, the red-robed man would never know why Long Chen had killed him.

Firstly, Long Chen had said that as long as he did not give the right answer, Long Chen would break his limbs, but did not say that he would take his life. Next, from the perspective of the red-robed man, a young rash fellow like Long Chen would usually honour his promises.

“Chen’er, why did you kill him?”

Grandfather Yang and Yang Yuntian were both shocked.

Long Chen kept the corpse of the red-robed man in his cosmos pouch and then cleaned up the area, concealing all traces. “Someone is coming in this direction. We can’t stay here for long. Grandfather, let’s find a safe place and then continue discussing our plans.”

Under Long Chen’s lead, the three of them arrived at a forest at the outskirts of Yuanling City. This was an area not too far away from the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect, and was a place where they could easily take cover.

“Grandfather, Second Uncle, you’ve heard everything that I asked about. Stay here. I’ll go and grab a few people from the sect and ascertain the information we obtained is correct. Then, I’ll infiltrate the Crimson Blood Devil’s Palace and save Lingqing!”

“No!” Yang Yuntian was agitated, “Chen’er, the Crimson Blood Devil’s Palace is extremely dangerous. How can you go in alone? Lingqing is my daughter; let me accompany you!”

Long Chen shook his head, “Forget it, Second Uncle. With my current strength, I can definitely retreat even if I’m against the sect leader, but if you enter, you’ll only inconvenience me. I hope you can believe in me. I will do whatever I have to even if I might die from it!”

Yang Yuntian wanted to say more but was stopped by Grandfather Yang.

Grandfather Yang’s gaze was full of affection while he looked at Long Chen, “Chen’er, do as you wish. We can’t do much anyway, but you are the hope and future of our Yang family. Grandfather can only warn you to be more careful. Also, your life is the priority. Don’t give it up so easily. It’s not worth it.”

Long Chen nodded and left, his back disappearing into Yuanling City at a flying speed, leaving Grandfather Yang and Yang Yuntian glancing at each other in dismay.

“Father, do you think he will succeed?”

Grandfather Yang gave a long sigh, “I don’t know, but now, our Yang family can only resign ourselves to what fate has in store for us.”

After tossing away the fourth corpse, Long Chen glanced in the direction of Crimson Blood Devil’s Palace.

“With the affirmation from these four regular followers, there shouldn’t be any issues with what the red-robed man said. However, I still don’t know where Lingqing is being held captive. Looks like I’ll have to enter the Crimson Blood Devil’s Palace to know.”

Looking at the Crimson Tablet in his hands, Long Chen beamed.

“To save himself, this guy has even prepared an identity for me. That’s a very intelligent choice. One, that’ll give me a reason to let him off. Two, even if I don’t let him off, he believes that I’ll be dead anyway even if I successfully infiltrate the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect.”

Long Chen had also asked the four followers about the original owner of his tablet, Huangtian, and found that there were few who were good friends within the sect. If he was careful enough not to bump into anyone that Huangtian was close to, he would be able to enter Crimson Blood Sacred Sect successfully.

“Lingxi, your senses are very powerful. When the time comes, help me find her.”

“I know. Lingqing is also my sister, so if anything happens to her, I won’t let you off!” Lingxi was also very worried after finding out Yang Lingqing had gotten into trouble. The closer they got to Crimson Blood Devil’s Palace, the more keyed up she got.

“That’s good, but you have to promise me something.”

“What is it?”

“As you used a lot of your spiritual force to steal those Thunder Flame Crystals, there isn’t much left. That’s why you are not to do anything this time!”

Though Long Chen’s words were cold, they were filled with warmth and care, and Lingxi obediently nodded.

“Crimson Blood Sacred Sect, here I come…”

Long Chen advanced towards the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect.

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