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DBWG Chapter 121 – To Be Punished by The Heavens

Chapter 121 – To Be Punished by The Heavens
Translated by: Ying

Translating everyday is rough… :/ From Monday onwards, I’ll be doing four regular chapters a week!

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Yang Yuntian was still stunned at Long Chen’s display. Even after leaving Lingwu City, he was in a daze while looking at the young man in front of him.

“Do you know where the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect is?”

Long Chen turned back. After leaving the Lingwu City, he was no longer as agitated as before. However, all the murderous intent he had was all hidden inside him.

“Your grandfather knows. He’s in the South Ling City, and I know where he is!”

“Then let’s meet up with Grandfather first.”

Long Chen did not raise any objections and made haste.

Yang Yuntian tried to catch up from behind, eyes shining while looking at Long Chen. While hastening the journey, he inquired in a low voice, “Chen’er, can you tell me how strong you are now?”

If not, whether it was Yang Yuntian or Yang Cangqiong, none of them would let Long Chen enter the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect.

“I’m currently at the initial mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm, but I’m confident that nobody in the Human Dan Realm is my match. During the Sky Martial Realm Competition by the Lingwu Family, I defeated a cultivator who was one step away from entering the Earth Dan Realm.”

Yang Yuntian’s eyes widened, unable to believe what he had just heard, “Are you serious? It’s only been a month since you left…”

Long Chen nodded, “I’m still quite confident in handling this matter with the sect. I’m not stupid enough to just rush in recklessly.”

“Let’s decide on what to do after meeting your grandfather.”

No matter how powerful Long Chen was, he was still a distance away from the Earth Dan Realm. Yang Yuntian did not dare think too much into this. Though Long Chen was their only hope for now, he wasn’t sure that Yang Cangqiong would allow Long Chen to make a move, since it was best that Long Chen continue to cultivate peacefully.

It was quite a distance between East Ling Region and South Ling Region. Long Chen and Yang Yuntian moved as quickly as they could and spent more than half a day before they arrived at the South Ling Region.

“Your grandfather stays in a small inn here.”

Compared to the East Ling Region, the South Ling Region was a more backward society. However, it was not something Poplar Town or even the Yuanyang City could compare to.

Soon enough, the two of them reached a simple and crude inn.

“The Crimson Blood Sacred Sect is at the edges of the South Ling Region in Yuanling City. There is very little land there, so the sect is an independent power there.”

Compared to the Lingwu Family, the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect was an unremarkable speck of dust, but this speck of dust was already a huge obstacle for Long Chen. Behind this obstacle was a more powerful backing.

“There’s a commotion in the inn!”

After reaching here, Long Chen continued to ask about the sect. All of a sudden, Lingxi, who had always been silent, suddenly spoke.

“Seems like your grandfather is about to get into a fight with someone at the Human Dan Realm.”

Long Chen was alarmed.

In one of the rooms in the inn, Yang Cangqiong was bewildered at the sight of a middle-aged man in crimson robes in front of him. This man was now sneering at Yang Cangqiong, “Here I was wondering who was asking around about the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect. I never expected this from an old man like you who just entered the Deity Dan Realm. That’s pretty impressive of you, to be so active and come all the way from Poplar Town.”

Yang Cangqiong had been around for a long time and was naturally not scared off by his words. However, after realising he had been discovered, his hope dissipated.

Now, with Yang Lingqing still in their hands, he, the most powerful person in the family, had been discovered by the opponent. Even if he could defeat this man and escaped, it was impossible for him to stay in this area.

The Blood Sacrificial Ceremony was going to be held after a day. By then, Yang Lingqing might lose her life.

He had just entered the Human Dan Realm and basically had little to no chance against such a powerful existence as the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect.

At this thought, he could only despair, though this did not show on his face.

“When it all comes down to it, I really do have to thank you for this. If not for you, I wouldn’t have discovered that Abstruse Shadow Body. I’m sure you know it as well, but the blood from the Abstruse Shadow Body is equal to the Yuanyin blood of thousands of young girls. The sect leader has given me a reward that even the five sect elders are jealous of!”

“You are creating a blood pool using young girls’ blood and cultivating within it. Aren’t you afraid of being struck by lightning and being punished by the heavens for this?”

“Heavens? What heaven? With power, we are the gods. We are the heavens!” The man exclaimed indifferently.

“It’s just like how I’m more powerful than you now, so the person being punished by the heavens will be you!”

Glaring at the man who was laughing maniacally, Yang Cangqiong felt powerless.

“Is Lingqing really going to suffer like this?”

At the thought of his beloved granddaughter dying like this, Yang Cangqiong’s heart squeezed. He would rather die on behalf of the graceful, intelligent Yang Lingqing.

“With one more Blood Sacrificial Ceremony, the might of our Crimson Blood Sacred Sect will rise once more. By then, we can take in more disciples and grow stronger. One day, we will reach the level of the Lingwu Family and Beast Spirit Hall!”

“Dream on!”

Yang Cangqiong snickered at the man’s words. He had already thought up a plan to escape.

“Oh? If I take your old life right now, you’ll know whether I’m dreaming!”

Having said this, a powerful aura exploded and all the guests in the inn were startled. They were about to come upstairs and take a look, but the man’s cold voice sounded, “The Crimson Blood Sacred Sect is handling some matters. All who are unrelated are to leave!”

People ran out of the inn one after another, looking flustered.

In a small area as the edge of Yuanling City, these people had gotten used to living under the fear of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect.

Yang Cangqiong was mournful, but he knew he was the backbone of the Yang Family. He could not topple over just like this.

“When we battled the previous time, I didn’t let you experience a profound grade battle technique. This time, I’ll let you see how formidable it is, you bumpkin!”

The man spoke, and Yang Cangqiong immediately paled. He could not beat this person, mostly because he had only just entered the Human Dan Realm and had no battle technique that could rival this man’s!

“If you want me to die, you need to pay a huge price!”

Yang Cangqiong’s eyes were now completely red and full of bloodlust. The man was startled, and immediately sneered, “An old fart like you is actually threatening me? You’re quite gutsy, but unfortunately, today is the day you die!”

Yang Cangqiong felt immense pressure on himself as real Qi exploded in the hands of the man in red robes, forming a phantom mark of a fist. This was a pressure that only belonged to a profound grade battle technique, and Yang Cangqiong was truly at a loss.

“Am I really going to die here?”

Recalling all that had happened in his life, he lamented that the older he became, the worse experiences he had to endure.

“Hopefully when Yuntian comes back, he’ll still be able to find my corpse and bury me in Poplar Town. But even if you want me to die, you shouldn’t even considering living on as well!”

Seeing him using a profound grade battle technique, Yang Cangqiong let out an enraged roar and began using the Seal of the High Profound Dragon.

These two powerful auras rapidly increased, and the two shouted loudly, darting towards each other.

A cold grin was about the lips of the man in red robes.

“Die! Shattered Jade Fist!”

“Seal of the High Profound Dragon!”

These two auras were on the verge of slamming into each other, and the Shattered Jade Fist that had already covered the Seal of the High Profound Dragon was about to claim Yang Cangqiong’s life. At this moment, the window was suddenly smashed through and a shadow situated itself in front of the man, extending its arm and grabbing the Shattered Jade Fist.

The man’s ferocious attack suddenly disappeared.

He was momentarily stunned and looked towards this new figure. Yang Cangqiong, on the other hand, withdrew his own attack after seeing that familiar figure while also shocked.

This young man had thoroughly stunned him. How could he not remember him?

However, Long Chen’s sudden appearance and his being able to stop the powerful profound grade battle technique with just a stretch of his arm, without even a change of expression, caused Yang Cangqiong to be thoroughly stupefied.

The look of surprise on Yang Cangqiong’s face was comparable to that on the red-robed man’s face.

The man in the red robes stared at Long Chen, appalled, and immediately kneeled, “M-My lord, may I know why you stopped my attack?”


Long Chen laughed, reaching out and patting his opponent’s cheeks. These pats were more like slaps with the sounds produced, but his opponent did not dare retaliate.

“You want to kill my grandfather, and you’re actually asking what this is about?”

Upon hearing Long Chen’s words, the man’s eyes widened and he was stunned, “Are you Long Chen, who entered the Lingwu Family? How are you so powerful?”

He was about to struggle free, but Long Chen held onto his arm and twisted. The man yelled, but that arm had already been twisted to a scary angle.

“I urge you not to move, or else I’ll break your other arm.”

Long Chen’s cold words made him give up. He understood the current situation and began to speak in a tearful voice, hoping to get Long Chen’s forgiveness.

“It’s not impossible for me to forgive you. As long as you answer me truthfully, I won’t kill you.”

Having said this, Long Chen turned back and looked at Yang Cangqiong, who was still in a daze, and spoke apologetically, “I’m sorry, grandfather. Chen’er has returned a little late…”

Yang Cangqiong came back to himself, “No, it’s not late at all. But Chen’er, is it really you?”

“How can it not be me?”

“How are you so strong?”

While asking this, Yang Cangqiong still could not believe his eyes. Long Chen had only entered the Lingwu Family a month ago. It was impossible for him to be able to deal with someone who had just entered the Human Dan Realm.

Yang Cangqiong had personally experienced the formidable strength of this man. He himself could do little about it, so how had Long Chen taken care of him so easily?

Yang Yuntian walked in at this moment, similarly astonished at the scene.

“Grandfather, if you have any questions, just ask Second Uncle. Let me interrogate this fellow!”

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