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DBWG Chapter 120 – A Bolt From the Blue

Chapter 120 – A Bolt From the Blue
Translated by: Ying

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Long Chen was stunned. His breath accelerated and became rough, and his eyes gradually became bloodshot.
“Chen’er, don’t get so agitated yet. Wait for me to tell you everything!”
Seeing Long Chen like this, Yang Yuntian knew that he had to calm Long Chen down despite his own anxiety.
Long Chen and Yang Lingqing were akin to real siblings. Now that Yang Lingqing was in trouble, how could he stay calm?
He was just one step away from rushing to the sect.
Long Chen suppressed the killing intent in his heart, berating himself for this. He Chen knew that he had to be cool-headed about this.
However, as he recalled all the memories he had with Yang Lingqing and then the bastards of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect, Long Chen clenched his fists tightly.
“Is it for the Blood Sacrificial Ceremony?”
Blood rushed forth in Long Chen’s eyes.
Seeing that Long Chen had somewhat calmed down, Yang Yuntian felt more at ease. A deep sorrow appeared in his gaze, “It’s all because of my uselessness as a father. I couldn’t even protect my own daughter…”
Yang Yuntian had already lost a son. At the thought that he might also lose his daughter, his mind went blank.
“Second Uncle, don’t blame yourself too much. Tell me exactly what happened.”
Long Chen bit his lower lip and exclaimed.
“Chen’er, have you participated in the killings of the two great proctors in Crimson Blood Sacred Sect?”
Yang Yuntian raised his head and asked.
Long Chen was startled as he recalled Proctor Qin and Proctor Shi and was puzzled, “How do you know about this?”
Yang Yuntian shook his head, “It’s what that bastard said. Two proctors of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect died at Yanluo town and he found that it was the doing of people of the Lingwu Family. Of the three names he had, yours was included in it. He then investigated your background and found out that you were part of the Yang family. For revenge, one of the proctors came to Poplar Town and found out that Xue Yuanzi had died by your hands, so he attacked us!”
Long Chen did not expect that the fact that he had killed Xue Yuanzi would be exposed. Of the eight proctors in the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect, the death of three had some relation to Long Chen. It was no wonder that they had made their move against him.
Long Chen only blamed himself more after hearing this. All he wanted was to rush to the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect, but he knew that it was not yet time to do so.
“Why did he want to kidnap Lingqing?”
Yang Yuntian answered in a pained voice, “My father had originally attained the Deity Dan Realm by using Soul Diffusion Fruits, and could somewhat match up to that person. However, in that battle, Lingqing was injured by mistake. Upon seeing the colour of Lingqing’s blood, which held traces of green, he exclaimed that Lingqing had a rare body that was seen only once in every hundred years- the Abstruse Shadow Body and took her away. Your grandfather only just entered the Deity Dan Realm and couldn’t do much about it…”

“The Abstruse Shadow Body?!”
Upon hearing these three words, Gan Lin jolted.
Long Chen immediately asked, “That person returned to the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect, right?”

Yang Yuntian nodded, paling, “Based on what that person said, Lingqing’s Abstruse Shadow Body is very important in some Blood Sacrificial Ceremony. My father has been in the South Ling Region and found out that this ceremony will take place in two days!”
This was basically a large bolt from the blue for Long Chen!
“Two days’ time? The Blood Sacrificial Ceremony…”
Fury and hatred rushed up in Long Chen’s heart. With an icy glare, his fists were clenched and he gritted his teeth, “If anything happens to Lingqing… Crimson Blood Sacred Sect, I want everyone in your sect to be buried with her!”
Seeing that ruthless aura from Long Chen, Yang Yuntian knew this was no good and hurriedly spoke, “Chen’er, I’m not here to get you to seek your death in the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect. You are a member of the Lingwu Family, so I was wondering if it was possible to borrow the strength of the Lingwu Family.”
The sect leader was the grandson of the Yuan Emperor. Long Chen wasn’t even a member of the inner faction of the Lingwu Family. Who would take this risk to help him?
Liu Lan, much less Liu Yuan would not do so!
“Second Uncle, you don’t have to say more. Get Grandfather to come and stay here. I’ll go to the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect right now. I promise you that I’ll bring Lingqing back safe and sound in a day!”
Long Chen’s voice was icy but full of resolution.
“Abstruse Shadow Body… The Blood Sacrificial Ceremony of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect requires the blood of a young girl. If Lingqing has this Abstruse Shadow Body, her blood will be drained…”
If this were to happen, Long Chen would literally go crazy!
Even now, he found it difficult to control the fury he was feeling.

Yang Yuntian knew that Long Chen had always been reckless and impulsive. He nervously looked at Long Chen and sternly said, “Chen’er, I’m not letting you go and put your life on the line! You have a bright future ahead and you’ve entered the Lingwu Family. It’s the time for you to rapidly develop and advance. I don’t want you to harm yourself for Lingqing’s sake. The Crimson Blood Sacred Sect is practically hell there. Is that really a place for a young man like you to go to?”
In Yang Yuntian’s eyes, Long Chen had not even reached the Human Dan Realm, while the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect was filled with experts at the Earth Dan Realm.
“Long Chen, listen to me. Go and ask a favour of your Lingwu Family, and we might even have a chance!”
At this point, Liu Lan had just walked in through the door, looking stern. Gan Lin immediately bowed, “Lord Enforcer!”
Upon hearing the words ‘lord enforcer’, Yang Yuntian was momentarily startled.
He knew that this Lord Enforcer was the owner of this large Green Willow Residence, and must be at or above the Earth Dan Realm. He immediately suppressed the excitement in his heart and respectfully said, “Commoner Yang Yuntian greets the Lord Enforcer!”
Liu Lan merely nodded at him and looked towards Long Chen. At this point, his gaze was filled with immense viciousness.
Seeing the rudeness apparent in his gaze, Yang Yuntian was shocked and went forward to warn him, but unexpectedly, Long Chen’s voice was cold as he spoke, “Enforcer Liu, didn’t you say you would pay attention to the actions of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect and report their every move to me?”
Even an outsider like Yang Yuntian could hear the dissatisfaction in Long Chen’s tone. He immediately pulled at Long Chen, looking apologetic, “Lord Enforcer, my nephew is young and insensible. Please don’t fault him for this!”
Liu Lan looked indifferent and did not even spare Yang Yuntian a glance. Instead, she stared straight at Long Chen. Liu Lan herself was slightly surprised at the turn of events.

She then answered, “It’s just a proctor from Crimson Blood Sacred Sect going to Poplar Town. I’ve been busy with the Sky Martial Realm these past few days and haven’t paid much attention to this. Besides, Long Chen, didn’t I tell you to give up on dealing with the sect? Are you unaware that this could be fatal for you? If you don’t handle this properly, your entire Yang family might die without a proper burial!”
Long Chen was not the least bit scared and sneered, “Fine, I won’t blame you. I just want to ask you this. Now that my sister has been taken, I want to take on the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect. Will you or will you not help?”
Long Chen’s tone was plain disrespectful.
From Yang Yuntian’s understanding, Long Chen would be made quick work of by Enforcer Liu after saying something like this. Unexpectedly enough, Enforcer Liu seemed to think highly of Long Chen…?
Yang Yuntian watched the two oppose each other, neither of them backing down. A sudden question flashed in his mind. Just how powerful was Long Chen?

Had he, in just one month, entered the Human Dan Realm?
Recalling that Long Chen had a Soul Diffusion Fruit, Yang Yuntian felt that this was a real possibility.
Liu Lan hesitated and shook her head. “Even my father wouldn’t agree to the Green Sun Hall taking such a huge risk on your behalf for your personal matters. Besides, the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect is not a power you can fight against. I won’t allow you to go there!”
“What right do you have to stop me?”
Upon hearing her words, Long Chen had mostly given up on the Lingwu Family. He was laughing sarcastically inside while she talked about not allowing him to go.
Despite her staunch resolve, she was truly angry after being rebutted by Long Chen like this. Her curvy, delicate body trembled, and her eyes were fierce.
Yang Yuntian knew this was a bad situation. Long Chen had now angered Enforcer Liu, and Long Chen might just die here even before getting to the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect or saving Yang Lingqing.
He gestured to Long Chen quickly and tried to appease Enforcer Liu, “Lord Enforcer, Chen’er isn’t sensible and doesn’t think things through before speaking. Please don’t hold it against him. We’ll deal with the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect ourselves and take our leave first, alright?”
Yang Yuntian’s words made Long Chen displeased and he pulled Yang Yuntian behind him, “You don’t have to flatter her. How amazing or capable is she to enjoy such treatment?”
Glaring at Enforcer Liu and ignoring Yang Yuntian’s shock, Long Chen answered in a low voice, “My precious younger sister is now in the hands of someone else, and yet you want to keep me here. Let me ask you, how am I different from an animal if I don’t do anything at all? How are you different from an animal if you don’t do anything at all?”
“Long Chen, don’t go too far!”
At the word ‘animal’, Liu Lan was flushed red in her anger, but Long Chen’s words were not without logic. She could not refute it.
“How am I going too far?”
Long Chen sneered and then gestured to Yang Yuntian, “If the Lingwu Family will expel me if I save my sister, then I’m not going to stay in the Lingwu Family. Second Uncle, let’s go!”
Having said this, he detoured around Liu Lan who was glaring at him, and headed towards the door.
“Long Chen, if you die this time, don’t blame me for not warning you!”

“What does my life or death have to do with oh, Great Beauty Liu?”
Hearing these words, Yang Yuntian was bewildered…
“Just how powerful is Chen’er for him to be able to speak to the enforcer like this…”

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