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DBWG Chapter 12

Chapter 12 – Phantom Star Wolf
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Long Chen knew, just like the 9 levels of the Dragon Pulse Realm, demonic beasts were also categorized into 9 grades, and these 5 Demonic Earth Hounds, are an existence of the fourth level of the Huang grade, which is to say, each of their strength would perhaps be stronger than Long Chen’s.

As for the Moon Devouring Demonic Wolf demonic beast, according to Lingxi, that was an existence of a super expert of the ninth level.

Long Chen coldly looked on at the Enchanted Hill Ginseng which had breached the territory of the five Demonic Earth Hounds and rejoiced.

“These five Demonic Earth Hounds, their cultivations are higher than mine, but I have the [Celestial Core Technique]. If I catch them off guard and attack them, there is still hope. But these Demonic Earth Hounds will never let me go, and at that time a huge disturbance will be created and I will definitely die in this Desolate Beast Domain.

“But if I don’t take a gamble, in the intra-family competition, what right do I have to stand up against them?”

“Oh well, dying is better than living like a trash.”

Thinking of that, Long Chen’s eyes flashed, and as he was about to rise, Lingxi immediately stopped him. Lingxi growled and said: ”Idiot, could it be that you don’t want to live anymore? Spiritual medicine is everywhere, if you waste your life like this, then there will be absolutely nothing gained.”

Seeing Lingxi saying this in such a pressing tone, made Long Chen able to make out the deeply concerned warning behind her words, which made him falter. And after much thinking, he seemed to realize that people who would treat him this well were not many. And even though they only knew each other for a short time, Lingxi had managed to move him.

“Xiao Xi, you are a good person. Don’t worry, I won’t mess around, I still need to protect you.”

“Cheh, I was a good person since growing up, okay?”

One could hear that it was the first time that this girl was being praised by someone, so although her reply wasn’t that courteous but her shy tone had given it away.

The Demonic Earth Hounds drew closer, and Long Chen did not dare to speak.

Looking at the Demonic Earth Hounds which were about to bring the Enchanted Hill Ginseng back with them, Lingxi suddenly said softly: ”There is another demonic beast approaching……”

Long Chen was startled, and then he actually saw the Demonic Earth Hounds’ hair stand on end. Their eyes flashed viciously and growled while looking towards the opening of the valley because at this moment, a huge figure gradually walked out from the darkness.

Suddenly there was a bright light that had flashed across. Long Chen squinted, and under the dimming starlight, the demonic beast showed its form. This was a demonic beast in the shape of a wolf, its body wasn’t as big as the Moon Devouring Demonic Wolf’s but it was well built. Silver hair covered its body, and at this moment its hair suddenly reflected the essence of the starlight. Long Chen could even feel that the starlight from the sky was being absorbed by the wolf’s body right at this very moment.

“This is……a Phantom Star Wolf at the fifth level of the Huang grade……usually it absorbs starlight for cultivation, hence its body is strongly reinforced.” Lingxi’s voice entered Long Chen’s ears.

It was actually a fifth level of the Huang grade so it was even more difficult for Long Chen to deal with. At this point he did not even dare to breathe.

The Phantom Star Wolf walked into the valley, faced the five Demonic Earth Hounds and growled loudly.

As if already provoked, the Phantom Star Wolf had rushed towards the Demonic Earth Hounds. Long Chen and Lingxi did not dare to make another sound and fervently watched.

The fact that the Phantom Star Wolf was also an expert with a reinforced body did not exceed Long Chen’s expectations. After a pounce and a claw scratch, the mountain rocks were grounded to dust. But the Demonic Earth Hounds weren’t weak either so they charged towards it. While letting out a howl, their fangs were showing a horrible scene.

“These Demonic Earth Hounds’ claw technique……actually has a kind of martial style, between an attack and retreat. It is not weaker than basic martial techniques. But this Phantom Star Wolf is even more formidable……”

Very soon, the Phantom Star Wolf’s strength had overwhelmed the Demonic Earth Hounds. Although the pack had a frightening strength, but under the Phantom Star Wolf’s sharp claws and fangs, they were all either beaten to death or suffered from injuries quickly. Not even a minute had passed but the five Demonic Earth Hounds had already collapsed to the ground.

The Phantom Star Wolf used its snout and sniffed at the quivering Enchanted Hill Ginseng and let out an excited growl. The starlight in the sky rushed forth, and only then did the Phantom Star Wolf walk away satisfied.

“This demonic beast took away the Enchanted Hill Ginseng, hurry, we must follow it and take a look.”

This cowardly Lingxi, had actually taken the initiative to follow it. Because Long Chen was convinced she had a great background he trusted in her judgement as well. However at that instant he rushed to the side of the five Demonic Earth Hounds and took out the Demonic Earth Hounds’ energy cores from their bodies.

“These things can change into quite a few treasures.”

“You greedy brat, hurry up and give chase to the Phantom Star Wolf, but you definitely cannot let him find out, if not you will definitely die.”

Compared to Long Chen, Lingxi was even more anxious.

The Phantom Star Wolf did not walk away at a fast pace, so after Long Chen had obtained the energy core, he caught up very soon with it, but he only dared to watch it from afar.

“Xiao Xi, you let me follow him so pressingly, what is the purpose for this actually? The Enchanted Hill Ginseng has already been taken, so we are left with nothing.”

Lingxi anxiously said: ”It took the Enchanted Hill Ginseng, but normally when demonic beasts find spiritual medicine they take it as a regular meal. This is such a waste since demonic beasts don’t refine it. Anyway this Phantom Star Wolf most likely is the king of this area, so I reckon its cave has a reserve of these spiritual medicines. Normally demonic beasts love to stash objects which can be eaten, the more they stash the happier they get, so let’s follow it, and find its cave, we won’t go wrong with this choice.”

After Lingxi said so much, only then did Long Chen understand, and silently thought: ”If it’s just like what Lingxi said, this time if I were to follow, and if there’s any bounty to be taken, it definitely won’t be considered as a waste of my time.”

Before an hour passed, the Phantom Star Wolf had stopped in front of a cave, and went in quickly. Long Chen was observing it from behind a rock outside of the cave.

“Xiao Xi, what should we do now?”

Xiao Xi anxiously said: ”Just wait for now, naturally I have a good plan.”

This girl was being so mysterious but Long Chen couldn’t care less. He watched concentrated on the cave, and not long later, that Phantom Star Wolf had actually come out from the cave. It lifted its head and then glanced around. Long Chen hurriedly stilled his aura and breath, not daring to move. However in his heart he was starting to panic.

After observing the surroundings at the entrance of the cave for a while, the Phantom Star Wolf proudly howled. Its four limbs started moving on the ground and moments later it disappeared without a trace in front of Long Chen’s eyes.

Lingxi happily said: ”As expected, this was within my calculations. You scoundrel, hurry up and enter the cave, there will definitely be some good stuff inside.”

Even if she did not make this point, Long Chen knew, the Phantom Star Wolf only entered for a little while, so if it had eaten the Enchanted Hill Ginseng he couldn’t have possibly come out so quickly.

Long Chen aggressively rushed into the cave. The cave was dark as well as deep, and a heavy stench of wolf’s musk invaded the nose.

“This is definitely a Phantom Star Wolf’s cave.”

Very soon, the four walls began to light up. Long Chen rushed into a large semicircular space inside. This was the real home of the Phantom Star Wolf. Although there was a putrid smell from the demonic beast’s droppings, but the spiritual medicine’s fragrance was filling the nest completely.

“Enchanted Hill Ginseng, there’s actually two stalks here……Long Chen, your luck is a little too much. Anyway, there’s no time to lose, hurry up and collect these things.”

Lingxi just finished her speech, and Long Chen had already started working on it. Those two stalks of Enchanted Hill Ginseng, very soon were held in his arms. Suddenly, in his heart there was a bad premonition.

“Ah, I forgot, because the Enchanted Hill Ginseng loves to run about, that Phantom Star Wolf has probably used some methods to put a barrier around it. But now when you took the Enchanted Hill Ginseng, I’m afraid it already knows.”

Long Chen’s face turned red with anger, and scolded: ”To hell with your mother, why didn’t you say so earlier, I will be done in by you!”

Without any time to lose, the items had already been retrieved and he madly rushed towards the exit. Lingxi because of being in the wrong, had temporarily kept quiet and was dejectedly following Long Chen.

Faintly sensing the exit, at a place not too far away from the cave, there came a furious wolf’s howl, which rang loudly in the night sky. Long Chen’s heart had already frozen by half due to fear, and dashed out of the cave.

“That way.” Lingxi pointed to a direction.

Long Chen hurriedly escaped towards that direction, he could feel that the heavy breathing which was coming from behind was gradually coming closer and closer.

“If I were to die this time, I will definitely first grab you out from this broken sword and rape you!”

“Wu……I, I really didn’t do it on purpose, but just forgot for a moment…… wuu wuuu……”

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