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DBWG Chapter 118 – Inner Faction Selection!

Chapter 118 – Inner Faction Selection!
Translated by: Ying

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After explaining about the Enchanted Purple Dragon, Liu Yuan laughed as he watched the look of excitement on Long Chen’s Face. He’d assumed that Long Chen was very passionate about this beast spirit and felt reassured.
Long Chen was an unexpected, pleasant surprise to him, and it had been far too long since he had felt so joyful.
He was also very pleased with his daughter. Liu Yuan knew that Liu Lan, who surely had pressured Long Chen all this while, had had a large role in Long Chen achieving the level he was currently at.

“Lan’er has already spoken to him about the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect, so I don’t have to mention it anymore. I need to talk to him about that other matter though.”
Liu Lan spoke, “Long Chen, do you know about the upcoming Inner Faction Selection?”
Inner Faction Selection?
Long Chen had heard Gan Lin saying that the inner faction would take in outstanding disciples from the outer faction to groom. However, he had mentioned that Long Chen needed to at least be at the Earth Dan Realm.
“Is he hinting that I can take part in the selection?”
“Yes. Now, the various outer factions have already elected their members. I have the right to nominate someone, so I’ll pass on the information about you in these few days. As long as you pass the review, you’ll have the chance to participate in the inner faction selection!”
Long Chen suddenly felt that he had performed too well in front of Liu Yuan. Seeing this old geezer treating him so well, Long Chen quickly expressed his thanks.
“I, Long Chen, will definitely do all I can to repay Chief Elder!”
Liu Yuan stroked his long beard. He had previously underestimated Long Chen and even reprimanded him. His attitude had now undergone a 180-degree change, treating Long Chen so well that he himself was a little embarrassed.
“But don’t get too excited yet. You’re still at the Human Dan Realm and have yet to meet the requirements to enter the inner faction. You have to work harder, and you’ll only have a chance if you receive the beast spirit of the Enchanted Purple Dragon and increase your strength before the selection begins.”
“Is this selection process so stringent?” Long Chen tried to probe.
Liu Yuan nodded, “It is quite difficult. There will be ten to twenty people who pass the review, but only two will ultimately get in. The intention this time is for you to make yourself known amongst the other factions. To actually enter the inner faction? I have a word for you. Difficult!”
Though he knew that he would definitely receive more supplies, be taken care of and, thus, improve at a quicker rate, Long Chen was in no hurry to become part of the inner faction. Seeing Liu Yuan get so agitated, it was probably rather difficult to get in.
Liu Yuan sighed ruefully, “The only young person in our faction with a five star rating for his potential is Chu Yunxi of the Green Emperor Hall. Chu Yunxi is currently eighteen years old and is already at the initial mastery stage at the Earth Dan Realm. He’s already been chosen to enter the selection process.”
At the very mention of Chu Yunxi, Liu Yuan became excited, but he soon turned silent after noticing Liu Lan glaring at him.
“Chu Yunxi? Eighteen? The initial mastery stage at the Earth Dan Realm?”
Long Chen held his tongue. Only now did he realise that whether it was Huang Feiyang or Feng Wutian, they were nothing much compared to others. Chu Yunxi was a true genius, and Long Chen now realised how small his world was.

After defeating Feng Wutian, he had assumed that this meant he had joined the rank of geniuses. However, he realised he still had ways to go.
“There’s still a long way to go…”

Liu Yuan spoke, “That’s it for today. Long Chen, you were in the Sky Martial Realm Competition, so you should be a little tired. You may return first.”

Long Chen nodded and bade farewell to everyone before turning. They watched his back as he left, finding it tall and straight, and sighed.
“Lan’er, come with me.”

Liu Yuan exclaimed, left the hall and entered a garden at the back. He turned around and told Liu Lan, “When you were in the Sky Martial Realm, the chief elder of Green Emperor Hall, Chu Fengqing looked for me. He hinted at your marriage.”

Alarmed, Liu Lan replied, “Father, did you agree to it?”
“How could I agree without your approval? But Lan’er, he said that he would personally bring Chu Yunxi here in twenty days and propose your marriage. I didn’t say no then, so…”
“So in order not to destroy the relationship between our two families, I have to agree to his proposal, right?”

Liu Lan was desolate after having thought it through.
Liu Yuan’s heart ached at seeing his daughter like this, “Lan’er, don’t think too much of it. Chu Yunxi is an exceptional genius, and it’s very likely he’ll enter the inner faction this time. He has a very great future ahead, and I’d be reassured if you be with him.”
Liu Lan raised her head and could only say, “You don’t understand. He’s too overbearing and arrogant. No matter how much of a genius he is, I can’t accept him.”

Long Chen left the Green Sun Hall and walked towards the Green Willow Residence alone. Along the way, those who saw him halted their footsteps, their gazes curious and respectful towards him.
News of Long Chen’s display in the Sky Martial Realm had spread.
“Stop right there!”
A shout sounded, and he realised there was a cute little beauty behind him- Liu Ling.
Her eyes were still a little red, and she must have been crying for Feng Wutian. Long Chen couldn’t help but find it hilarious. Feng Wutian had been the one who wanted to fight against Long Chen, but had ultimately been injured by him. Nobody could be blamed for this.
“Oh, you cried so much for your lover? How touching, the tears are almost streaming all over my face.”
Liu Ling had seen this despicable person by chance and had called out to him in her anger. To her surprise, she had been teased by him instead. If not for remembering that he had saved her, she would definitely have gone forward to fight him.
“Long Chen, you’re really a large jerk inside and outside!”
Uncaring of her image, Liu Ling gnashed her teeth while pointing at him.
Long Chen seemed to be indifferent to her insults, “Huh? What did you want from me?”
Liu Ling really had the urge to go up to him and rip off his face.
“Kid, I called you to tell you not to be too happy about defeating Brother Wutian when he got possessed. That’s nothing much. He’s already awake!”
“Oh? He’s awake?”
“Yes! Are you afraid yet? In addition, he profited from this incident and is about to enter the Earth Dan Realm, so just wait till he teaches you a lesson!”
“Again about the Earth Dan Realm?”
Feng Wutian had been beaten up so badly by him, and his reputation had thus fallen. Now that he was awake, he was sure to look Long Chen up. Long Chen was currently in terrible shape worrying about the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect, and now with a conscious Feng Wutian… His brows furrowed.
“Ha, you’re scared, aren’t you? What a coward. You only dare attack Brother Wutian when he’s not conscious!”
Having said this, Liu Ling snickered and left.
Long Chen shook his head and returned to his residence.
“Little Xi, I’ve been raising my power rather quickly, and it’s probably at the limit now. Can I still raise it further?”
“Of course.”
Lingxi could finally come out from the sword and stretch her body, rejoicing as she spun around the room and flew around. Only after that did she fly to Long Chen and wrinkled her nose cutely, “Your current strength is merely rated to be at the bottommost level at the Dragon Sacrificial Continent. Though you’re still a little slow in cultivation, you’re still much stronger than others.”
“How much stronger am I?”
“Don’t worry about it. There’s no issue if you want to increase your strength quickly.”
Lingxi had come from a good family and had much more knowledge than the people around Long Chen. Long Chen trusted her words wholeheartedly.
“Alright, I’ll just work hard and get rid of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect that’s been a thorn in my side. Only then will I plan how I’m going to progress.”
Lingxi nodded and then extended her hand, sneakily looking at Long Chen, “I want it!”
“What do you want?” Long Chen was alarmed.
Seeing Long Chen not getting the message, Lingxi made threatening gestures as she seethed at Long Chen.
Long Chen could only answer, “I’ll refine all those beast spirits and demonic cores, and then go to the Treasure Exchange Pavilion and find you something.”
“That’s better.”
Lingxi smiled in satisfaction, her eyes narrowing into little bent moons. It was very charming.
Long Chen had a wry smile, “You used up a lot of energy when you helped me get those Thunder Flame Crystals. I was planning to help you get some stuff after I got out from the Sky Martial Realm, so it’s probably time to do so.”
“Thunder Flame Crystals?”
At the mention of this, Lingxi was in high spirits, “Right, now that you’re at the initial mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm, your real Qi has probably increased by about ten times. You should be able to suppress even more Thunder Flame Crystals.”
“Does that mean I can absorb more Thunder Flame Crystals?”
Long Chen’s voice exhibited his excitement.
“Of course! If you don’t believe me, you can give it a try.”
Long Chen obviously believed everything Lingxi said, but he was not in any hurry now.
He went to the basement where he usually cultivated and tidied up his harvest from the competition.
“I have six profound grade level 2 demonic cores and beast spirits, but these aren’t that valuable. The most valuable ones are those of the Scarlet Flaming Suan Beast and the Heart Corrosive demonic beast.”
“How much can they be exchanged for? Lingxi was starry-eyed.
“With the two things from the Scarlet Flaming Suan Beast, it can fetch about 20 contribution points, while the beast spirit and demonic core of the Heart Corrosive demonic beast can fetch over 200 contribution points.”
“How much is that?” Lingxi couldn’t be bothered to calculate and asked.
“That’s about two thousand deity jades.”
Long Chen suddenly recalled what Liu Yuan had said regarding the five hundred contribution points. That level 6 beast spirit at the profound grade was a hundred times more valuable than one at level 4, but he only needed five hundred contribution points to get it. That was practically a gift to Long Chen.
“In other words, to get that beast spirit and exchange it for a hundred thousand deity jades, I need to kill countless level 4 profound grade beasts who are practically experts at the Earth Dan Realm?”
Long Chen was shocked after calculating it this way. He’d assumed that it was easy to get 500 contribution points, but now that he actually thought about it, it was very difficult.
“The Heart Corrosive demonic beast appeared in the Human Dan region and is probably the weakest of level 4 profound grade beasts. That’s how we were able to kill it.”
Hearing Long Chen mention a hundred thousand deity jades, Lingxi reminded him, “Stop dreaming. Where are you going to exchange the beast spirit for a hundred thousand deity jades from? If you go to the Treasure Exchange Pavilion, you’ll definitely anger that geezer to death.”
Only then did Long Chen realise that the beast spirit was a tricky matter. If someone gave it to Long Chen and saw that he did not refine it, he would definitely be suspicious. When that happened, Long Chen would not know how to explain this.
“Whatever. I won’t think about it now. I’ll first refine the beast spirit of the Heart Corrosive demonic beast and then we’ll go to the Treasure Exchange Pavilion.”

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