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DBWG Chapter 117 – Profound Grade Beast Spirit

Chapter 117 – Profound Grade Beast Spirit
Translated by: Ying

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Upon hearing this news, Long Chen suddenly shuddered. He shot Liu Lan a disbelieving look, stuttering, “Are you for real? The leader of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect is the grandson of the Yuan Emperor?”

Liu Lan shook her head, her peach-like face holding a rueful expression.
“There are many coincidences in this world. Yes, the leader of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect is the grandson of the Yuan Emperor. Though the Yuan Emperor has over a hundred grandsons and this particular one isn’t favoured, it isn’t to our advantage to do anything to the Sacred Sect and make things difficult between us Lingwu City and Yuandi City, just for your sake…”
Liu Lan glanced at Long Chen.
“Long Chen, I’m sure you understand that Lingwu City and Yuandi City are two powerful organisations like water and fire. Both went through tumultuous journeys to achieve the peace we currently have. Any small matter might be a spark that blows up the situation.”
Liu Lan’s meaning was obvious.
If the Lingwu Family were to touch the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect, this could result in a backlash from Yuandi City, which was a large cost. The Lingwu Family placed emphasis on their inner factions, so with Long Chen as he was right now, he was not important enough for the family to do this for him.
This was the reality.
However, Long Chen had no expectations for the Lingwu Family. He pondered over this for a moment, a smile about his lips.

Long Chen’s indifferent attitude caused Liu Lan to furrow her brows, “Hey, are you actually thinking of dealing with them yourself?”
“There’s a huge grudge between me and the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect. If I don’t kill them, they’ll definitely kill me. In such a situation, why would I not deal with them?”
Long Chen raised his head, eyes flickering as he watched Liu Lan’s pale face.
Long Chen’s gaze was full of resolution that could not be tamed, and Liu Lan, who was used to controlling others, felt slightly uncomfortable.
She breathed in deeply, exclaiming, “Long Chen, when the time comes, don’t blame me for not warning you. If the Yuan Emperor does not pursue the matter, it’s your luck, but if he does, we will send you to him the moment we can.”
“You don’t have to tell me that. I know.”
Long Chen pursed his lips, indifferent.
He had always been fearless in whatever he did. This was his style, but being fearless did not mean he was stupid.
“Besides, the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect has a thousand followers, eight great protectors and five sect elders. These five sect elders are at the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm, and the leader himself is an expert at the Earth Dan Realm. With your current strength, you might be matchless against anyone in the Human Dan Realm, but you’re definitely going to die against anyone of the Earth Dan Realm!”
Seeing Long Chen seemingly unafraid to die, Liu Lan could only warn him once more. If this was in the past, she wouldn’t even have bothered to say this, but Long Chen had now displayed a formidable potential. In the green faction, there were less than ten people who could be rated as four stars. Even Liu Lan herself was rated at four stars.
“Is the Earth Dan Realm really so strong?”
Long Chen was slightly surprised. In his opinion, since he could defeat Feng Wutian who was immeasurably close to the Earth Dan Realm, that should mean he was able to deal with someone of the Earth Dan Realm.
“Do you know why the Deity Dan Realm is separated into the Human, Earth and Heaven Dan? That is because there’s an immense disparity between the beginning, middle and later parts in the Deity Dan Realm, which are each separated into three portions. (*tl note: entrance into x Dan Realm, initial mastery stage, perfect mastery stage) There’s a large divide between the Human and Earth Dan Realm, and yet another between the Earth and Heaven Dan Realm. Your current strength isn’t enough against someone at the Earth Dan Realm.”
Long Chen was unsettled by Liu Lan’s narration.
However, this did not mean he was afraid. It simply meant he felt more stressed.
“The matter with the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect has been dragging on for too long. With the Sky Martial Realm Competition over, I need to deal with the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect as soon as possible so that I can be free from this.
While thinking this, Long Chen followed Liu Lan back to the Green Sun Hall.
Seeing this teenager so silent and still fearless, Liu Lan shook her head, “This kid is a really good seedling, but he’s much too arrogant and petty. It might cause some trouble for the family…”
With the alluring Liu Lan walking with Long Chen, it was obvious that passers-by would stare.
In the outer factions, Liu Lan had an immense reputation, while Long Chen’s name was being spread from this day on. It couldn’t be helped that others would have fantasies while seeing these two people together.
Soon enough, Long Chen returned to the Green Sun Hall with Liu Lan. There was the same number of people in there as when Long Chen had left from this place, though there was no one of the younger generation there except for Long Chen.
Liu Yuan and the others sighed ruefully while looking at Long Chen. When he had left, none of them had taken notice of this kid. They had mostly remembered the laughable situation where Long Chen had not turned up for the match he had agreed to.
However, news of what had transpired in the Sky Martial Realm had now spread within the Green Faction. Liu Yuan and the others even knew of the tragedy regarding the three cultivators of the Green Piercing Hall, who were at the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm.
“Long Chen, is it? Come here, take a seat.”
Though Long Chen had wounded Feng Wutian, it was an easy task for Feng Wutian to be treated given the resources the Green Sun Hall had at their disposal.
With Long Chen and Feng Wutian around, they would definitely be able to support geniuses in the Green Sun Hall in a few years, like what Liu Lan was doing. Their reputations would also rise in the Green Faction.
Liu Yuan watched Long Chen, finding him extremely pleasing to the eye.

What particularly stood out was Long Chen’s age. He was three years younger than Feng Wutian, and he could be moulded better than Feng Wutian.
Long Chen was already snickering in his mind as he glanced at this old guy. However, he was intelligent and obediently sat down, gleefully looking at Liu Yuan. With that expression of flattery, it was almost surprising that he did not call and recognise this man as his father.
“Youngster Long Chen greets the Chief Elder!”
Liu Yuan had initially thought that Long Chen was slightly arrogant, but he seemed to be quite humble now. Liu Yuan’s smile widened, “You’re not too bad. To be honest, I did underestimate you in the past. Though you did not obtain the Zenith Crystal Sword in the Sky Martial Realm Competition, you still helped me regain some reputation.”
“After coming to the Lingwu Family, uh, Sister Liu really helped me a lot. It’s my duty to contribute to the family…”
Long Chen was very thick-skinned, not even blushing while he spoke.
At the words ‘Sister Liu’, Liu Lan’s facial muscles twitched. When they had returned, Long Chen was all indifferent, but at the sight of Liu Yuan, his expression had completely changed.
Liu Yuan had only met Long Chen once. Long Chen had had nothing to say then, and Liu Yuan had automatically assumed that he was an introverted, cowardly disciple. His opinion had now changed, and he realised he had underestimated Long Chen. Long Chen respected his elders, was neither servile nor overbearing, and was the picture of an obedient child.
Liu Yuan now thought very highly of Long Chen, but Long Chen thought nothing of it. Even knowing his potential, Liu Yuan had not decided to aid him in the matter with the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect, implying he wasn’t so easily won over.
“Long Chen, I actually want to give you a reward.”
After discussing some issues, Liu Yuan suddenly stroked his beard and beamed at Long Chen.
“Many thanks, Chief Elder!”
Who wouldn’t want rewards? Long Chen didn’t know what it was yet, and simply prepared to accept it.
“I was planning to give you an intermediate Profound grade battle technique, but I’ve changed my mind.”
While he said this, the four elders and five enforcers were shocked. Liu Yuan had already decided on the reward for Long Chen beforehand but had suddenly changed his mind. This could only mean Liu Yuan loved Long Chen’s likeable display.
“I wonder what Chief Elder plans to give me?” Long Chen anticipated.
If it was a profound grade battle technique, Long Chen already had Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist, and no longer had a need for another.
Liu Yuan gave him a once over, “The first beast spirit you used at the dragon vein realm was the Blood Lizard at the fifth level of the huang grade. After entering the Deity Dan Realm, I doubt you’ve found any profound grade beast spirits. Coincidentally, I have one here, but it’s much too precious for you. I can’t give it to you just like this, so you’ll still need to fulfil some conditions to get it.”
Long Chen was stunned, before remembering that he was a beast cultivator in everyone else’s eyes.

In actuality, he didn’t need beast spirits. The beast spirit from before was used to exchange for contribution points.
Liu Yuan’s next words were what truly stunned him.

“This is the beast spirit of a level 6 demonic beast at the profound grade- the Enchanting Purple Dragon. It’s the most powerful existence of all level 6 demonic beasts at the profound grade. In the Daybreak Merchants Union, this beast spirit can be sold for a hundred thousand deity jades!”
The words “a hundred thousand deity jades” caused Long Chen to find it hard to breathe. He was used to a life of poverty, and when he was at his wealthiest, there were at most a hundred deity jades in his pocket. How many things could be bought with a hundred thousand deity jades…
“Even in our Lingwu Family, you can’t even dream of obtaining this beast spirit without a hundred thousand contribution points, but you performed so well this time. Besides, this beast spirit is my own, so I just need five hundred contribution points from you in exchange for it. This is a test for you!”
Liu Yuan watched Long Chen sternly, “You haven’t done anything for the Green Sun Hall. If I were to just give this to you, others might gossip, so you’ll need to work hard for it!”

At these words, Liu Yuan swept his gaze over the other elders and enforcers, his meaning obvious. The people who might gossip would be them. When Liu Yuan had mentioned the beast spirit of the Enchanted Purple Dragon, a few of them looked uncomfortable.
Liu Lan looked at Liu Yuan, “Father is really throwing everything into this. He’s even willing to give up the beast spirit of a demonic beast at the sixth level of the profound grade. Even I would find it difficult to deal with that Enchanted Purple Dragon.”

She turned to Long Chen and thought, “The Enchanted Purple Dragon really does suit that kid. The only problem is that he’s planning to go to his death at the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect. Where would he get the chance to get five hundred contribution points? Is it even that easy to get five hundred contribution points?”

Meanwhile, Long Chen’s thoughts revolved around how to obtain this beast spirit, and then sell it to get a hundred thousand deity jades…

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