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DBWG Chapter 116 – Dongfang Tianyu

Chapter 116 – Dongfang Tianyu
Translated by: Ying

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The appearance of this young man caused Long Chen to become wide-eyed.

Though they were the same age, his status and power were both things Long Chen aspired to achieve.
In terms of strength, the only group of people that could cause Long Chen fear was those at the Earth Dan Realm and above. He was definitely the genius of geniuses to be at the Earth Dan Realm at such an age.
He had also called himself Brother Tianyu. There was no doubt about it; he was Dongfang Tianyu, whom Chu Yunyao had recently mentioned. He was one of the members of the Dongfang faction, which was part of the four inner factions.
Long Chen knew that with someone of such a status in front of him, all he could do was endure. Endure!
It was like how he had been when facing Huang Feiyang and Feng Wutian. Only by enduring could he preserve his life.
Chu Yunyao was obviously someone that Dongfang Tianyu fancied. Long Chen suddenly felt a chill down his spine- if Dongfang Tianyu had heard his words, he would definitely not even have a skeleton now.
When he had just entered the Lingwu Family, Gan Lin had once told him that the four inner factions were the true faction members. The owner of the outer factions was an existence that one did not dare provoke.

Though Long Chen resisted the idea, he had to admit that the Lingwu Family was much too large. In front of such an organisation, he was a mere ant, and he could do little about it.
That was why he had removed Dragon Soul Transformation and returned to his youthful, lively appearance.
After transforming, he was indeed strong, but also very intimidating. If Dongfang Tianyu loathed his looks, he was done for.
“The timing isn’t right. I need to temporarily pretend to be an obedient kid.”
Seeing Dongfang Tianyu’s appearance, Chu Yunyao was pleasantly surprised and exclaimed in high spirits, “Brother Tianyu, how did you know I was here?”
“I heard from your father that you’re participating in the Sky Martial Realm Competition, so I came over. What’s wrong with the outer faction? Why is there a need to hold some competition? It wouldn’t be good if you got injured. Oh, right, you seemed pretty upset just now. What happened?”
Dongfang Tianyu looked at Chu Yunyao worriedly.
Chu Yunyao thought of Long Chen, evilness glinting in her eyes for a split second. She shot a glance at Long Chen and cutely answered, “It’s nothing much. We’re just fighting over the Zenith Crystal Sword in the body of the Heart Corrosive demonic beast’s body. It isn’t that surprising.”
Dongfang Tianyu furrowed his brows, sounding cold. He turned to look at Long Chen while he spoke, “He actually dares vie over something with you? Doesn’t he know the existence of I, Dongfang Tianyu?”
He contemplated Long Chen, eyes already glinting with icy cold bloodlust.
Long Chen hurriedly answered, “Ms Yunyao wants this to be a real competition and requested that we go all out. We only dared to make our move when she said that. If not, with you around, how would we dare fight over this with Ms Yunyao?”
If he kept a good image, he had lesser to worry about in the future. If he pretended to be a good person and kept his life, he might still have the chance to take revenge, so Long Chen didn’t mind that much.
Even if he might be looked down upon.
“Is that so?”

Dongfang Tianyu nodded, Long Chen’s words sounding favourable to him.
Meanwhile, everyone was flabbergasted at the large change in Long Chen’s attitude. Chu Yunyao had wanted to use Dongfang Tianyu to tactfully eliminate Long Chen, but those words made it impossible for her to do anything.
If she were to pester him continuously and try to prove Long Chen was lying, Dongfang Tianyu might think her less pure and have a vengeful heart. She could only grit her teeth and let Long Chen off for now.
“Kid, as long as you’re still part of the Lingwu Family, I’ll still have the chance to take your life! Nobody who crosses me survives!”
At this point, Dongfang Tianyu had already made quick work of the Heart Corrosive demonic beast and retrieved a cosmos pouch from its body. He grabbed a light green sword and passed it to Chu Yunyao, mumbling, “This Zenith Crystal Sword isn’t half bad. Take it. Once you’re at the Earth Dan Realm, I’ll get my father to give you something else.”
“Thank you, Brother Tianyu!”
Chu Yunyao was overjoyed as she took the Zenith Crystal Sword that she had been yearning for and placed it within her cosmos pouch. She secretly took a glimpse of that cowardly Long Chen, and the sight of his expression used to flatter Dongfang Tianyu made her feel like vomiting. She focused on Dongfang Tianyu, “Brother Tianyu, I’ve already obtained the Zenith Crystal Sword. The competition is already over too. Shall we leave?”
“That’s exactly what I planned. Yuanling City isn’t too far away, and there’s an absolutely stunning stream. The surroundings are beautiful and there are flowers everywhere. I was going to bring you there and admire it!”
The two were absorbed in conversation, not even bothering to take a look at anyone else. With Dongfang Tianyu taking the lead, they left the place to look at some ‘stunning stream’.
Long Chen then heaved a sigh of relief, though everyone was looking at him strangely.
At the beginning, they had truly been in awe of Long Chen. However, he turned into a weakling the moment he met somebody strong, and that worsened their impression of him.
“He’s just a lowly person with no pride. It’ll be difficult for him to become anything great. I’d be embarrassed to even associate with him.”
Now that the Sky Martial Realm Competition had ended, Chu Yunyao had easily gained the Zenith Crystal Sword and won.
Everyone had accepted the outcome and dispersed.
Seeing it was over, Liu Ling and the rest quickly left with Feng Wutian, who was injured and unconscious. Only by bringing him back to the Green Sun Hall would he be able to be treated properly.
Soon enough, only Long Chen was left here. Beside him was the carcass of the Heart Corrosive demonic beast.

Long Chen was currently quite depressed.
“I spent so much effort on this, and the Zenith Crystal Sword was taken by that girl. Chu Yunyao, it’s not that easy to kill me. There’ll be a day where I’ll make you regret everything, and as for Dongfang Tianyu…”
The real person giving Long Chen pressure was Dongfang Tianyu.
The horrors of the four inner factions of the Lingwu Family had, for the first time, been made obvious to Long Chen. Long Chen now knew that he while might have defeated Feng Wutian, but he was still far too weak.
“The good thing is that there’s still the carcass of the Heart Corrosive demonic beast, so I still have some rewards.”
Chu Yunyao had not taken the carcass of the Heart Corrosive demonic beast. With Long Chen still around, the others did not dare retrieve it.
Long Chen had recently refined the Scarlet Flaming Suan Beast and achieved the initial mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm. He wasn’t in a hurry now anyway and took out his cosmos pouch, placing the carcass within.
Just as he was about to leave the Sky Martial Realm, he realised the presence of a woman with outstandingly charming good looks enough to make anyone go crazy over her. Was it not the great Enforcer Liu?

Liu Ling had rushed out to find her, but Liu Lan was actually here.
Her being here so quickly meant that Liu Lan had been watching the competition. Long Chen could tell that Liu Lan had seen his performance just now, which was why there was no seduction in her eyes, nor any contempt for him. She looked calm.
“So? Are you finding it difficult to restrain yourself after seeing my exceptionally good looks?”
Long Chen approached Liu Lan, speaking shamelessly as he glanced at her delicate body.
He had pretended to be an upright gentleman previously and been teased by Liu Lan in the past. This time, he finally had the chance to strike back.
Liu Lan did not get mad. Instead, she smiled and stalked towards the entrance of the Sky Martial Realm, speaking at the same time, “I knew you weren’t any gentleman from the start so I tried to make you reveal your true colours. Guess it didn’t work then, but you’re exposing yourself right now.”
Liu Lan had initially believed that Long Chen was definitely not a match for Feng Wutian. However, he had proven himself to her. Long Chen knew that this woman was probably quite surprised but was pretending to be calm, not showing her emotions.
However, there was no longer that feeling where she was threatening him. Long Chen knew that he had somewhat subdued this woman.

The two of them walked together, conversing like old friends.
“To be honest, I did underestimate you, but you can’t overestimate yourself either. I believe you’re more than aware of that when you saw Dongfang Tianyu just now.”
Long Chen was clear of how powerful Dongfang Tianyu was. The memory of having to lower his head in front of Dongfan Tianyu was deeply etched into his mind.
“By the way, based on your performance, I should give you a new rating for your potential.”
Liu Lan looked at Long Chen coquettishly, a half-smile on her face.

“How much?”
“Four stars.”
Long Chen nodded, “This isn’t even five stars? How many people are there in the Green Faction with five stars as their potential?”
Liu Lan smiled wryly, “Just one, but you don’t need to know who it is. Long Chen, you now have four stars as your potential. Initially, the Lingwu Family could have done something for you and taken care of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect, but unfortunately, this idea was turned down by the chief elder. I now know the identity of the leader of the sect.”
Long Chen furrowed his brows deeply, “Who is he?”
Liu Lan could only shake her head, “I didn’t know before, since his identity is a secret. Most people wouldn’t know. By the way, do you know the Beast Spirit Hall in the Yuandi City?”
Was there a relationship between the leader of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect and the Yuandi City? Long Chen had a bad feeling about this.
“Yuandi City is on about the same scale as Lingwu City.”
Liu Lan continued, “The most powerful person in the Beast Spirit Hall there is called the Yuan Emperor. The Yuan Emperor in this generation has a lot of sons, and the leader of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect is one of the grandsons of the current Yuan Emperor!”

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