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DBWG Chapter 115 – Piercing Earth Demonic Sun

Chapter 115 – Piercing Earth Demonic Sun
Translated by: Ying

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“What? An intermediate Profound grade battle technique?”
Chu Yunyao covered her mouth, shocked at the scene. Liu Ling could only stare on in awe.
She knew how strong Feng Wutian was, but when did Long Chen get so powerful?
In general, everything that had happened today was akin to a dream for her.
To the astonished gazes of everyone present, Long Chen’s even more formidable attack of Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist- Piercing Earth Demonic Sun clashed with Feng Wutian’s Sole Flaming Deity Bird. These were the two most powerful attacks that these two people had, which they had both used under their most formidable conditions. The resulting scene was stunning.
There were a total of two attacks in Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist; Heaven Burning Crimson Flames and Piercing Earth Demonic Sun. Compared to Heaven Burning Crimson Flames, Piercing Earth Demonic Sun was much stronger.
It was even more powerful than Feng Wutian’s Sole Flaming Deity Bird, even after he had released it after the Fire Bath of the Vermillion Bird!
This time, Long Chen did not hold back, exhibiting his most powerful move. He had recently attained the Thunder Flame Physique, his Dragon Qi storing this force of lightning and flames. Even his Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step was used in this Piercing Earth Demonic Sun, which was an added bonus to what was already a terrifying attack. At the beginning, the strength of Piercing Earth Demonic Sun could somewhat match Sole Flaming Deity Bird. However, the moment it made contact with this technique, that destructive power it held within finally exploded.
It was as if the sun had smashed into the ground with a crash. The Sole Flaming Deity Bird exploded into pieces after crashing into Piercing Earth Demonic Sun just like that.
Tremendous explosions sounded repeatedly, and the harsh rays of light formed made it impossible for everyone to open the eyes. However, they had witnessed Piercing Earth Demonic Sun win against Sole Flaming Deity Bird.
Long Chen’s attack had destroyed Feng Wutian’s attack with a loud bang. The ferocious ripples from the attack struck his opponent, and this powerful attack caused Feng Wutian to spit out a mouthful of fresh blood, flying backwards and falling to the ground. His body was now charred completely black, and he was delirious.
Meanwhile, Long Chen landed on the ground steadily.
Now that everything was over, everyone could only stare at this young man in a daze, completely silent.
Chu Yunyao’s expression was rather interesting. She had originally wanted Long Chen to expend Feng Wutian’s energy in battle, but Long Chen actually had the advantage and defeated Feng Wutian without using any tricks, despite Feng Wutian using his ultimate technique…
“This is no joke.”
Chu Yunyao stared at Long Chen blankly, astonished.
On the other hand, Liu Lan’s expression was even more marvellous than Chu Yunyao’s.
She had always been a goddess-like existence to everyone. Her every move, every expression was full of grace, and yet at this moment, she was stunned and her mouth was slightly open. Her eyes were now filled with shock.
Long Chen’s looks were now etched in her heart.
When she had first seen him, she had thought him interesting and looked down on him. That was until now, where Long Chen’s display had struck her right in the heart!
“What kind of person is he?”

Liu Lan took a deep breath, her plump chest bouncing. She then shook her head, and could not help but laugh.
This time, she had entirely lost face in front of Long Chen. Before coming to the Sky Martial Realm Competition, she had constantly repeated that there was a 90% chance that Long Chen would die in the Sky Martial Realm Competition. Unexpectedly, Long Chen had defeated Feng Wutian, who she had been grooming for years for and had always been proud of.
If this was let out, absolutely nobody would believe what had transpired.
“Brother Wutian…”
Liu Ling had come back to herself after the endless tremors. She noticed Feng Wutian’s injuries and could not tell if he was alive or death. Broken-hearted, she began to sprint madly towards Feng Wutian.
The other members of the Green Sun Hall snapped out of their shock and chased after her.
Feng Wutian had now completely lost consciousness. Liu Ling could do little but hold him, and it was someone else who took out some Spirit Medicine and gave it to Feng Wutian to consume.
However, Feng Wutian was currently in tattered clothing, face black and hair burnt till he was unbelievably ugly. He had long since lost his image as a pretty boy.
This was the first time Liu Ling had seen Feng Wutian in such a pitiful state. This was all thanks to Long Chen, and yet, she found herself still unable to hate Long Chen.
Now, Long Chen’s name had thoroughly spread far and wide in the Green Faction.
After news of what had happened here travelled out, Long Chen would instantly become famous in the Green Faction, and could possibly be known by even people of other factions!
“Enforcer Liu, if we were to spare no effort and groom Long Chen further, he might even be able to take part in the selection to enter the inner faction.”
Someone suddenly spoke by Liu Lan’s ear. She did have some thoughts about this, but upon recalling something, she could only shake her head with a wry smile, “The selection requirements for the inner faction is extremely stringent. It’s practically impossible for Long Chen to pass.”
“That’s true. I believe Yunxi, Yunyao’s brother is going to take part in the selection this time. This time, it’s the Eastern Green Dragon Family’s turn, right?”
Liu Lan nodded, feeling a headache coming on at the mention of this name.
Chu Yunxi was Chu Yunyao’s brother. He was merely eighteen years old, but had already entered the Earth Dan Realm over a year ago. Now, he had already achieved even more power and was at the initial mastery stage at the Earth Dan Realm.
One year ago, when he had just entered the Earth Dan Realm, he was said to be the number one genius of the Green Faction. It was best to have good relations with this kind of person. However, what caused Liu Lan a headache was that that kid was actually fond of her, and had claimed that he would not marry anyone but her in his lifetime.

“Father is already preparing to agree to the marriage planned by the Green Emperor Hall. Am I really going to marry that guy and live the life of a wife?”
Liu Lan was extremely against this idea. Since young, she had been in charge of matters regarding the Green Sun Hall, which had formed her decisive and sure personality. She was unwilling to let go of what she currently had. However, she was not a sprightly young woman anymore, and that meant she might just have to resign herself to this fate.
The development in the battle caused Liu Lan to focus on something other than her headache.
Long Chen had defeated Feng Wutian, but had ultimately lightened his hand and not killed him. With the medical treatment from the others from the Green Sun Hall, he was able to preserve his life. However, it was impossible for him to regain consciousness for now.
Now that the issue with Feng Wutian was over, what was more important was getting possession of the Zenith Crystal Sword. The terrifying abilities of Long Chen had caused all the experts at the Perfect Mastery Stage at the Human Dan Realm to exchange glances, none daring to make their move.
Everyone, except Chu Yunyao.
This Zenith Crystal Sword was something she definitely needed to obtain. She was not going to give up just because of the appearance of the dark horse, Long Chen.
“I’m sure that attack must have used up a lot of that kid’s energy. I’m stronger than Feng Wutian. Looks like this Zenith Crystal Sword is going to be mine after all.”
At this thought, Chu Yunyao did not say anything further and calmly walked towards Long Chen.

That Heart Corrosive Demonic Beast that was still fighting for its life was still between them.
Aware that there was a good show about to start, everyone’s eyes were fixed on them.
Chu Yunyao spoke while looking at Long Chen, “I am in admiration of you for being able to defeat Feng Wutian. However, I do hope you would be so kind as to leave the Zenith Crystal Sword to me. I see that you don’t use a sword, and I imagine this Zenith Crystal Sword would not be of much use to you.”
Long Chen laughed, “You really say such funny things. Even if I don’t use swords, does it mean I can’t take it away? It’s going to fetch a good price if I exchange it for some money.”
Despite being so courteous, Chu Yunyao found that Long Chen had no intentions of ceding, and she felt a slight burst of anger.
However, she had seen how formidable Long Chen was. She would not make a move unless it was absolutely necessary.
She now looked at Long Chen, who was solemn. The gears in her brain began to turn hurriedly, hoping to find a way to deal with Long Chen. Soon enough, a figure rose in her mind and she smiled sweetly, “Have you heard of Dongfang Tianyu? I’m on good terms with him. If you let me have the Zenith Crystal Sword, he might even be willing to guide you in your cultivation.”
“Dongfang Tianyu? I’ve never heard of him before. Girl, stop talking. Isn’t the Zenith Crystal Sword something we get based on our combat abilities? Don’t worry, I’ll be less hard on you…”
While he said this, though, a trace of worry rose in his mind.
There were nine great outer factions in the Lingwu Family, and four inner factions. The outer factions were separated into Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Silver and Gold, while the four large inner factions comprised of Eastern Green Dragon, Southern Vermillion Bird, Western White Tiger and Northern Black Tortoise.
The members of the Green Dragon faction had the surname Dongfang, and the Dongfang Tianyu that Chu Yunyao spoke of was obviously of this faction.
Seeing Long Chen still not getting the point, Chu Yunyao did not get angry but rather, laughed.
“I don’t dare to attack for fear of harming the peace we now have. Do you think I’m afraid of you? Then again, since you aren’t willing to give up, I’ll let you know how large the gap is between Green Emperor Hall and your Green Sun Hall, which is ranked at the bottom!”
Long Chen exhibited a look of surprise and even looked a little lecherous as he laughed out loud, “Looks like you’re pretty nimble with your lips. I’m quite sure your mouth must be rather skilful. How about we find a time and you show me your skills?”
Chu Yunyao did not seem to understand what he was implying, looking confused before turning cold and looking ready to murder someone.
However, those who understood flushed a deep red. They could only bow down and admire Long Chen’s guts from the deepest part of their hearts.
Even Liu Lan gritted her teeth at Long Chen’s words, cheeks red as she thought, “That kid even dares make fun of the woman Dongfang Tianyu fancies. I wonder how long he can live for with that personality?”
While thinking this, a gust of wind blew past, and a young man donning white robes with a green dragon embroidered onto it appeared by Chu Yunyao’s side.
This man’s face was unbelievably clear and fair. He had an impressive appearance and was a rarely seen beauty.
He was now smiling at Chu Yunyao, “Yao’er, what’s with that expression? Did someone bully you? Tell your Brother Tianyu, and I’ll take care of it for you…”

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