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DBWG Chapter 114 – Vermillion Bird Imprint

Chapter 114 – Vermillion Bird Imprint
Translated by: Ying

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What Long Chen did not know was that Liu Lan was currently watching him.

“His aura has gotten considerably thicker. He’s probably reached the Initial Mastery Stage of the Human Dan Realm.”

It had taken less than a month for Long Chen to advance from the eighth Dragon Vein to the initial mastery stage of the Human Dan Realm. Hence, no matter the results of Long Chen’s battle, Liu Lan would still think highly of him.
“If I groom him well and stimulate his potential, it’s not impossible for him to surpass Feng Wutian.”
Liu Lan nodded while looking at Long Chen.
Meanwhile, Long Chen had collided with Feng Wutian in the battlefield.
What shocked everyone was that with just Long Chen’s bodily strength, he had withstood Feng Wutian’s attack, simultaneously pushing Feng Wutian backwards. This way, the battle was a slight distance away from Liu Ling, and they would thus not accidentally hurt her.
Liu Ling was aware of this. Suddenly, she found her eyes getting wet. Somehow, Long Chen didn’t seem that terrible anymore. The only reason why she had hated him so much at the start was for Feng Wutian.
“The peak at the Human Dan Realm…”
Through that attack, Long Chen somewhat knew Feng Wutian’s strength.
Just the amount of real Qi that Feng Wutian possessed was near that of a person at the Earth Dan Realm, which was over ten times what Long Chen possessed. Long Chen’s Dragon Qi was purer than real Qi by ten times. With the added bonus from his power of lightning and flames, he did not lose out to his opponent in terms of real Qi.
At this moment, a layer of dull red flames was travelling along Long Chen’s dragon body, with faint electricity currents flowing.
“I have an intermediate Profound grade battle technique as well as this Thunder Flame Physique. These are all to my advantage, but Chu Yunyao also has a sword technique of the same grade. I wonder what Feng Wutian has…”
While thinking all these, Long Chen had already broken out the Seal of the High Profound Dragon, creating a bigger commotion with Feng Wutian.
Feng Wutian was now aware of Long Chen’s might, and he used the attack that had been displayed previously- the Fire Spirit Seal!
Two powerful seals crashed together with a rumble in mid-air. The Seal of the High Profound Dragon was an advanced Huang grade battle technique, while the Fire Spirit Seal was a basic Profound grade battle technique, and they were only a level apart. However, Long Chen’s body was more durable, and in this collision, the explosion merely pushed them backwards.
“How is this possible?”
Long Chen actually using an advanced Huang grade battle technique to evenly match and block Feng Wutian’s attack. Even Chu Yunyao did not dare take this attack head on, and she was hence thoroughly shocked at this sight. Only then did she begin to take Long Chen seriously.
“This guy… has he been hiding elsewhere, preparing to wait for an opportunity and take advantage of the situation in the end?”
At this thought, Chu Yunyao’s gaze that was now directed on Long Chen was glimmering with hostility.
“Luckily for me, I was quick witted in the face of this situation and let Feng Wutian turn out like this. If not, after I battle Feng Wutian till I’m drained, you might really just benefit if you appear at the end.”
At this point, everyone knew that besides Feng Wutian and Chu Yunyao, the third strongest person in the Sky Martial Realm Competition was Long Chen.
However, it was apparent that Long Chen had yet to reach the peak of the Human Dan Realm, which was why they were not so optimistic towards him.
This included Liu Ling. Previously, Long Chen had fled from Feng Wutian in a pitiful state. Now, though he had somewhat blocked Feng Wutian’s attack, the huge disparity between their cultivation realms was not something luck could compensate.
“Brother Wutian…”
Now, Liu Ling was still hoping for Feng Wutian to wake up and become his usual wise, formidable self.
As for Long Chen, she now found that she no longer hated him that much, but it wasn’t to the point of liking him.
However, just Long Chen’s Seal of the High Profound Dragon was enough to block Feng Wutian’s Fire Spirit Seal. This caused Liu Lan to be shocked as she blinked, trying to ensure she had not seen things wrongly.
“He improved so much…”
The others were speechless.
“Green Sun Hall has these two young juniors. One is Feng Wutian marked as four stars and having immense potential. Long Chen should also be judged to have four stars as his potential.”
Long Chen was definitely oblivious to their conversation.
Now, he was currently mulling over what was actually special about Feng Wutian. At this moment, Feng Wutian had come out of his daze, his cold gaze on Long Chen.
At this moment, Long Chen suddenly saw a light red imprint appearing on Feng Wutian’s forehead. This tiny imprint looked like a firebird.
“Is this the imprint of the Vermillion Bird…”
Long Chen’s auditory abilities were great, and he heard what others were saying.
“This imprint is probably Feng Wutian’s bloodline, which Liu Lan mentioned before.”
Long Chen knew little about things like bloodlines. However, after the Vermillion Bird Imprint appeared, Feng Wutian’s aura rapidly grew, which meant he was becoming increasingly stronger!
A fearsome flame burnt around Feng Wutian’s body, turning him into a man of fire.
“Fire Bath of the Vermillion Bird is an attack using his bloodline that can double the amount of real Qi he possesses. The quality of this real Qi is also more than three times than before. Feng Wutian is now immeasurably close to the Earth Dan Realm.”
Chu Yunyao furrowed her brows. The Fire Bath of the Vermillion Bird was an ability from Feng Wutian’s bloodline that caused her to fear him. Otherwise, how could a mere Feng Wutian from the Green Sun Hall be an opponent for her, the ultimate expert at the Human Dan Realm groomed by the Green Emperor Hall?
Though Long Chen did not know what this power of Feng Wutian’s bloodline was called nor where it originated from, what he knew was that Feng Wutian’s real Qi had increased and had become much more powerful than Long Chen’s own.

“Is the power of bloodlines so amazing?”
Long Chen was confused, but suddenly, he recalled his Blood Transmutation and Dragon Soul Transformation. These two were techniques that he had inherited from the blood essence of the Ancient Dragon. Didn’t it mean that these two techniques were the power of his bloodline?
Blood Transmutation and Dragon Soul Transformation were truly heaven-defying techniques.
Long Chen no longer had the luxury to care further. Since Feng Wutian had even used the Fire Bath of the Vermillion Bird, everyone was extremely nervous. If Long Chen could not block Feng Wutian, the flames of fury of Feng Wutian could very well reach them.
Though Long Chen’s appearance was surprising, Chu Yunyao was still quite happy.
“If that kid called Long Chen can block Feng Wutian and use up more of his stamina, I can make my move with more ease later. Long Chen really knows how to pick when to show up.”
Long Chen did not dare underestimate Feng Wutian. He had already used Fire Bath of the Vermillion Bird and he was surrounded by flames, letting out an agitated growl as he rushed madly towards Long Chen!
Feng Wutian’s aura had now risen to the extreme. The flames revolved around him madly, becoming larger and larger, and an intense heat rushed towards everyone.
Long Chen could already feel the power hidden within these flames!

All the flames had now converged together, forming a large blazing god-like bird in front of Feng Wutian. An ear-piercing bird cry resounded, and Long Chen suddenly felt a rumble by his ear.
“Law of the Vermillion Bird, Sole Flaming Deity Bird!”
Feng Wutian’s body had vanished, leaving behind a huge flaming bird flapping its large wings. It whistled towards Long Chen, and no matter where it went, whether it be soil or rocks, everything was charred black, and all the foliage was burnt to nothingness.
“Does Feng Wutian also have an intermediate Profound grade battle technique? He also has a remarkable bloodline. It’s no wonder Liu Lan thinks so highly of him.”
With such an attack from Feng Wutian, Liu Ling was terrified and deathly pale as she shrieked. Everyone else thought that Long Chen was dead meat. Even Chu Yunyao was not confident that she could face such an attack, so she shook her head, “It’s going to end…”
However, Long Chen actually laughed after seeing this attack.
“Heaven Burning Crimson Flames of the Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist is probably not enough to defend against this. Feng Wutian is not too powerful than me in many areas, and I still haven’t had the opportunity to use that move after I learnt it.”
While Feng Wutian was preparing his Sole Flaming Deity Bird, strong black rays exploded from Long Chen’s eyes. It was as if there were two mysterious black suns in his eyes!
An immense force combining red and black colours coiled around Long Chen. He was now like a dazzling jet-black sun.
A blazing force burst out from Long Chen’s body. That formidable aura was incomparably bright and many shifted their gazes away, not daring to look at him.
“What does he plan to do to face up to the Sole Flaming Deity Bird?”
Nobody understood, but Long Chen was already explaining with his actions. Under the appalled gazes of everyone present, a powerful aura that did not lose out to his opponent exploded. It was as if a black sun had burst out from his body, fiercely burning and producing a charred smell in the air.
If it was said that Feng Wutian’s flames were fierce and powerful, then Long Chen’s black sun was ten times more so than Feng Wutian’s flames!
Long Chen faced up to Feng Wutian, jumping up high and fitting his two fists together. A black ball formed of real Qi whizzed as it took form, and like a meteor hitting the earth, Long Chen aimed it at Feng Wutian.
“Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist, Earth Piercing… Demonic Sun!”

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    • Ying says:

      Yes, there are two parts to the demonic sun fist move! So this is the second part of it, which he received when he unlocked the tablet 🙂

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