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DBWG Chapter 113 – Scheming

Chapter 113 – Scheming
Translated by: Ying

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“This is what’s so remarkable about the Heart Corrosive Demon. It can even affect the spirit! Feng Wutian only exists as a Heart Corrosive demonic beast in his mind. Now, seeing another demonic beast on the verge of dying, he’s enraged.”
Seeing Feng Wutian scanning his surroundings fiercely, Lingxi stuck out her tongue and spoke.
“It’s no wonder that girl quickly moved away from the demonic beast. Though Chu Yunyao’s looks are enough to cause calamities, it’s apparent that she is quite sly.”
Long Chen did not really like girls like this. What he liked were people like Yang Lingqing, tenacious and pure, or someone like Lingxi, who was innocent and cute.
Meanwhile, everyone was silent as they watched Feng Wutian hovering around the demonic beast and growling once in a while. Even Chu Yunyao had retreated to the back, while everyone else did not dare move.
“How about we all work together to take care of Feng Wutian?”
Somebody suggested.
“That’s not right. If we do that, we might even kill him. Feng Wutian is the treasure of Green Sun Hall. If any of us kill him by accident, it’ll be hard to answer to the hall.”
This was what the experts at the Perfect Mastery Stage at the Human Dan Realm were worried about.
Chu Yunyao, who was supposed to go up, did not move at all. Her icy gaze was fixed on Feng Wutian as she thought to herself, “Any of you who want to deal with him can go up there. If you don’t do it, once time is up for the possession, he’ll faint and the Zenith Crystal Sword will still be mine.”

With this thought in mind, Chu Yunyao led the people of Green Emperor Hall and retreated backwards, looking on from afar but not leaving the area.
Feng Wutian’s eyes full of bloodlust finally turned towards everyone else.
The leaders of the halls quickly brought their teams to the back after seeing Chu Yunyao herself retreat, afraid to be involved.

Those who did not retreat were the group of Green Sun Hall. Without Feng Wutian, Liu Ling was unwilling to leave and kept making a fuss, causing everyone to be agitated.
“Miss Ling’er, we need to go. After the time of Brother Wutian’s possession is up, he will naturally return to normal!”

However, Liu Ling was unwilling to leave no matter what was said. Her eyes were wet as she glanced at Feng Wutian. On one hand, her heart ached, but on the other hand, she never knew that the man who had always been a god-like existence to her would ever be in such a pathetic state.
“Why did this happen… Right, it’s all because of the wretched woman!”
At the thought of Chu Yunyao, icy bloodlust exploded from Liu Ling’s eyes.
Meanwhile, besides people from Green Sun Hall, everyone retreated to the back. In Feng Wutian’s eyes, the people of the Green Sun Hall stood out to him, which meant those eyes clouded with black mistiness were fixated on them.
In an instant, he exploded forth with astonishing speed, like an arrow that had been released from a bow, and charged towards people of the Green Sun Hall!
Seeing the bloodlust in Feng Wutian’s eyes, everyone was surprised. To counter Feng Wutian, who was rushing over, one expert at the Perfect Mastery Stage at the Human Dan Realm dashed out.
“Get Liu Ling and leave!”
No matter what, Liu Ling was the daughter of the elder of Green Sun Hall, Liu Yuan. Hence, it was their duty to protect her.
While saying this, the expert met with Feng Wutian.
“Feng Wutian, you’d better wake up!”

With a rumbling fist out, he punched towards Feng Wutian. In that moment, a powerful wave swept towards Feng Wutian!
Seeing that this person actually dared make a move against him, Feng Wutian let out a roar and the scarlet phantom flaming wings once again appeared behind his back. With just a flap, Feng Wutian’s speed increased by several times.
At this moment, a flaming god-like bird appeared in Feng Wutian’s hands, and an immense pressure exploded!
This was clearly one of the moves of the Vermillion Bird Law that Feng Wutian had used while dealing with the Heart Corrosive demonic beast. It was named Spirit Congealing Feathers and was extremely terrifying. Currently, these flaming feathers were akin to countless arrows, flying towards the Human Dan expert at the Perfect Mastery Stage who was trying to intercept Feng Wutian.
It was clear who was on the upper hand here. Everyone in the Green Sun Hall was full of shock and grief, because they could see that this cultivator had now been burnt till he was skinless, and without being able to make a sound, his charred body fell to the ground.
“Senior Brother Liu!”
Everyone yelled in sorrow, but they did not have much time left. After Feng Wutian had killed that person, he did not stop moving and dashed towards Liu Ling and the rest!
At this point, nobody bothered with Liu Ling. They pulled her a few times, and upon seeing her motionless, they could only give up on her and run for their lives.
Running in the face of death was only human nature. However, this meant there was only Liu Ling left facing Feng Wutian.
“Brother Wutian…”
Liu Ling was currently immeasurably pale, standing in a daze while looking at Feng Wutian, whose eyes were filled with bloodlust and coldness. Unfortunately, Feng Wutian couldn’t recognise her and only saw Liu Ling alone standing there, since everyone had fled. Hence, his thirst for blood was fixed on Liu Ling!
Feeling that cold bloodlust of Feng Wutian, Liu Ling felt real terror.
At this point, she realised that in this empty area, only she and Feng Wutian were left. Feng Wutian, who had given her a sense of security had now turned into a devil, trying to take her life!
The icy bloodlust aimed at her caused her body to tremble violently, and meanwhile, Feng Wutian had already let out a furious growl and lunged towards her.

Liu Ling let out a pitiful sound, and in her surprise, she could only raise her arms to block her face, shivering…
At this scene, Liu Lan shook her head and prepared to make her move and save Liu Ling, and then announce that the Green Sun Hall was going to leave the competition for the Zenith Crystal Sword. However, at this moment, a blood-red figure rushed in front of Liu Ling at a speed that was difficult for even cultivators at the Perfect Mastery Stage at the Human Dan Realm to achieve. In that instant, he jolted Feng Wutian out of the way!

Only then did Liu Lan halt her footsteps, staring at this blood-red figure in confusion. Upon seeing who it was, Liu Lan gaped, expression filled with shock.
“How can it be Long Chen?”
Liu Lan knew how strong a person needed to be in order to achieve that speed, and this was something Long Chen was able to do. This astonished her.

“He hasn’t been killed and has been hiding in the shadows till now? Then again, it’s always been his character to hide around and then come out at the last minute and harm others. However, that little bit of power you possess is far from enough to defeat Feng Wutian and seize my sister’s heart.”
Liu Lan had misunderstood, thinking that Long Chen’s intentions in saving Liu Ling was because he liked her, and wanted to gain her affections.

This ‘saving a damsel in distress’ thing was definitely quite effective, but it was not his intentions.
“Enforcer Liu, which Hall is that beast cultivator from?”
“He’s a disciple of my Green Sun Hall.”
They had seen Long Chen before, but not when he used his Dragon Soul Transformation. They were only asking to confirm their suspicions.
“It’s the Green Sun Hall again. Haha, didn’t that kid see a cultivator at the perfect mastery stage of the Human Dan Realm die by Feng Wutian’s hands just now?”
Besides the people around Liu Lan was, everyone else had also noticed Long Chen’s appearance. Those who were not familiar with him were naturally confused.
Chu Yunyao was also bewildered at the sudden sight of this beast cultivator. Confused, she asked quite a few people before one seemed to remember something, “I remember there’s a beast cultivator who recently entered the Green Sun Hall. His name is Long Chen, and there seems to be some conflict between him and Feng Wutian. The first day he entered the Sky Martial Realm, he was chased away by Feng Wutian. I didn’t expect him to appear now.”
Long Chen?
Chu Yunyao had never heard this name before, but she didn’t think too much of it. She only gazed at Long Chen with interest, hoping he had some talent.
The person who was the most baffled by Long Chen’s appearance was Liu Ling, who was behind him.

Trembling, she gazed at Long Chen, perplexed.
Some time ago, Long Chen had escaped from the team of the Green Sun Hall, causing a ruckus and mercilessly teaching Liu Ling a lesson. Liu Ling fervently wished to slash Long Chen into thousands of pieces, but now, with the way he was appearing and saving her from death’s door…
Liu Ling had believed that if this situation were to ever happen, it would be Long Chen killing her, and Feng Wutian would ruthlessly teach Long Chen a lesson. That was supposed to be the correct course of action. However, their roles were now reversed, and this made it hard for her to adjust.
At this moment, Long Chen suddenly turned back and revealed an evil grin, “Hey, doll, were those slaps comfortable? How do you feel about me doing it again? Don’t worry, I won’t make the fees too expensive for you…”
Seeing this despicable teenager watch her with a teasing grin, Liu Ling realised that she could not even bring herself to get angry.
She stared blankly at Long Chen, unsure of what she should do.
At this moment, she saw Feng Wutian rushing towards Long Chen with fury in his expression from the corner of her eyes and shouted, “Be careful!”
“Don’t worry.”
Long Chen replied, turned back, and watched as Feng Wutian’s figure closed in…
“Feng Wutian, I never expected to battle you again under such circumstances. Now that I’m at the initial mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm, I wonder what amazing expressions that lunatic Liu Lan would make if she sees me defeating you right under her nose…”

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