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DBWG Chapter 111 – Vermillion Bird Law

Chapter 111 – Vermillion Bird Law
Translated by: Ying

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“In the past, I usually charge straight to the frontlines. This time, I’ll let you all go first, and when you’ve almost succeeded, I’ll stick in, finish this off and infuriate you!”
Long Chen had this plan in mind and concealed himself, preparing to watch the show.
Nobody here would think that there was an expert lying within their midst.
Under the orders of their leaders, these cultivators at the initial mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm were retreating to the sides, leaving about a dozen behind. These were all experts at the perfect mastery stage.
This number was more than enough to deal with the Heart Corrosive demonic beast.
For them, killing the demonic beast was just one portion of the battle. After its death, there was the most important part- the contest over the Zenith Crystal Sword.
After the death of the demonic beast, known, outstanding experts at the Human Dan Realm in the Green faction would then mercilessly slaughter each other.
This would be the start of a fierce battle!
Even before Feng Wutian and Chu Yunyao made their move, a young cultivator at the perfect mastery stage of the Human Dan Realm punched towards the Heart Corrosive demonic beast!
This was evidently a basic profound-grade battle technique. In the hands of this expert, it was made use of in a very matured manner. The immense offensive power caused the demonic beast to let out a low roar.
All of a sudden, the Heart Corrosive demonic beast turned into a black afterimage and sped towards this cultivator at a speed ten times that which he had showed off.
The speed caused Long Chen some shock.
“This is really a level 4 Profound grade demonic beast. With the speed it can go at, that fellow’s done for…”
Just as this thought flashed through his mind, everyone present saw the person from earlier being run into by the Heart Corrosive demonic beast. He was extremely pale, and it was obvious that the collision had been extremely strong.
This was merely an average charge from the Heart Corrosive demonic beast.
At this scene, everyone’s brows furrowed. All of a sudden, Chu Yunyao’s clear voice suddenly sounded, “Everyone, let us attack it from all sides. I doubt this beast can cope with our attacks!”
Long Chen found that this young girl was adept at fanning the flames. The moment her voice rang out, all the experts at the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm exchanged glances and then roared, sending out powerful attacks towards the demonic beast!
Those ten or so magnificent attacks were extremely powerful. If Long Chen himself were to meet with this situation, he would definitely be injured. However, the Heart Corrosive demonic beast was calm and unhurried.
It coldly glanced at this group of people. All of a sudden, a strange aura was emitted from its body, and with a long ferocious whistle, dense black smoke was spat out from its mouth.
This black smoke was like a long snake, sweeping towards the people who were attacking it. Chu Yunyao’s face changed, and she immediately exclaimed, “Get away, it’s the ‘Heart Corrosive Demon’!”
Those who had come here were extremely knowledgeable regarding the Heart Corrosive Demon. They definitely knew about this signature attack and what it entailed.
Everyone quickly retreated.
Chu Yunyao’s words, as well as the strength she possessed, had turned the Heart Corrosive demonic beast’s attention her.
Its scarlet eyes were trained on her, and in the next second, its body was like an arrow that had been released from a bow, pouncing towards her!
In the face of this powerful incoming attack, Chu Yunyao was calm. It was apparent that her mental strength was something Liu Ling could not be compared to.
At this moment, the demonic beast used its claws. As these sharp claws were brandished, boundless black rays attached to the claws. It was obviously an attack comparable to a battle technique, and it did not seem to be weak at all.
“These must be the legendary Demonic Claws of the Heart Corrosive demonic beast.”
Chu Yunyao’s expression remained unchanged. Long Chen saw a pure-white item that was like white jade appearing in her hands. She lifted it, and flashes from a sword closed in on the demonic beast!
“Pure Hearted Sword Shadow!”
These glints were like a wave that hindered the Heart Corrosive demonic beast from moving. Upon seeing this attack, Long Chen’s brows furrowed, “This sword is probably a Spirit Sword that is at the basic profound-grade. I can’t tell if I can deal with her attacks…”
Long Chen had thought that he was the only one watching the battle from afar, but little did he know that on his left not too far away, eight people were watching while chatting and laughing.
“Ms Yunyao’s Pure Hearted Sword Shadow is already so practised to the point that it’s almost perfect. In the Human Dan Realm, she’s practically invincible.”
Liu Lan’s bountiful chest bounced while she spoke, her beautiful eyes watching the battle.
They were the leaders of the eight halls. They had not appeared at all in the competition, and only when the Heart Corrosive demonic beast show up did they watch on from a distance. The other reason why they were there was so that they could deal with any accidents.
“No, no, Enforcer Liu is off the mark. Feng Wutian of Green Sun Hall has the Vermillion Bird bloodline, which is something quite remarkable. He’s also a little older than Ms Yunyao and holds even more battle experience. The champion almost certainly belongs to the Green Sun Hall.”
Glancing at the person who was speaking, she found that he was staring at her body passionately. Liu Lan gave a slight smile and did not bother with this person who was drooling at her body, and turned her attention to someone else, “I wonder why nobody from the Green Piercing Hall is here yet?”
That person looked around, and upon realising Liu Lan was speaking to him, pretended to be unperturbed. “Those brats are probably a distance away. I’m sure they’ll be here soon enough.”
“Is that so? I thought their plan would be to wait till the battle ended and then arrive, reaping all the benefits after everyone here gets tired out from fighting.”
Liu Lan’s words were an obvious provocation, causing the other to be stunned. However, if Chu Yunyao could be said to be the strongest at the Human Dan Realm, Liu Lan would definitely be the strongest at the Earth Dan Realm.
He wasn’t a match for Liu Lan and could only hold back the resentment and annoyance he was feeling.
Meanwhile, everyone turned their focus to the field where the situation had slightly changed.
Chu Yunyao’s Pure Hearted Sword Shadow clashed with the Demonic Claws of the Heart Corrosive demonic beast, causing a powerful explosion and prevented the beast from advancing forward.
Chu Yunyao had already retreated, yelling to the rest, “Everyone, let’s do this together!”
The Green Emperor Hall was the most powerful in the Green faction. In addition, Chu Yunyao was also the main force here, which was why everyone heeded her words.
There were a few people here who were hoping that she would gain more injuries, such that when they vied for the Zenith Crystal Sword, they could take advantage of the situation. However, if she sustained too many injuries, they might just all lose their lives here, which defeated the whole purpose of coming here.
Hence, everyone, including Feng Wutian, chose to go on the offensive.
Long Chen knew that Feng Wutian was rather arrogant. When Chu Yunyao had stolen the limelight just now, Feng Wutian, who was another expert, was slightly annoyed.
His power burst out, and red fiery phantom wings appeared on his back!
Feng Wutian lightly flapped his wings, bursting out in a speed that was incomparable and overtook everyone. He punched the head of the demonic beast, creating a loud rumble.
The Heart Corrosive demonic beast howled in pain and moved back, bloodstains on its forehead. Its fur had also been scorched by Feng Wutian’s attack.
This was the first time that the Heart Corrosive demonic beast had gotten hurt, thus evoking its anger. It had originally been focusing on Chu Yunyao, but when Feng Wutian had attacked it, its scarlet eyes had been trained on him.
Feng Wutian knew the situation wasn’t in his favour.
Liu Ling, who was behind him, jumped for joy upon seeing Feng Wutian displaying his prowess, being the first one to hurt the demonic beast, “Brother Wutian, you’re amazing!”
At this point, the Heart Corrosive demonic beast had no eyes for anyone else. It was dying to make mincemeat out of the person who had injured it.
Feng Wutian had also realised this and couldn’t help but regret his actions. However, it was already too late. Hence, he gritted his teeth and charged towards the Heart Corrosive demonic beast!
The flaming wings at his back had become more prominent, and with the flapping of the wings, Feng Wutian began to accelerate at a low altitude, and while flying, his real Qi turned into a gush of flames that hissed beside him. Soon enough, it turned into a fiery bird in the palm of his hands!
“Vermillion Bird Law! Amassing Spirit Feathers!”
Under his manipulation, the fiery bird flew towards the Heart Corrosive demonic beast and exploded, turning into flaming feathers that fell like raindrops towards the demonic beast.
Seeing this attack that affected such a large area, the Heart Corrosive demonic beast howled, and its speed rapidly increased. It was actually able to zoom past most of the spirit feathers, and while running, it suddenly spat out a cloud of black smoke, hurtling towards Feng Wutian!
The surge of black smoke definitely did not mean well for anything it made contact with. Seeing that the Heart Corrosive demonic beast was specifically targeting him, Feng Wutian couldn’t help but feel a little gloomy. However, he had been the one to cause things to turn out this way, and all he could do now was to block against this attack!
“Everyone, please lend me some of your power!”
While the Heart Corrosive demonic beast was focused on dealing with Feng Wutian, this was a great opportunity for everyone else!
The Heart Corrosive demonic beast did not pay attention to attacks from everyone else, which meant that meanwhile, they could take this opportunity to kill the beast!
After exchanging glances and recognising a similar fire in their eyes, Chu Yunyao led everyone and frantically rushed towards the Heart Corrosive demonic beast!
What nobody noticed was the callousness in Chu Yunyao’s gaze.
“I don’t believe you can block against my intermediate profound-grade sword technique!”
While the Heart Corrosive demonic beast was using its Heart Corrosive Toxic Smoke to deal with Feng Wutian, everyone had released their most powerful attacks against the beast, of which, Chu Yunyao’s was the most terrifying!

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