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DBWG Chapter 110 – Heart Corrosive Demonic Beast!

Chapter 110 – Heart Corrosive Demonic Beast!
Translated by: Ying

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“How- How is he so fast!”
The boy at the back of the group was stunned.
He hurriedly rubbed his eyes, and what he really did see was Long Chen, who had already dashed to the frontmost of the group.
The experts at the initial mastery stage of the Human Dan Realm that had been surpassed by Long Chen had the same expression as the boy. Senior Brother Li, Senior Brother Wang and Senior Brother Zhang had also noticed Long Chen.
Just like the others, they were extremely shocked. As the Heart Corrosive demonic beast was now their top priority, they were at their fastest speed. How had Long Chen been able to catch up to them?

“Kid, you’re looking to die by coming here!”
Senior Brother Zhang, who was the furthest back, sneered at Long Chen while still hastening ahead. He had thought that this would scare Long Chen off, but unexpectedly, Long Chen still had an evil grin and pounced towards him!

This speed cause Senior Brother Zhang’s expression to change!
Real Qi surged in Long Chen’s body, turning into crimson flames that blazed about his body. Flames had already formed at Long Chen’s fist.

With Long Chen’s Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step, he seemed like a phantom as he charged to Senior Brother Zhang’s side. That explosive aura from Long Chen’s fist caused Senior Brother Zhang much fear. He couldn’t be bothered to think anymore, gritted his teeth and used his most powerful technique to counter Long Chen’s attack!
“Surging Tide of the Angered Sea!”
““Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist, Crimson Flames Blazing Heavens!”
The two who were advancing at a rapid pace slammed into each other with a loud rumble, causing an explosion in the air. Everyone behind them was stunned. Senior Brother Zhang, who had been running in front, had been overtaken by Long Chen and sent flying with a punch. His clothes were now burning fiercely, a mouthful of blood shooting into the clouds.
“Senior Brother Zhang!”
“Old Zhang!”
To everyone trying their best to keep up, this scene was spectacular. This was especially so for that boy whose legs were still moving subconsciously despite his bewilderment.
“Was- Was he for real when he said he was going to teach our three Senior Brothers a lesson?”
“That can’t be. They’ve never lost before…”
Even though he could not believe it at all, the truth was right in front of him. At the sight of the crimson figure in front, the boy lost all hope.
Senior Brother Zhang was beaten up, and nobody knew if he was still alive or dead. Those who were dashing forward quickly went to help Senior Brother Zhang, who had collapsed. Meanwhile, Long Chen’s first attack was successful and he decided to use it again. While using the same ‘Crimson Flames Blazing Heavens’ move of the Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist, he pounced towards Senior Brother Wang.
“Senior Brother Wang, be careful!”
Just after this had been shouted, the enraged Senior Brother Wang used his most powerful attack and clashed with Long Chen. Time seemed to turn back and, yet again, another figure was sent flying while spitting out blood. Everyone took a closer look, finding that the person in this terrible situation was their Senior Brother Wang.
“It can’t be!”
At this moment, Senior Brother Li who was running at the very front could not believe this. The others were now numb to the sight, having seen this scene twice already. Senior Brother Li was the leader of their team and also the strongest. Hence, everyone glanced at him, pinning their last hopes on him.
Senior Brother Li was still heading in the direction of the Heart Corrosive demonic beast, and upon turning back, he was met with the sight of Zhang and Wang in a terrible state. Long Chen was now advancing in his direction, and that malicious grin caused shivers to go down Senior Brother Li’s spine.

“Goodness, what kind of freak is he? What bad luck I have today. What did I do to provoke him?”
Senior Brother Li had completely lost his will to fight. Seeing Long Chen approaching, he quickly stretched his feet and broke out his fastest speed, fleeing!
Seeing that even their strongest Senior Brother Li was escaping, everyone stopped and exchanged glances, astonishment apparent in their eyes. That boy at the back had his eyes so wide they were on the verge of falling out at the sight of Senior Brother Wang and Zhang’s injuries.

“Just- Just who is he?”
Their last hope, Senior Brother Li, was escaping like his life depended on it, yelling desperately as he ran, “Who exactly are you? Which hall are you from? There is no enmity between us and you’ve already harmed two of my people. Are you still not satisfied?”
“What do you mean there’s no enmity between us? You wanted to steal something from me just now.”
“I just said that in passing. Could you- Could you forgive me? Our Green Piercing Hall will withdraw from the contest for the Zenith Crystal Sword. Is that enough?”
While saying this, he could feel Long Chen’s deadly aura approaching himself step by step. Senior Brother Li was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

“What does it matter to me whether you withdraw or not?”
Senior Brother Li was now merely two to three metres away from Long Chen. Seeing the perky butt Senior Brother Li had moving from side to side, the gears in Long Chen’s mind began to turn, and he quickly flitted past Li’s body and disappeared.
Senior Brother Li was now bewildered. In the time he had been in a daze, Long Chen had disappeared.
“Why? Why didn’t he hurt me?”
Senior Brother Li’s expression displayed his confusion, and he slowly turned back to face the front, his mind drawing a blank. No matter how much he wondered, he couldn’t understand the reason why Long Chen had let him off.
“Is he afraid of Green Piercing Hall?”
At this thought, Senior Brother Li finally had an explanation and quickly walked to the front of the other disciples. However, they were all staring at him in shock, and he was startled, “What’s with that look on your faces?”

“Senior- Senior Brother Li, you, you don’t have… any clothes on.”
Senior Brother Li looked down, and then produced an ear-piercing shriek.
Apparently, while Long Chen had flitted past him, Long Chen had pulled off his clothes in a practised manner…


“The Heart Corrosive demonic beast is a Profound grade level 4 beast. Though it doesn’t specialise in offensive attacks, it has this skill called “Heart Corrosion”. It can affect a person’s willpower, and is not any ordinary technique.”
Long Chen recalled memories regarding the Heart Corrosive demonic beast.
“Long Chen, you actually did that to Senior Brother Li. Do you- do you like men…?”

Lingxi asked in a low voice from the Lingxi Sword, at a loss.
Long Chen was now in cold sweat, twitching his lip as he spoke nonchalantly, “Girl, when I peel the clothes off your skin and push you down onto the bed, you’ll know whether I like men or women.”

“You- You hoodlum!”
Amidst the laughter and curses, Long Chen could feel the auras of multiple people in the forest ahead.
This region was completely different from the sand dune.
The earth here was black and more fertile. Hence, there were many tall trees that formed a forest, little hills and rocks in a disarray, all of this creating a complicated terrain. Long Chen entered this forest, along with many others.
Long Chen could hide his footprints, and thus, not many people saw him. Soon enough, Long Chen sensed a very dignified and mysterious aura lying in wait deep within the forest.
“This forest is very dark and wet, and the Heart Corrosive demonic beast is one of the dark element. It will naturally hide itself here, and is the direct opposite of the Scarlet Flamed Suan Beast.”
Following the aura, Long Chen quickly advanced and an open space appeared in front of him. Long Chen concealed himself behind a tall tree, observing the situation.
At this moment, there were many people entering from all sides and were surrounding the pure black demonic beast.
“Is this the Heart Corrosive demonic beast?”
This demonic beast was a little smaller than the Scarlet Flamed Suan Beast. It was four-legged and black from head to toe. There were strange crimson patterns on its fur, forming a symbol that looked like a rune. What stood out the most were its blood-red eyes that were like a fog. If they were stared into closely, one would be lost in those eyes, unable to extricate oneself from them.
This demonic beast was somewhat like a wolf or a dog, with a long snout and four sharp claws. Its tail was like a ponytail filled with thorns and held up high, and seemed to hold within a very powerful attack.

“As expected, this Heart Corrosive demonic beast is much stronger than the Scarlet Flamed Suan Beast.”
Meanwhile, the Heart Corrosive demonic beast was being surrounded by so many people and was gradually becoming enraged. However, amongst all these people, there were a few that struck fear in its heart, which was why it had yet to make its move.

This Heart Corrosive demonic beast’s intellect was a lot higher than that of the Suan Beast.
At the back of the crowd, there were a few experts. By this time, the experts of all the other seven halls had arrived.

The only hall that was not here was the Green Piercing Hall. There were some who wondered why the Green Piercing Hall had not arrived, but nobody really cared.
Not counting the Green Piercing Hall, the people who were going to be useful in battle were only people at the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm. Out of the hundred or so people around, there were only around ten who met this requirement. As for the cultivators who were at the peak of the Human Dan Realm like Feng Wutian, only Chu Yunyao was his equal.
The others who were at the perfect mastery stage were almost as powerful, but compared to these two people, there was still a large gap between them. Currently, Feng Wutian and Chu Yunyao were standing in front and behind the Heart Corrosive demonic beast, deterring it.
Long Chen chanced a glance at Feng Wutian who was extremely high-spirited, and a sneer raised on his lips.
“You can be all impressive now, but when I make my move, you’re gonna be in trouble.”
He found Liu Ling in the crowd. Quite a few days had passed, and Liu Ling still looked the same, her beautiful eyes nervously fixed on Feng Wutian.
“I wonder if that huge bloodied handprint on her buttocks has disappeared yet…”

Long Chen wondered elatedly, before turning his focus to Chu Yunyao.
“Though this girl is still young, she has a very mature temperament and is very charming. If not for Lingxi watching, I’d definitely put my hands on her!”
Just as he was fantasizing, Lingxi suddenly asked, “What kind of evil plan are you hatching up?”
Long Chen was startled and immediately sighed, “I was just thinking. Why is it that they’re also females, yet my Lingxi is so pretty and they’re so ugly?”
At this moment, the Heart Corrosive Monster finally could not hold it anymore and decided to attack.

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