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DBWG Chapter 109 – Initial Mastery Stage

Chapter 109 – Initial Mastery Stage at the Human Dan Realm!
Translated by: Ying

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Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist struck the Scarlet Flaming Suan Beast head on, and that tumultuous strength smashed its skull!
The Scarlet Flamed Suan Beast gave an earth-shattering howl, and its large body collapsed to the ground. The whole ruckus here thus ended.
Long Chen was extremely emotional having killed this Suan Beast. He quickly retrieved a scarlet demonic core the size of a fist from its brain, and then collected its beast spirit using a Spirit Congealing Bead.
“I must really have struck gold having these two items.”
The Scarlet Flamed Suan Beast was a demonic beast at the third level of the Profound grade. The demonic core and beast spirit would be able to be exchanged for a large amount of contribution points.
Long Chen was now afraid to go to the Daybreak Merchants’ Union. With his current Thunder Flame Physique, things would be troublesome if he were to be discovered. He could only go to the Treasure Exchange Pavilion and exchange for items there, and what he needed was contribution points!
While refining the beast spirit, Long Chen was planning to use Blood Transmuted Qi on the Suan Beast, but at this moment, a group of people appeared in his line of sight, charging in Long Chen’s direction.
Long Chen knew that his battle with the Scarlet Flamed Suan Beast had caused a large commotion, which resulted in all these people rushing here. They were all the cream of the crop, and their speed was naturally very fast. Just after Long Chen had refined the beast spirit, there were already three young men who were almost twenty years old surrounding him.
The others rushed over in quick succession.
Upon seeing Long Chen, they were stunned. They all had no idea which hall Long Chen had come from.
The three young men who had first arrived were actually experts at the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm.
They were so young, and yet already had such a high ranking, which proved they were truly geniuses. Long Chen placed the Spirit Congealing Bead into his cosmos pouch, a half-smile on his face, “From the way you’re looking at me, could it be that all of you think I’m extremely charming and are now bewitched by me?”
The three young men were stunned, and one of them coldly spoke, “Which hall are you from? Why have I never seen you before?”
“That should be my question. Who are all of you, and why have I never seen you before?”
While in the Sky Martial Hall, Long Chen had actually seen them before, but did not know which hall they were from.
“We are from the Green Piercing Hall. Kid, tell me, did you kill this Scarlet Flamed Suan Beast?”
Long Chen was now in his Dragon Soul Transformation state and now had the aura of a king. Of course, he also had a malicious aura, but in their eyes, Long Chen did not seem to be powerful enough to kill the Suan Beast.
“What are you saying?” Long Chen teased them, “How could I have killed such a large beast? Finder keepers okay, the beast spirit and demonic core are all mine. Are you trying to rob me?”
The three experts from the Green Piercing Hall glanced at each other, and the desire was apparent in their eyes. Though they were a little suspicious of Long Chen’s lack of fear towards them, this did nothing to extinguish the greed in their hearts.

The three of them acted immediately, attacking Long Chen from all sides.
“So they really want to rob me?”

From the moment they appeared, Long Chen knew that they coveted the corpse of the Scarlet Flamed Suan Beast. In their eyes, Long Chen was just a disciple who had come across this treasure by chance and would be easily taken care of.
The three of them were experts who were at the perfect mastery stage of the Human Dan Realm. Though none of them were a match for the Suan Beast, their combined battle power when they worked together was even stronger than that of the Scarlet Flamed Suan Beast.
However, Long Chen had no plans to clash with them. All of a sudden, Long Chen made a hole in the chest of the Suan Beast and escaped!
That heavy Suan Beast actually began to move at a high speed!

The faces of these three young experts changed, and they began to chase after Long Chen. The movement of the corpse of the Suan Beast was not as fast as them, but while they were chasing, they seemed to be able to see the corpse slowly decaying…?
In the blink of an eye, the Suan Beast began to dry up, and the three were shocked.
“What’s going on? Why did this happen?”
They dashed forward, grabbing towards the dried up body of the Suan Beast. At this moment, the body suddenly exploded, blood and flesh flying everywhere, and out of all this, the largest piece of meat smashed into the three young experts!
The seemingly harmless piece of flesh still possessed a lot of force, and the three were forced to halt.
At this moment, crimson light filled the sky and Long Chen, who had disappeared just now, appeared in front of them. However, his eyes were now even redder and his gaze was firmer. It seemed like he was even more powerful.

“Kid, you’re finally showing your face? Hand over the Scarlet Flamed Suan Beast’s demonic core and beast spirit, and I’ll reward you by not killing you!”

Long Chen paid no heed to his words, laughing slightly.
At this point, the blood that was boiling in his body had been suppressed. The Human Dan at his dantian had shrunk in size, becoming more solid.
If the Human Dan from before was a size of 9, it was currently 8. Long Chen knew that as long as he persevered on, it would decrease in size and, by the time he was at the perfect mastery stage of the Heaven Dan Realm, it would be the size of a bean.
The cultivation at the Human Dan Realm would result in there being more real Qi, meant to attack the Human, Earth or Heaven Dan at the dantian. The Human Dan would then be tempered and become more solid, and when there was enough real Qi to attack it, Long Chen could go up a rank.
Previously, he had been stuck at the entrance of the Human Dan Realm. After refining countless level 2 Profound grade demonic beasts, he had accumulated enough Qi such that he was not far from the initial mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm. After refining the essence of the Scarlet Flamed Suan Beast, he had gained a large amount of crimson real Qi which charged at his dantian, causing his Human Dan to become even more solid. This allowed him to advance to the initial mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm. Long Chen’s real Qi had thus increased in quantity by many times!

“Is this the power at the initial mastery stage of the Human Dan Realm?”
Previously, when he had just entered the Human Dan Realm, he was already able to kill a level 3 Profound grade Scarlet Flamed Suan Beast. Now, with an increase in his power, Long Chen could now disregard the people in front of him.
“I wonder what kind of surprise I’ll give Feng Wutian when I fight him next!”

At this thought, Long Chen was very excited.
He had entered the initial mastery stage of the Human Dan Realm, and had successfully become a Thunder Flame cultivator. His goal in coming to the Sky Martial Realm had been reached. Next was to see if he was able to obtain the Zenith Crystal Sword for Yang Lingqing, and that battle technique, ‘Way of the Zenith Crystal Sword’.
In the eyes of the three young men at the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm, Long Chen seemed to have suddenly gotten stronger, but he was still merely at the initial mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm.

Any one of them could easily kill Long Chen. However, during this competition, relatives and elders had warned that they were not to create a large conflict, and it was best not to kill anyone.
Hence, one of the experts spoke coldly, “Kid, I’ll give you one last chance. If you still don’t listen, you can’t blame us if you die!”
“I’ll count to three. After three, we won’t care about how we’re all part of the Lingwu Family. We won’t be lenient if you don’t hand over the demonic core and Spirit Congealing Bead!”
Feeling the surge of power in his body that had reached the limits, to the point that it did not feel like his own, Long Chen had the urge to try it out.
“Just see if I don’t beat you three fools until you’re crawling and looking for your teeth!”
Long Chen exclaimed unhurriedly, and the three of them were hopping mad in answer. They were about to make their move, but all of a sudden, fireworks bloomed in the air, and a loud rumble was heard. The three experts were stunned, but immediately glanced at each other, “The Heart Corrosive demonic beast has appeared!”
“What should we do?”

They should rush there with the fastest speed they could muster, but Long Chen…

They knew their priorities. Long Chen had offended them, but as long as they were all in the Lingwu Family, there were definitely opportunities to seek revenge. Hence, they quickly made their choice to lead the disciples in their hall and rushed in the direction where the fireworks had been set off.
“Everyone, follow me!”
After glaring at Long Chen, the three from the Green Piercing Hall ran ahead.
Everyone else from the Green Piercing Hall was mostly at the initial mastery stage of the Human Dan Realm and rushed to follow them at the fastest speed they could. There was one youngster who had just entered the Human Dan Realm and was merely around thirteen years old. Unfortunately, he was left behind by the others.
He restrained his tears and tried to match the pace of the large group, but with the appearance of the Heart Corrosive demonic beast, who would bother with him? He was thus left far behind.
“Is the Heart Corrosive demonic beast appearing now? I guess I should go there and have a look.”
At this thought, Long Chen laughed and quickly ran alongside the youngster from the Green Piercing Hall. The youngster was shocked to see Long Chen, and tried to intimidate him, “Don’t even think about attacking me. My Senior Brother Li, Senior Brother Zhang and Senior Brother Wang will take care of you!”
“Do you mean those three who wanted to steal my stuff?” Long Chen laughed, not feeling the least bit intimidated.
“What rubbish! They want what you have because you’re not strong enough and aren’t qualified to have it!” This youngster spoke righteously.
“Really? Then do you believe that I can keep your three senior brothers here such that they won’t be able to see the Heart Corrosive demonic beast?”
The youngster was dazed at that, and then sneered, “Are you dreaming? My three senior brothers are experts of the Green Piercing Hall at the perfect mastery stage of the Human Dan Realm. With just your pitiful skills, you actually dare brag like that?”
“I’m not bragging. You’ll see…”

Long Chen laughed, and under the stunned gaze of the youngster, his speed increased by over a hundred times, overtaking an expert at the initial mastery stage of the Human Dan Realm. Like a gust of wind, he charged to the front of the group!

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