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DBWG Chapter 108 – Scarlet Flamed Suan Beast

Chapter 108 – Scarlet Flamed Suan Beast
Translated by: Ying

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In the Human Dan Realm, level 1 Profound grade beasts were everywhere. There was the occasional level 2 Profound grade beast, but when it came to level 3 Profound grade beasts, they were nowhere to be found.
These beasts were situated at different zones. Long Chen was now in an area where there were few beasts, and he thus had no choice but to change his location and head in the direction that Lingxi pointed.

While moving, Long Chen did not see any teams.
“The Sky Martial Realm is now being held by the Green Faction. Within the Human Dan Realm, there shouldn’t be anyone from other factions. This is a very large area where there are only eight teams around, so it’s not unusual not to see any of them.”
“This implies that the Heart-Corrosive Beast hasn’t been found yet. If not, the Sky Martial Realm Competition would have concluded earlier, allowing those from other factions to enter this realm. When that happens, I’ll see more people from other factions.”
The Sky Martial Realm was about the size of the Lingwu City, and Long Chen resided in a small area within the Lingwu City.
After walking for about half a day, Long Chen arrived at a barren sand dune. Here, forests and plants were sparse, and there were only a few cacti growing in this area where water was scarce.
“It’s just a Sky Martial Realm but it has forests and even a desert.”
Long Chen couldn’t help but praise.
After exploring this desert for a period of time, Long Chen felt his surroundings growing increasingly hotter, and he asked, “Little Xi, there shouldn’t be beasts here, right? Even if there are, they wouldn’t be level 3 Profound-grade beasts.”
“Let’s walk further and see how things go.”
With Lingxi’s request in mind, Long Chen had no choice but to proceed further. Not long after, the sandy area ahead suddenly caved in, and Lingxi quickly had him stop.
“What’s wrong?”
There was a hint of excitement in Lingxi’s voice as she whispered, “Deep in the sand there, there’s a beast crawling. It’s probably sunbathing and cultivating at the same time.”
Long Chen advanced, and after walking for a long while, laid on the ground, and glanced at the area where the sand had caved in. Immediately after, a flash of excitement glinted in his eyes.
“Isn’t this… the level 3 Profound-grade Scarlet Flamed Suan Beast?”
The beast at the bottom looked like a large lion. This Scarlet Flamed Suan Beast was about ten metres long. If it were to actually stand up, it would be about as tall as a house.
Its fur was a gold colour, and the fur at its neck was even more dense, causing it to look majestic. The one thing that could make anyone get scared witless was the dim red flames on its fur, and its two eyes which were like two bundles of flames the size of a lantern.
“It really is the Scarlet Flamed Suan Beast! Even amongst the third level Profound grade beasts, this Suan Beast is a very powerful existence.”
Long Chen guessed.
“This beast is probably at the same level as Feng Wutian. Looks like I can use you to measure the durability of my Thunder Flame Physique!”
After making his mind, a boundless fighting spirit exploded forth.
While dealing with the level 2 Profound grade beast, he hadn’t needed to use Dragon Soul Transformation. However, with this strong enemy, the Scarlet Flamed Suan Beast, he really had to be in his most powerful form.
Perfect dragon scales and spurs appeared on his body. Now that he was a Thunder Flame Cultivator, crimson lightning and flames winked in and out of existence around his body, a frightening power erupting.
The pattern of the crimson Thunder Flame Crystal was the opening where the force of lightning and flames in his body connected with his own might.
“The strength I have now is now a lot more powerful than before. With just the durability of my body, I should be able to take care of someone at the initial mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm. On top of that, my Dragon Qi has the force of lightning and flames…”
Long Chen was confident that he could deal with this Scarlet Flamed Suan Beast.
After Long Chen completed his Dragon Soul Transformation and appeared a distance away from the Suan Beast, it finally noticed him!
It had been getting some rest, but upon noticing this little fellow brazenly entering its territory, it was instantly enraged.
In this region, it was basically a king. To think there was a nameless little thing that dared to offend it! It quickly got up, towering above Long Chen and staring hard at him, flames of ire soaring from its body.
Though Long Chen was small, there was a strange quality about his body that caused the Suan Beast to feel a sense of fear.

Lions were usually the rulers, the kings, but Long Chen seemed to possess more of this aura and quality.

With a large bellow of rage, the Scarlet Flamed Suan Beast crawled on the ground, speed suddenly increasing. Tremendous bloodthirstiness was aimed at Long Chen, who was charging forth, and these two bodies, one a human and one a beast with a large difference in size, collided mid-air. That enormous power from flames was like a hurricane as it whirled towards Long Chen!
“Now that I have the Thunder Flame Physique, do you think I’m afraid of these flames?”
With a sneer, Long Chen rushed into the sea of flames, and an attack that was like a storm flew towards the Scarlet Flamed Suan Beast!
With the Thunder Flame Physique and the added bonus from Dragon Qi, Long Chen suddenly released an attack.
“Seal of the High Profound Dragon!”
All of a sudden, the phantom of an ancient dragon surged up violently and attacked the Suan Beast. Upon seeing Long Chen actually charging into its flames, the Suan Beast was astonished, but it was not enough to cause it fear. However, Long Chen’s attack, the Seal of the High Profound Dragon, caused its heart to sink.
The Seal of the High Profound Dragon actually had intense crimson lightning breaking out within, and crimson flames blazed on the phantom of the crimson ancient dragon. Even the Scarlet Flamed Suan Beast did not dare let its guard down in the face of such a terrifying attack!

It snarled loudly, and the Suan Beast opened its huge mouth. A scarlet fireball with a diameter of more than a metre long was like a hurricane as it approached Long Chen’s Seal of the High Profound Dragon!

The Seal of the High Profound Dragon collided with the large fireball, and this clash caused tremors to form, sand and rocks flying, and smoke and dust filling the sky!
“This is merely a scarlet fireball and it can actually wipe out my Seal of the High Profound Dragon? As expected, it isn’t so easy to deal with!”
In terms of quantity, Long Chen possessed lesser real Qi than the demonic power the Scarlet Flamed Suan Beast had. However, he had the upper hand in terms of abilities, which was how their battle power was similar!
Long Chen had realised that this Scarlet Flamed Suan Beast was the most powerful opponent he had ever seen.
“These demonic beasts have trained and developed techniques through generations of battles. Just a simple attack has the might of a battle technique, and that huge scarlet fireball by the Scarlet Flamed Suan Beast must be one of the unique techniques it is proficient in!”
The Seal of the High Profound Dragon actually had a bonus of the force from lightning and flames, and yet it had been wiped out just like that. Long Chen was not discouraged and, like a red tornado, charged towards the Suan Beast!
In terms of agility, this little thing seemed to be several times quicker than the Suan Beast itself, and it was alarmed at this thought. It immediately snarled, scarlet fireballs rising one after another, and at least ten bundles of fire flew in Long Chen’s direction.
Long Chen was shocked and quickly used the Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step, his nimble body turning into afterimages as he dodged from the sides of the fireballs. The heat from the flames did cause him some harm, but this was not enough to affect him!
Long Chen was unable to avoid the very last scarlet fireball, and he had no choice but to use the Seal of the High Profound Dragon here!
The scarlet fireball burst, and Long Chen waved off the smoke and pierced towards the Scarlet Flamed Suan Beast like an arrow.
Demonic beasts had bodies that were typically quite powerful. Compared to cultivators who had trained and tempered their bodies, these beasts’ bodies were even more durable. The Suan Beast was furious that Long Chen had actually gotten so close to its body, and it slapped its claws that were stronger than steel towards Long Chen.
Long Chen was not to be outdone. However, immediately after clashing with the scarlet fireball, he was met with the attack from the claws, which made him feel a little suffocated.

“My Thunder Flame Physique isn’t afraid of something like you!”
A fist and a claw collided with a rumble, and the tremors were so strong that the human and beast were both pushed backwards. What surprised the Suan Beast was that Long Chen, who was but a small thing, had actually been able to block its claws with just the power of his body.
This enraged the Scarlet Flamed Suan Beast further!
Its huge body pounced towards Long Chen!
“You’re so heavy and clumsy, and you still want to do a close-ranged battle with me?”
Long Chen laughed sarcastically, displaying his Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step, leaping away from under his opponent’s body. The Suan Beast’s body of flames was really making him feel quite uncomfortable.
“Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist has a fire attribute, and my real Qi also has the power of flames. I wonder how powerful this attack will be if I use it?”
At this thought, Long Chen dodged the furious attacks from his opponent and made preparations to attack using the Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist.

“I’m creating quite a ruckus while battling with it. Looks like it’s time to land the final attack!”
Only after battling with the Scarlet Flamed Suan Beast could Long Chen tell how powerful the Thunder Flame Physique was. Of course, this also included the power of lightning and flames in his real Qi. It must be noted that the body and demonic power of the Scarlet Flamed Suan Beast was extremely tyrannical, even amongst third level Profound grade demonic beasts.
In terms of his body and real Qi, it was extremely difficult to be at the same level as the Suan Beast, considering he had only just entered the Human Dan Realm.
The scarlet fireballs seemed to be inexhaustible, and the aftereffects of the attacks caused ashes to fly everywhere, almost affecting Long Chen’s sight. Long Chen stayed close to the body of the Scarlet Flamed Suan Beast, preventing it from launching more attacks.
“This ends now, Scarlet Flamed Suan Beast!”
This time, Long Chen jumped away from under its body, and the Scarlet Flamed Suan Beast focused its attention on his figure. Immediately after, seven to eight scarlet fireballs appeared.
At this moment, Long Chen’s figure was burning with crimson flames, and on his fist, a crimson bundle of fire was rapidly taking shape. When the Suan Beast released its scarlet fireballs, Long Chen punched forward with a shout.

“Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist, crimson flames that burn the heavens!”
A crimson imprint of a fist made of fire was launched, and there seemed to be a human face in the middle of the fist.
The large fiery fist smashed the scarlet fireballs of the Scarlet Flamed Suan Beast to smithereens, and struck the entire head of the Suan Beast.

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