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DBWG Chapter 107 – Thunder Flame Physique

Chapter 107 – Thunder Flame Physique
Translated by: Ying

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This sudden change startled Long Chen.
He could never imagine that the red, dragon imprint on the Human Dan was able to turn the power of the ten Thunder Flame Crystals crimson, with just a ray of light.
Long Chen felt that he seemed to be able to control this force of lightning and flames, which was crimson in colour!
“Has the might of the Thunder Flame Crystal fused into my real Qi?”
Currently, this lightning and fire was attached above Long Chen’s Human Dan. The Human Dan, which was originally red, was now burning with crimson flames, at the same time having crimson lightning winding around it.
The force of flames and lightning from the Thunder Flame Crystal had completely mixed with Long Chen’s real Dragon Qi.
This real Qi was now ten times- no, even more than that when compared to before, in terms of its nature and offensive abilities!
At the same time, under the gentle tempering of the crimson flames and lightning as well as nourishment from Origin Reversion, time flowed slowly. Long Chen’s flesh body became increasingly stronger, and in one or two days, Long Chen believed he would reach the critical boundary.
Before this, Lingxi suddenly felt the rebellion within Long Chen’s body and that had scared her half to death. However, in the blink of an eye, Long Chen had tamed this power, and Lingxi could only gaze at this young man in surprise.
“What kind of secret does Long Chen have? When he had first obtained the inheritance of the ancient dragon, he was on the verge of death but was miraculously able to survive and get the inheritance. Now, he’s not supposed to be able to withstand the force from the Thunder Flame Crystal, but miraculously survived it again. From the looks of it, he must be successful in fusing with the tenth Thunder Flame Crystal…”
Though Lingxi was very knowledgeable, she still knew nothing about whatever secrets there were on Long Chen’s body.
Long Chen could feel himself reaching the boundary, and as long as he could break through, he could gain the Thunder Flame Physique and become a Thunder Flame Cultivator!
If this was in the past and the force of lightning and flames rebelled in his body, it would be extremely difficult for Long Chen to break through.
However, things were different now. Long Chen was now capable of manipulating the force of lightning and flames, and able to slowly temper and forge his body. Time slowly passed, and with all his energy spent on controlling this force, he was naturally able to break through.

“A Thunder Flame Cultivator…”
He could feel the power rapidly increasing within his body.
Long Chen laughed, stood up and opened his palm. He found that the image of a Thunder Flame Crystal had appeared at the centre of his palm, though there was a small difference- it was crimson.
Long Chen knew that this was the symbol of a Thunder Flame Cultivator. He now had another identity on top of being a dragon cultivator; he was a Thunder Flame Cultivator!
A Thunder Flame Cultivator had a large quantity of real Qi, and had very resilient flesh. Long Chen only had a level 1 Thunder Flame Physique, but the effects could be even better than Profound, middle-grade Body Refining battle techniques!
It must be noted that Profound, middle-grade Body Refining battle techniques were quite rare. Long Chen’s Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist had come from that mysterious metallic tile, and his profound middle-grade constitution battle technique had come from the Origin Reverting fruit.
In the entire green faction, the reward given to the most outstanding cultivator at the Human Dan Realm was only a profound, middle-grade spirit sword and battle technique. This implied the preciousness of profound middle-grade objects!
Long Chen had only just entered the Human Dan Realm, and he now basically possessed three types of battle techniques, mainly offensive, refining and constitution type techniques, and all of them were extraordinary!

“Long Chen, have you become a Thunder Flame Cultivator?”
Lingxi was overjoyed and quickly went in circles around Long Chen, constantly prodding at his body.
Long Chen had now dispelled his Dragon Soul Transformation, and was in his most harmless state.
Come to think of it, Long Chen still had some concerns regarding his Dragon Soul Transformation. He was thought to be a Beast Warrior, and now that he was in the Human Dan Realm, he obviously needed to refine a new beast spirit.
Long Chen’s transformation gave people the feeling that he was still using the spirit of a huang-grade beast, which implied that Long Chen had yet to kill a profound-grade beast!
However, Long Chen was not going to think about this for now. Now that he was a Thunder Flame Cultivator, he could relax.
With this amount of strength, he might not be able to contend against Feng Wutian, but surviving was something that was extremely easy!
“Hm, aren’t I great now that I have the Thunder Flame Physique, Little Xi?”
Seeing Long Chen so proud of himself, Lingxi spoke with disdain, “Tsk, back in the day, I was more powerful than you by ten thousand times! Only an idiot like you would be so proud despite achieving so little. Don’t celebrate too soon!”
In her heart, she actually understood that with the environment Long Chen was in and possessing so little resources, it was amazing to be able to reach this stage in such a short period of time.

At the very least, it was much more difficult than it had been for her to reach this level of strength.
Inside her heart, she was in awe of Long Chen, but she was definitely unable to say this aloud.
“If I praise him just a little, he’s going to be so proud that his nose is going to point so high in the air.”
Lingxi thought to herself.

Long Chen calculated and found that only four days had passed since he had entered the Sky Martial Realm.

“I wonder if that bunch of idiots have found the heart-corrosive beast yet. There’s still a lot of time, and I haven’t used my Blood Transmuted Qi in a long time. It’s a good opportunity for me to go out there and take a look, and maybe even kill a few beasts!”
After leaving his hiding spot, Long Chen came to a valley. This valley was narrow and long, and there were dark forests everywhere. There was a very massive aura hidden in the deepest part of the forest.
While strolling in the Sky Martial Realm, Long Chen met numerous beasts, and the least powerful one was at the first level of the Profound grade. There was not even a single huang-grade beast here.

“If utilised properly, this Sky Martial Realm is basically heaven for me…”

Long Chen sighed to himself, and gradually entered the deeper parts of the forest. With Lingxi guiding him, Long Chen quickly met a few beasts that were in a group.
“This is the Large Devil Ape and is at the first level of the Profound grade. Its advantage is in its amazing strength and is a very good match for you.”
“Is that so?”
Long Chen looked at the few Large Devil Apes that were roaring and chasing after him.

They were almost three metres tall and had dark furs all over their bodies. Their flesh was as hard as rock.

“You pass! You’ll be my food for today!”

Having said this, Long Chen roared towards the apes and charged.

After the increase in his strength, his power was incomparably stronger compared to the Large Devil Ape despite being in the same realm. They were not his match and in less than fifteen minutes, they had all turned into corpses.

Long Chen used his Blood Transmuted Qi and refined them, but immediately after, he furrowed his brows.
“What’s wrong, did you make a breakthrough?” Lingxi asked in concern.
Long Chen shook his head.
“No. I think it’s only a first level profound grade beast, and its blood essence is useless to me. I need to find a beast of a higher level. I believe no matter how many first level beasts I find, there won’t be any effect.”
“That’s true. While you were at the fifth Dragon Vein, you swallowed a seventh level Huang grade Underground Blood Lizard king. When you were at the eighth Dragon Vein, you swallowed a first level profound grade beast, the Blue-Eyed Snow Lion.”
At this point, Long Chen had retrieved the demonic cores of the Large Devil Apes and taken out four transparent beads.
“Their demonic cores and beast spirits can be exchanged for contribution points. I can’t waste them.”
Seeing the transparent beads in Long Chen’s hands, Lingxi asked, “When did you bring the Spirit Congealing Beads? Why didn’t I see it?”
“When I want to bring something, do I have to report everything to you?”

He laughed, and used the Spirit Congealing Bead and extracted the beast spirits.
This Spirit Congealing Bead had a powerful suction force that was used on dead beast spirits. These spirits had to exist in the beads, or else they would dissipate.

“Long Chen, tell me this. Do I seem like these beast spirits trapped in the Spirit Congealing Beads?”

At this, Lingxi voice was fuelled with sorrow.
Long Chen was startled, “You fool! What are you saying? You’re ten thousand times cuter than these beasts. Don’t compare yourself to them. It’s not as if you’ll be stuck in that sword forever.”
In actuality, the Lingxi sword was an item that was mysterious to the extreme. Long Chen knew that Lingxi must have been extremely powerful then, but even she had been unable to withstand this sword. It was definitely treasure, just that whether it was Lingxi or Long Chen, neither of them had found the secret to the sword yet.

As for the name, the “Lingxi sword”, this was purely something she had made up for fun.
After congealing the beast spirits, Long Chen began to find his next target. In a day, he killed quite a few level 2 profound grade beasts and gained many useful items.
“I’m really going to strike it rich! Little Xi, calculate this for me. How many contribution points can I get from this?”
“Demonic cores and beast spirits can be sold to Martial Families. The level one profound grade beasts can be exchanged for around two to three contribution points, while level 2 beasts can be exchanged for around 10 points.”
While at the Lingwu Family, Lingxi would occasionally poke around Long Chen’s room and look at some books regarding the Lingwu Family. She probably knew more than Long Chen did about the Lingwu Family.
“Does that mean my contribution points total more than 50?”
He was rich again! Like a newly rich person, Long Chen was overjoyed.
However, though he had used the Blood Transmuted Qi on a few level 2 profound grade beasts, it was a pity that they were not much use to Long Chen. Though there were quite a few of them, it was not enough for Long Chen to enter the initial mastery stage of the Human Dan Realm.
“I wonder if the search for the Zenith Crystal Sword is over yet. Lingqing learnt the Seven Hallucinatory Sword Slash, and if possible, once she’s at the Deity Dan Realm, I can probably give her the “Way of the Zenith Crystal Sword”. As a brother, I really must work harder.”

“However, before that, I need to find a level 3 profound grade beast. I don’t believe a level 3 profound grade beast more powerful than a beast at the perfect mastery stage of the Human Dan Realm isn’t enough for me to rank up!”

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