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DBWG Chapter 106 – Highly Effective Origin Reversion

Chapter 106 – Highly Effective Origin Reversion
Translated by: Ying

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In the Sky Martial Realm, it wasn’t a boundless plain. There were many hills and mountainous regions.

The terrain in the external world was very similar to this place.

“The Sky Martial Realm actually looks the same as the external world! It’s hard to tell that it’s a small cosmos world. It’s amazing!”

Seeing this world, Long Chen could not help but be in awe. The immense size as well as mysteriousness of this world far exceeded his expectations.

“That’s true. However, when you get to the extreme ends of this small cosmos world, you’ll be able to feel the walls of this world, while in the outside world, nobody truly knows where the walls are.”

Long Chen was aware that this ‘wall’ was too far for him to consider.

At this point, he had entered a valley, made from strange rocks. Long Chen carefully advanced forward, and finally found a place where he could hide.

This was a naturally formed crevice. After shifting a few large rocks away, Long Chen entered the crevice and covered it up with a large rock.

“I’ve turned into a gopher, hiding inside like this!”

Long Chen was a little gloomy that he had to conceal himself like this, but the people outside were searching for some Zenith Crystal Sword. It was obvious that they would be searching everywhere, and if Long Chen wanted to absorb the tenth Thunder Flame Crystal, he would definitely need a quiet environment.

If anyone interrupted him or if he were found by Feng Wutian, his life would be over.

“Long Chen, are you certain you’re going to fuse with the tenth Thunder Flame Crystal?” At the thought that Long Chen might not be able to take it, Lingxi was extremely worried.

However, while she was still speaking, Long Chen had already undergone Dragon Soul Transformation and was now in his most powerful state. He then sat cross-legged, retrieving the tenth Thunder Flame Crystal from his cosmos pouch.

While looking at this Thunder Flame Crystal, Long Chen’s eyes showed his determination.

“Don’t worry about this. I know what my limits are, and if I can’t even deal with this, would I still be Long Chen? Besides, I behaved in such an unpleasant manner just now and they’re definitely more keen on killing me now. If I don’t have a breakthrough, it’s obvious I will die tragically.”

Seeing she was unable to persuade him, Lingxi merely sighed, “Be careful.”

If Long Chen was unable to hold on, she’d have to think up some ways to help him.

Long Chen looked at the Thunder Flame Crystal in his palm, smiled slightly, and quickly drew it into his body without any hesitation.

The moment it entered his body, the crystal transformed into a streak of fire and electricity, fusing with the force of flames and lightning at his dantian. They combined, creating a huge, explosive reaction!

“The tenth Thunder Flame Crystal is indeed terrifying!”

It was just the start, but Long Chen was shocked to find that he could already feel short bursts of pain periodically. From a small to a large area, it engulfed his body. Even after having transformed, Long Chen still found this hard to withstand!

He could feel that this force was constantly destroying the composition of his body. This level of destruction exceeded the rate at which he could regenerate, and in no time, Long Chen felt a pain that was even more intense than he had felt from the ninth crystal. The pain tore at every corner of his body, and it was if there were countless little blades hidden at every corner of his body, violently twisting into him.

This twisting was enough to make anyone want to go crazy. At this moment, Lingxi suddenly saw blood flowing from the corner of Long Chen’s mouth.
However, he was still gritting his teeth and persevering.

The lightning and flames constantly twisted in his body, wave after wave, and even his dragon scales were damaged to a certain extent.

“At this rate, no matter how much he perseveres, he won’t be able to escape his fate of death. What should I do?”

Lingxi was frantic in her worry.

Aware of his current situation, Long Chen endured the pain and the destructive power of the crystal and tried to think up a plan.

“My body has been badly damaged. With the tempering and burning from lightning and flames, it’s probably more than my body can take!”

At this thought, Long Chen suddenly brightened up.
“Origin Reversion has a great regenerative effect on every minuscule injury in the body. I can test its effects here!”
At this thought, Long Chen immediately began to put Origin Reversion to use. This was a profound, middle-grade constitution battle technique. Even if he had received a grievous injury, Long Chen would be able to heal from it using Origin Reversion.

Streams of warmth began to move around in between the flames and lightning in Long Chen’s body. Wherever it went, muscles and flesh seemed to have been nourished and slowly restored themselves.

“It’s actually effective!”
Long Chen was exhilarated at this and quickly increased the power of this technique. Immediately, a hot rush travelled inside him. The areas that were damaged by the lightning and flames but were unable to be regenerated by his own body were nourished with the help of Origin Reversion.
This allowed the newly regenerated flesh that had been burnt and tempered to become even more durable and tough.

After taking in the tenth Thunder Flame Crystal, Long Chen looked to be in a pitiful state. However, after just a short moment, Lingxi could see that Long Chen was gradually becoming less pale.
“This is… the aura of Origin Reversion.”

Lingxi suddenly remembered that Origin Reversion might be useful in reducing the pain for Long Chen.

If he were to take Spirit Medicine, he would first need to refine the medicine before he could make use of the power within. Long Chen’s real Qi was now all focused on withstanding the force of lightning and flame. How possible would it be for him to put half his attention on refining the medicine?

However, Origin Reversion itself was within Long Chen’s body. With just a thought, he could use it.

This was the amazing part about constitution techniques. They were quick, convenient and very effective. Most importantly, they were limitless and free of charge.

“This fellow is really lucky.”

If not for Origin Reversion, Lingxi had no idea if Long Chen would be able to get through this stage. The situation was slightly better now, and Lingxi felt a little more relieved.

With Origin Reversion, Long Chen was somewhat able to hold on. However, keeping this up for five to six days was an extremely arduous task. With his situation, this did not bode well for him.

After all, using Origin Reversion would consume real Dragon Qi. However, the moment it diminished, it was a chance for the flames and lightning to gain the upper hand.
Long Chen was sharp and anticipated this issue. By the time his real Qi was diminished, around two days had passed.

In these two days, Long Chen’s body rapidly increased in sturdiness. He was on the verge of obtaining the legendary Thunder Flame Physique.

With the exhausting of real dragon Qi, the force of flames and lightning began its counterattack. Originally quite obedient, it suddenly became wild and, like a swarm of bees, spread throughout Long Chen’s body.

Lingxi had noticed that it was considerably quiet around Long Chen’s body, lightning and flames peacefully tempering Long Chen’s body. However, all of a sudden, this force suddenly seemed to rebel, invading his body and charging towards his red Human Dan!

“This is bad! This is the precursor to the body exploding!”
Long Chen was now in cold sweat. The might of the lightning and flames was now on top of his Human Dan at his dantian. All the real Qi he had left was insufficient for him to resist it.
If this force entered his dantian, with Long Chen unable to withstand without his real Qi, his Human Dan would be destroyed. Those who had fused and had their bodies explode while fusing with the Thunder Flame Crystal had been in the exact same situation as Long Chen was in now.

“Am I just that little bit too far away from being able to fuse with the tenth crystal? I… I’m not willing to accept this!”

Thinking about all the things he had yet to do, Long Chen was filled with reluctance. The Yang family was still waiting for him to rescue them, and Lingxi, too, required his assistance.

When he had chosen to fuse with the tenth crystal, Long Chen had already thought of this situation. Anything with risk meant there was a possibility of failing. Long Chen had somewhat underestimated the might of the tenth Thunder Crystal Flame, so it would not be unexpected if he were to die here.

“No! I won’t die here!”

A cold glint exploded from Long Chen’s eyes! The stubbornness he had was incomparably strong. If he were to die just like this because of the Thunder Flame Crystals, it would be too much of a waste!

“How can I, Long Chen, die!”

Long Chen practically roared his sentence, his voice resounding in the little valley!

At this moment, the might of flames and lightning turned into blue streaks of flames and lightning, aiming to destroy his dantian.

Within his dantian, only a dim Human Dan existed. As he had used too much real Qi, his Human Dan was not very useful.

Within the blood-red Human Dan, the dark veined pattern of a dragon finally made itself known.

Seeing that the force was about to enter his dantian, Long Chen gritted his teeth and prepared to block the attack with everything he had. Suddenly, at his dantian, the pattern seemed to come to life, emitting a piercing light.

A pair of blood-red rays were shot out from the eyes of the dragon-shaped pattern, aimed towards the force.

Bloody mist permeated the force of lightning and flames, and under the control of this immense power, Long Chen felt as if this the force of lightning and flames was undergoing a huge change.

Not long after, Long Chen actually saw that the blue force of lightning and flame stuffed full in his dantian had now completely turned red, lightning and flames existing in his dantian.

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