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DBWG Chapter 104 – Chu Yunyao

Chapter 104 – Chu Yunyao
Translated by: Ying

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The teams from the other halls arrived one after another. Soon, eight teams assembled in the Sky Martial Hall.

From the corner where Long Chen’s team from the Green Sun Hall was, he began to size up the people from the other groups.
Long Chen knew that in the various large halls of the Green Faction, the combined power of Green Sun Hall was in the last place. However, with Feng Wutian, they had a hint of a chance at winning.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t as if there were no experts at the peak of the Human Dan Realm in the other halls. The young girl from the Green Emperor Hall attracted the attention of everyone present just by her entrance.

The Green Emperor Hall was the most powerful branch of the Green Faction. Whether in terms of its strength or potential, it was an absolute power ranked number 1.

“Is that girl Chu Yunyao of the Green Emperor Hall?”
Liu Ling wondered while gritting her teeth. The girl was in a long yellow skirt, face exquisite despite the cold expression on her face, and there was an indescribable elegance to this young lady.

Jealousy was evident in her tone.
Despite being the daughter of a Chief Elder as well, the difference between the two of them was huge.

Liu Ling was at the initial mastery stage of the Human Dan Realm, but Chu Yunyao was already on the verge of breaking through to the Earth Dan Realm.

In addition, all eyes were on Chu Yunyao, while Liu Ling merely hung around Feng Wutian’s side and occasionally received some compliments.

Even Feng Wutian was now sizing up Chu Yunyao. Liu Ling gritted her teeth while she fumed, wishing she could forcefully turn her Brother Wutian’s head back in her direction.

Long Chen also curiously glanced at the girl. Her strength was at the same level as Feng Wutian, despite being younger than him.
Most importantly, her looks were out of the ordinary. Though she did not have the mature charm that Liu Lan possessed, she was on a whole other level compared to Liu Ling.

At this point, Liu Lan and the leaders of the other seven halls had come together.

Though the Green Sun Hall was just average, Liu Lan’s beauty was known throughout the Green Faction.

As the leaders spoke, their eyes occasionally rested on her sexy, delicate frame.

“Since everyone’s here, shall we commence the Sky Martial Realm Competition?”

“Let us not waste time. Guide them into the pathway to the Sky Martial Realm. Before coming here, all of you have already spoken to your juniors about things to take note of, yes?”


After some discussion, Liu Lan returned to where people from the Green Sun Hall stood.

There were already people calling the juniors in their hall, heading towards the pathway not far from Long Chen.
The pathway was about ten metres wide, and at the end was a membrane of light. This membrane rippled like water and produced glimmering reflections. It was a thing of beauty.

A mysterious aura was being emitted by these reflections.

“This is the entrance to a Small Cosmos World, which appears to have been left behind by some expert!”

Within the sword, Lingxi exclaimed in surprise.
“Does that mean there’s something amazing in there?”

“I doubt it. The Lingwu family has been here for so many years, and this place isn’t all that big either. It’d long since have become their personal assets. All the good things are probably gone by now.”

Long Chen then gave up on his intentions in this area.

The Sky Martial Realm Competition was something he was forced to participate in. All he wanted was to train and get stronger.
Team after team passed by Long Chen and headed into the entrance to the Sky Martial Realm.

After a while, the Green Emperor Hall which had about twenty people approached them. The leader’s status was not as high as Chu Yunyao’s, and hence, she walked in front.

When they got nearer, Chu Yunyao suddenly advanced towards Liu Lan, “Yunyao greets Sister Lan. My brother wanted me to pass the message that he has something on and cannot get away from it this time, which is why he isn’t here. He says he misses you.”

Upon hearing this, Liu Lan’s expression became unnatural, “Alright, I understand. Yunyao, be careful in the Sky Martial Realm Competition.”

Yunyao nodded and left.

This young girl was extremely cold to everyone. Only when she spoke to Liu Lan was there a hint of respect in her eyes.

“Brother? Does that mean this woman and her brother are together?”
At the thought that this charming woman already had someone, Long Chen had a feeling like all the good things in the world belonged to those who didn’t deserve it.
Liu Lan suddenly turned and spoke indifferently, “You must always think of the big picture in the competition. I’ll wait for you here. I wish you luck.”
Feng Wutian and the others complied, and he then brought everyone towards the entrance.
As Long Chen walked past Liu Lan, he kept staring at her. She had a smile about her face as she looked straight back at Long Chen, seemingly not the least bit guilty about arranging Long Chen’s participation in this dangerous competition.
After Long Chen left, Liu Lan shook her head and thought to herself, “He’s only just entered the Human Dan Realm. Under the pressure from cultivators at the perfect mastery stage of the Heaven Dan Realm, how could he survive? Is my training method too harsh?”
At the thought of that person, Liu Lan frowned, “If nobody can hinder it, my fate does not seem to be able to be changed. Could this be karma?”
While she was deep in thought, Long Chen followed the others and entered the membrane of light.

A refreshing feeling surrounded him, and Long Chen felt as if he had fallen into a pool, rapidly descending. In a few moments, his body stopped and he suddenly found himself standing on yellow soil.
He looked around. On this huge land, all he could see was solid yellow soil. Short, sturdy trees and shrubs dotted the land, and while it could not be said to be a pretty sight, it wasn’t exactly ugly either.

He looked up at the sky, finding that it was yellow. There were dense yellow clouds that crowded the sky.
A desolate feeling was produced from this area, and Long Chen knew that he was now in another world.

“Is this… the Sky Martial Realm?”

The only person who was at a loss in this situation was Long Chen, as compared to others who had already entered the Sky Martial Realm before.

Seeing him looking like a bumpkin, the others sneered and mocked him.

In the Green Faction, all the other teams who had already arrived at the Sky Martial Realm had left. Feng Wutian first brought them all to a place with short shrubbery.
The search for the Heart Corroding demonic beast really depended on luck.

Feng Wutian looked around and pointed in a direction. “Follow me. None of you are allowed to wander off.”

Having said this, he gave Long Chen a long look, as if giving him a warning.

However, Long Chen had no plans on staying with them. At this moment, he spoke, “I’m relying on you guys to find the Zenith Crystal Sword! I’ll make a move first.”

He wasn’t on good terms with Feng Wutian nor the rest of the team, and there was no point in staying here. He wasn’t going to bother with wasting time.

Long Chen already knew that while Feng Wutian looked calm, he had long since wanted to take care of Long Chen. Of course, after hearing his words, the expression on Feng Wutian’s face became icier.

“Chief Elder has already said that everyone has to listen to my orders in this operation. Are you going to disobey me?”

“Disobey? I wouldn’t dare do that. However, my lack of strength will only tie down all of you geniuses. In my opinion, you should let me leave on my own and focus on obtaining the Zenith Crystal Sword. That would be more worth it.”

Long Chen’s tone was a little sarcastic.

From the very beginning, the others did not think well of Long Chen. Now, he had suddenly become so firm and resolute! This made everyone quite interested and ready to ridicule him, as they all viewed Long Chen to be a clown.

Liu Ling hated Long Chen the most. Now that there were no seniors around and Long Chen actually dared to challenge the situation, she sneered, “Brother Wutian is our leader. His words are law, and if he wanted you to die, you’ll have no choice but to die. Do you still want to contradict him?”

Long Chen analysed the situation while glancing at them.

“If Feng Wutian is prioritising the Zenith Crystal Sword, he wouldn’t bother with me and would let me leave. If he says something to stop me, it means he’s already thought up a way to deal with me. Then again, if it were me, I wouldn’t allow a thorn in my side to continue existing in this world.”
As expected, Feng Wutian spoke, “Chief Elder has given me authority. In the expedition in the Sky Martial Realm, I am in charge. Long Chen, if you don’t know what’s good for you and cause me trouble, I have permission to kill you!”

“I’m afraid that if I follow you, I might die by your hand, Feng Wutian.” Long Chen smirked as he said something that caused Feng Wutian’s expression to change. Even Liu Ling could not help herself but shout, “Are you courting death!”
Seeing that she was on the verge of attacking, Feng Wutian held her back. The bloodlust in his eyes was finally apparent, and his voice become incomparably icy.

“Everyone, Long Chen refuses to listen to orders and is a hindrance to our operation. On behalf of the elders, I shall punish him with death. Does anyone have any objections?”

The other eight were extremely respectful to Feng Wutian. In their eyes, Long Chen was but a dispensable character anyway.

They all laughed, “Please make your move, Senior Brother. If anyone asks, we will also take the blame!”

They were haughty, and yet Long Chen was not the least bit afraid.
“Feng Wutian usually pretends to be magnanimous. Has he finally revealed his cunning side?”

Feng Wutian, who had gained approval from the elders, advanced from within the crowd and made his way towards Long Chen, step by step.

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