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DBWG Chapter 103 – Sky Martial Hall

Chapter 103 – Sky Martial Hall
Translated by: Ying

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Eyes staying on Long Chen for a brief moment, Liu Yuan scanned the young faces of the ten other powerful cultivators.

Long Chen made sure he looked well behaved on the surface. From the depths of his heart, however, he really did not like this sort of environment. Under Liu Yuan’s stern words, the ten youngsters did not dare make a sound.
Long Chen, however, was not in the mood to listen. He had originally been looking forward to meeting this powerful man, but Liu Yuan had considered him someone invited to join in just to make up numbers. Long Chen, too, did not have a good impression of him.

“Looks like not participating in the match with Feng Wutian at the Platform of Life and Death earned me quite a reputation in the Green Sun Hall.”

Taking in the gazes of the elders and enforcers that hinted at contempt, Long Chen could guess that it had to do with that matter.

“Feng Wutian, Liu Ling…Your actions caused me to be looked down upon…”
While Liu Yuan continued to speak, Long Chen secretly turned and discovered that little beauty, Liu Ling, speaking with her father.
As if noticing someone was looking at her, Liu Ling turned and sneered at Long Chen.

“If I ever get a chance, just see if I punish you!”

While Long Chen was still thinking about ways to deal with them, Liu Yuan had already nodded towards his audience, “There’s not much time left. You are to proceed to the Sky Martial Hall at the Green Faction. In this competition, Feng Wutian will be the leader. All of you are to listen and execute tasks based on his commands. Always prioritise the reputation of the Green Sun Hall.”

He turned to look at Liu Lan, “Lan’er, bring them to the Sky Martial Hall now.”

Liu Lan nodded and got up, showing off her slim and graceful body. She nodded towards Liu Yuan and then brought the eleven of them out of the Green Sun Hall, and proceeded towards the Sky Martial Hall.

Liu Yuan watched them leave and then turned to the four elders, “What do you think of our chances this time?”

One of the elders quickly spoke up, “The contest over the Zenith Crystal Sword is a fight between the best of the best. The others are just there to make up the numbers. In general, even though our Green Sun Hall isn’t very strong, we have an absolute talent like Feng Wutian who has both a bloodline and talent at the Human Dan Realm. In my opinion, this should not be a problem!”
Another elder, shook his head, “If we talk about the best of the best, those from other halls are not half bad either, especially the Green Emperor Hall. The leader they’re sending out this time should be elder Chu Fengqing’s sixteen year old daughter by the name of Chu Yunyao. Wutian might be under some pressure when dealing with this little genius.”

Liu Yuan furrowed his brows and nodded, “Chu Yunyao’s might will surely give Feng Wutian some pressure. However, she’s still young and and is at a disadvantage in terms of her sex. Our chances of winning are not that meagre!”
“If the Green Sun Hall is able to clinch the champion this time, we will definitely gain a better reputation. When that happens, the Head Elder will surely take care of us. It’s a chance for us to rise to power…”
At this thought, everyone present was stirred up and chatted for a while longer before dispersing.
“By the way, Chief Elder, there seems to be some conflict between Long Chen and Liu Ling. Do you think he’ll cause trouble for Ling’er during the Sky Martial Realm competition?”

Liu Ling was the princess of the Green Sun Hall, and everyone loved her dearly.
Liu Yuan laughed coldly, “It’s just an outsider who recently entered the family. If he really has some strange intentions, Wutian will definitely dispose of him on my behalf. Besides, Ling’er herself is at the initial mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm, and can hold her own against that fellow!”

After leaving the Green Sun Hall, Long Chen could sense that out of the ten of them, nine were pressed close to Feng Wutian, who was in front. There were even three young cultivators at the perfect mastery stage of the Human Dan Realm.
Liu Lan did not speak a word and merely guided them. The other nine cast their glances at Long Chen and smiled slightly. They seemed to be teasing him, contempt and despise apparent in their eyes.
“He promised to the battle but didn’t even have the guts to keep to his promise. This Long Chen really sucks.”

One of them shook his head and then whispered to the person beside him.
Cowardliness is a trait built into the very being of those that come from small areas. We might even be burdened by him since he’s competing with us in the Sky Martial Realm Competition.”

“I think it’s better if he dies as soon as possible. What if he flees just before a battle? Our Green Sun Hall will definitely be humiliated and Chief Elder will probably punish all of us. If that happens, we’re done for.”
“Don’t even talk about it. I’m sure Feng Wutian wouldn’t let him leave this place alive. I heard rumours that Huang Feiyang, who used to follow Feng Wutian, was killed by Long Chen using dirty tricks.”

“He’s not a man since he has no power and only knows to attack from the shadows.”

The group of them walked and whispered amongst themselves.

Listening to their conversation, Liu Ling was secretly delighted. At the thought of Long Chen’s repulsive face, she was even more pleased.
Their discussion not too far away from Long Chen, and Liu Ling knew he could definitely hear all of this. She turned, wanting to see him stewing in rage, but unexpectedly, he was strolling along with his head down, looking indifferent.
“Is he trying to pretend that he’s unperturbed, or does he not have the guts to fight back?”
Liu Ling wondered, and then turned her attention to Feng Wutian who was walking beside her and looking into the distance. That high nose bridge and determined expression charmed her further.
“Brother Feng Wutian really is the most perfect man of all time. Even if there were ten thousand Long Chens, none of them could compare to one Brother Wutian…”
Imagining that she would get married to such a man, Liu Ling was full of joy.
At this moment, Feng Wutian looked at her with gentle eyes, and her heart palpitated like a baby deer ramming into its surroundings.

“Ling’er, were you the one that leaked the news that Long Chen had agreed to the battle but did not have the guts to appear?”
Feng Wutian’s voice showed a trace of displeasure, and Liu Ling panicked, “Whose fault is it that he’s so annoying? He even dared to humiliate you like that! Just that wretched appearance of his makes me angry!”
Feng Wutian shook his head and patted her head, “Be good. Don’t do this in the future. The weak will always pay for their actions, so don’t waste your energy dealing with him. He’s courting death anyway. Why bother with this kind of person?”
“Oh…” Liu Ling obediently nodded and then happily said, “Thank you Brother Wutian, I’ll keep that in mind.”

Liu Lan had also heard Feng Wutian’s words. She turned and smiled at him, and then hastened her footsteps.
“Feng Wutian has matured quite a bit in these two years. Ling’er won’t suffer when she follows him in the future. What about me? Father actually made me marry him. What should I do?”
Flustered, Liu Lan looked back and found Long Chen who was walking alone. The eleven of them were extremely close to each other, and in other words, Long Chen would have been able to hear everything Feng Wutian had said.

However, from the looks of it, his expression was calm despite being alone.

“He has a very strong spirit, but he loses out in terms of his background.”
Liu Lan evaluated and then focused on the journey.
Outside the Green Sun Hall, there were quite a number of people. After about half an hour, they finally arrived at the entrance to the Sky Martial Realm- the Sky Martial Hall.
In the Green Faction, besides the Treasure Exchange Pavilions and Hall of Achievements, this was the most lively place.
The members of the Lingwu family’s daily life consisted of cultivation, tests, and completing missions. One of the tests was to enter the Sky Martial Realm and battle with beasts to hone their battle techniques. At the same time, they could also obtain items from these beasts and then exchange them for contribution points.

Long Chen knew that in the Sky Martial Realm, there were three large regions, namely the Human Dan Region, Earth Dan Region and the Heaven Dan Region.
In the Human Dan Region, the most powerful beast was merely a Profound level beast at the fourth grade. In the Earth Region, the most powerful beast was at around the sixth or seventh grade, and those that were even more powerful were in the Heaven Dan Region.
The place where disciples of the Green Faction at the Human Dan Realm trained was in the Human Dan Region. Usually, it was the most crowded place in the entire Sky Martial Realm.

However, this was the day when a competition between people of the Green Faction at the Human Dan Realm took place. The other eight large factions knew this and withdrew their disciples from the Sky Martial Realm, leaving a space for them to compete.

“The timespan of this competition is eight days. Within eight days, you have to find the Heart Corroding demonic beast and then steal the Zenith Crystal Sword in its stomach. If nobody is able to obtain the Zenith Crystal Sword, the competition will end. After all, those from other factions still need to enter the Sky Martial Realm!”

After entering the Sky Martial Hall, Liu Lan repeated this point once more.
“Eight days?”
Long Chen calculated, “I would need seven to eight days to fuse with the tenth Thunder Flame Crystal. Anyway, the Zenith Crystal Sword doesn’t really suit me. I should just find a place somewhere and fuse with the tenth, and after that happens…”
Long Chen murmured to himself in a low voice. Within the sword, Lingxi heard his words and spoke up worriedly, “Long Chen, don’t be too optimistic. Let’s not talk about that tenth crystal. Whether you’ll be able to leave on your own after entering the Sky Martial Realm is still a question. I’ve seen the look in their eyes, and they don’t seem to have good intentions…”
Lingxi’s observations were even more meticulous than his.
Long Chen lifted his head and looked at the other nine, realising there seemed to be bloodlust in their expressions.
The person who looked the most indifferent was Feng Wutian.
Out of all of them, he had the biggest issue with Long Chen. However, he did not appear to even be bothered by Long Chen.
With Lingxi’s reminder, Long Chen knew he had to be careful with his actions.
At this moment, everyone had followed Liu Lan into the Sky Martial Hall. In the vast Sky Martial Hall, it was empty save for a few groups of people. There were around ten people in each group.
“These must be the outstanding disciples at the Human Dan Realm of the other halls in the Green Faction. Altogether, there should be about a hundred people…”
All of these people had an intimidating aura, and were evident not easily dealt with. There were quite a number of people who were around Long Chen’s age and already experts at the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm.
The Sky Martial Realm Competition officially began!

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