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DBWG Chapter 102 – Liu Yuan

Chapter 102 – Liu Yuan
Translated by: Ying

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It was now dawn. There were six more days till the Sky Martial Realm Competition.

During this time, most people would be cultivating intensely in their rooms, so nobody would bother with disturbing Long Chen.

“Though the sixth Thunder Flame Crystal did not really cause me much pain, it actually took four hours to completely fuse into my body!”
Long Chen thought to himself as he tested out his body, feeling the tyrannical strength within.

“One can imagine that if I did not have my Dragon Soul Transformation, I would’ve long been dead when I tried to fuse with the sixth crystal. The more crystals I fuse with, the higher the difficulty in fusion. I wonder what is the limit for my dragon body?”

In the last few days, Long Chen tried his hand at these crystals.

The Sky Martial Realm Competition was imminent, and it was no use for him to cultivate. It was much better to use these Thunder Flame Crystals and increase the sturdiness of his body and strength of his real Qi.

“With my current strength, it’s alright for me to deal with opponents who are at the initial mastery stage of the Human Dan Realm. If it’s someone at the perfect mastery stage, then there’s definitely no chance for me. It’s even more impossible for me to deal with Feng Wutian, who has all sorts of amazing battle techniques and a great bloodline.”

The peak of the Human Dan realm, which was the perfect mastery stage, was a small distance away from the Earth Dan Realm. If he had many resources, it was not a problem for him to have a battle power comparable to someone at the perfect mastery stage of the Human Dan Realm.

“With your current strength, you’ll be killed in one strike if he really attacks you.” Lingxi furrowed her brows and exclaimed.

At the thought of Feng Wutian, Long Chen wrinkled his brows. He knew that the key to succeeding at the Sky Martial Realm Competition lay with the seventh Thunder Flame Crystal he now held in his hands.

“I don’t care anymore! Whatever Tian his name is, when the time comes, I’m going to bash him up with one strike!”

Seeing Long Chen so agitated, Lingxi shook her head inside. The difference between him and Feng Wutian wasn’t something that could be compensated with a little emotional outburst from Long Chen.
However, she couldn’t bear to emphasise this gap to him.
The fusion with the seventh Thunder Flame Crystal had caused Long Chen, who had undergone the Dragon Soul Transformation, to feel some stress. However, this was not as bad as when he had fused with the fourth crystal. In terms of the amount of time spent, however, it took much longer for this process to complete.

By the time Long Chen was done, half the day was already gone, and only then was the seventh crystal finally absorbed into his body!

“Next is the eighth crystal!”

The day of the Sky Martial Realm competition was approaching. Long Chen did not dare neglect his training. When it came to fusing with the eighth Thunder Flame Crystal, the suffering he had to go through was already comparable to when he had fused with the fourth crystal.

However, at the thought of the pressure that Feng Wutian placed on him, Long Chen knew he definitely could not back down at this point!
“Only people who can endure will be able to succeed. If I can’t even get through this, then I am nothing!”

He gritted his teeth, and Long Chen put in so much effort that Lingxi’s voice was beginning to get hoarse in her worry.

Seeing this diligent and intelligent young man, Lingxi did not know what to say.
This time, it took an unexpectedly long time for the fusion to complete. Long Chen spent a total of two days fusing with the eighth Thunder Flame Crystal!

At the beginning, it was indeed unbearably painful. However, nearing the end, he was pretty much numb to the feeling. His resolution had spurred him on to endure up till this point.

“Long Chen, let’s not fuse with the ninth crystal, alright?” Lingxi asked worriedly.
Long Chen’s stubbornness and toughness had reached a level where she now held admiration for him.

“What are you talking about? This bit of pain is nowhere near my limit!”

Long Chen chuckled, and then retrieved the ninth Thunder Flame Crystal from the cosmos pouch.
Now, he had already fused with eight Thunder Flame Crystals. Under the tempering from the crystals, his body was now several times stronger than before.
Within his dantian, the power of lightning and flames had already begun to seep into his dantian. This power twined along the surface of the Human Dan, and they soon began to merge!
“As long as they merge completely, I can become a Thunder Flame cultivator!”

Long Chen was very clear about this fact. Without further ado, he quickly began to fuse with the ninth Thunder Flame Crystal. This time, the difficulty was several times higher than fusing with the eighth, and was that much more painful. In general, Long Chen had already turned green.
Long Chen was now bathed in blue flames and electricity, looking extremely sinister.
A powerful aura gradually exploded forth from his body. Flames covered his entire body, and within the flames was lightning that rapidly traversed!

Luckily, after so many days of this torture, Long Chen had somewhat adapted to the pain from the Thunder Flame Crystals. Though it was challenging, he gritted his teeth and endured till the end.

“I actually took almost three days to fuse with the ninth crystal. Seems like it’s impossible for me to attempt fusing with the tenth, since the Sky Martial Realm Competition is tomorrow.”

At this thought, Long Chen was a little disappointed. He was on the verge of becoming a Thunder Flame cultivator, but there was not enough time left.

“Though I don’t know if I’ll be able to fuse with the tenth crystal, the chances of me surviving the Sky Martial Realm Competition will be largely increased if I manage to do so.”

However, Long Chen was not discouraged.
“I now have Profound, middle-grade techniques- Burning Heavens Demonic Sun Fist, and the constitution battle technique- Origin Reversion. I also have the Profound, low-grade technique- Nine Heavens Dragon Roving Step. With the Thunder Flame Crystals, whether in terms of my body or the nature of my real Qi, both have been strengthened by large amounts. With my Dragon Soul Transformation and my Blood Transmuted Qi, I would even be able to contend with someone at the perfect mastery level at the Human Dan Realm.”

Long Chen was confident.
After fusing with so many Thunder Flame Crystals, he spent another day trying to get used to his body. The second day arrived quickly, and when dawn came, Gan Lin brought him to the the Green Willow Residence.
“The enforcer has already brought Liu Ling and Feng Wutian in. Within the Green Sun Hall, we have our elites as well as Lord Liu Yuan, an expert at the Heaven Dan Realm. You must remember to be respectful towards Lord Liu Yuan, the chief elder of our Green Sun Hall.”

Long Chen silently took these words to heart.
There were countless experts in the Lingwu family. Long Chen was now but a tiny ant in their midst who had yet to catch the eye of anyone. Now that he was going to meet yet another powerful person, he could not help but feel excited.
Come to think of it, Mo Xiaolang and this Liu Yuan were the strongest people Long Chen had ever met.
Liu Lan had already brought Feng Wutian and Liu Ling over, causing Long Chen to feel a little gloomy.
“Is she looking down on me?”

That seemed to be the only explanation.
This Sky Martial Realm competition, as well as the conflict between Long Chen and Feng Wutian had been stirred up by this beautiful Liu Lan. Long Chen had no idea what she was trying to achieve, but it was definitely not because she had nothing better to do.

In the Green Sun Hall, there were a total of five enforcers who were in charge of five residences each, amongst which included the Green Willow Residence. As one of the eight halls in the Green faction, the Green Sun Hall was obviously even more developed and luxurious compared to the Green Willow Residence.

If one wanted to talk about the Green Willow Residence which was taken care of by young disciples, the Green Sun Hall was home to experts. The moment Long Chen entered, he could see a few middle-aged or elderly people who were obviously past the Human Dan Realm.
Within the hall of the Green Sun Hall, there were only people with huge potential.

In each hall, the chief elder was the strongest. Next was the enforcers who took care of disciples at the Human Dan Realm. Besides the enforcers, if one was at a specific age and had a huge potential, they could gain the name of an elder. Besides the five enforcers in the Green Sun Hall, there were four other elders.
At this moment, a middle-aged, sage-like scholar was seated in a chair at the centre of the room. On his left were four old men who had suppressed their spirit, while on the right were five males and females who were a little younger. The exquisite and charming Liu Lan was one of them.
In front of them were the outstanding disciples at the Human Dan Realm, who would represent Green Sun Hall in the Sky Martial Realm Competition by the Green Faction.

When they first arrived at this hall, Gan Lin had greeted the people within and then sent Long Chen in, before respectfully leaving and returning to the Green Willow Residence.

As Long Chen had arrived a little later and there were also rumours regarding him and Feng Wutian, he now had a poor reputation. From the moment he entered, everyone was staring right at him.

“What the hell are you looking at? I’m not some beautiful maiden. Do you have to stare so hard at the area below my garments?”
He scolded inwardly, but did not actually dare to be so rude. Long Chen quickly raised his head and bowed towards the people sitting in front, “Disciple Long Chen greets Chief Elder, the four elders and the five enforcers!”

The four elders were probably so old that they could not move their facial muscles, staring at Long Chen indifferently. The four enforcers smiled at Long Chen, and Liu Lan’s behaviour was the same as the others, as if she had just met him for the first time.

“I wonder what this stupid woman is thinking…”
Only now did Long Chen pay attention to Liu Yuan.
Liu Yuan sized Long Chen up for a while, and then remembered what his little daughter had spoken to him about. He glanced at his older daughter, Liu Lan.
That gaze evidently spoke volumes. Liu Lan had determined Long Chen to be three stars, despite his unremarkable condition, which was not really acceptable.

“He’s only just entered the Lingwu Family, doesn’t have any bloodlines, and did not turn up after agreeing to a duel. This young man called Long Chen only has the power of someone who just entered the Human Dan Realm. Why did Little Lan rate him as three stars?”
Though he was not very pleased with Long Chen, the name list had already been sent forth, and Liu Yuan could not be bothered to change it. He simply spoke, “You’re Long Chen, yes? Though you only just entered the family, you’ve already received the great opportunity of entering the Sky Martial Realm Competition. I hope you can grasp this chance and not humiliate the Green Sun Hall.”

“This is a battle amongst the various halls in the Green Faction. It has to do with the pride of every single person here, so the ten of you here must do your best. Is that understood?”

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