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DBWG Chapter 100 – Thunder Flame Physique

Chapter 100 – Thunder Flame Physique
Translated by: Ying

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After sending Long Chen to the Daybreak Merchants Union, Zhao Tianfang got busy with his own work. Upon seeing the cold look in his eyes, Ao Xue laughed, expecting this result.
“Please leave!”

He looked ready to chase Long Chen out.
Reading Zhao Tianfang’s face, she knew that Long Chen had, at most, fused with one Thunder Flame Crystal. She herself could also fuse with one, and if she tried a little harder, she might even be able to do two!
This meant that the enthusiasm he had towards Long Chen was all for nothing.
“Isn’t he just trash disguising himself to be a talent? How laughable!” Behind Long Chen, Ao Xue giggled to herself.

“If she knew that the number you can fuse with is far more than this, I wonder what kind of expression she’ll have.”

“Little Xi, let’s take a stroll outside. It’s already dusk, so you should wait till night falls before you act. Otherwise, it’ll be much too suspicious if he loses something the moment we leave.”
As for Ao Xue, Long Chen merely laughed.
He didn’t have the energy to be petty with people like this. Under Ao Xue’s watchful gaze, Long Chen walked out of Daybreak Merchants Union and strolled through a few streets. He found a quiet tea house and and sampled some tea, taking the time to try out his body.
“Fusing with just ten Thunder Flame Crystals can model my body into the Thunder Flame Physique, and turn me into a Thunder Flame cultivator?”
Long Chen could feel a numbing force flowing through his body.
Thunder, lightning and flames were some of the most violent powers in the heavens and earth.
“Exactly. Also, there are different grades in the Thunder Flame Physique as well. If you manage to fuse with ten Thunder Flame Crystals, you’ll have a rank 1 Thunder Flame Physique. Next up is rank 2, and lastly, rank 3! I’m not exactly sure how many Thunder Flame Crystals you’ll need, but it’s definitely not less than ten!”
“What should I do to fuse with even more crystals?” Long Chen asked, excited.
“Firstly, the fusing with Thunder Flame Crystals is related to your body. Fundamentally, you are a dragon cultivator, and most of the power in your real Qi is that of the dragon. Your body is almost equal to the fledgling stage of a dragon, and in terms of your physique, you are definitely capable of overwhelming the Thunder Flame Crystals.”

“The other thing has to do with your real Qi. The more real Qi you have, the dragon aura in the real Qi in your body- let’s call it Dragon Soul Qi- will become even more powerful. The number of crystals, thunder, as well as flames in the crystal will be able to be controlled by you. As long as you ensure that the Dragon Soul Qi in your body is stronger than the power of thunder and flames, all will be fine.”

“After saying all these, we still don’t know if we’re able to obtain those Thunder Flame Crystals.” At this thought, Long Chen couldn’t help but laugh.
Not only could these crystals refine the body, they could also increase the power of thunder and flames in one’s real Qi. This was extremely tempting for Long Chen.
In the beginning when he had used Dragon Soul Transformation, the sturdiness of his body had rapidly increased, to the point that it could be said to be a high-grade Huang ranking physique, a level that he had yet to reach.
This was just the effects from activating a thousandth of the essence that he had inherited. Seeing his opponents becoming increasingly stronger as they got ahold of powerful battle techniques, such as those that could refine the body, Long Chen was made aware of how much he was lacking.

It would take an extended period of time to be able to make use of that inherited essence. Hence, Long Chen set himself a goal, focusing his attention on these Thunder Flame Crystals.

“You bastard, you still don’t believe in me, do you? Just stay here later. I’ll do it myself, and I guarantee I’ll do it perfectly.”

Within the Lingxi Sword, Lingxi was even more annoyed that Long Chen did not believe her words.
If not for the fact that it was not yet time, she would have rushed to the Daybreak Merchants Union right away.
“You won’t be able to believe what I’m capable of. No matter what you say, I’ll definitely obtain those Thunder Flame Crystals for you!”

Lingxi was suddenly extremely resolute, completely unlike herself. However, Long Chen knew what this little girl was thinking.
For this period of time, Long Chen had treated her extremely well. The moment he had a little wealth, he would exchange it for spirit medicine. Even when his family was facing a huge crisis, Long Chen had even entered the Desolate Beast Domain, risking his life to find Dream Spirit Grass for her. This made Lingxi extremely touched.
Hence, she wanted to do something for him.

“With this girl, I don’t think I’ll even need to fool around anymore…”
Long Chen began to think wickedly, and immediately shook his head. On one hand, his relationship with Lingxi had not reached that stage, and Lingxi’s background was still extremely mysterious. Long Chen sometimes felt like he and Lingxi were from two different worlds, and on the other hand…
“A Dragon young master like me has always flitted across the flowers, with no leaves sticking to my body. How could I die by hanging on a tree, and what’s more, it’s a tree that still hasn’t fully grown…”
Some things in the world were just that mysterious. They would be unexpected, but yet somehow entirely logical.
“However, Lingxi is just too beautiful. In just a few years, her feminine flavour will come out, and I can only do little but fall before her knees in awe of her beauty. If a goddess like her were to fall to any beast, it would simply be a tragedy!”
At the thought that Lingxi would get together with other men in the future, Long Chen had the urge to die.
“Could this be… the legendary thing called ‘love’?” Long Chen could not help but laugh.
In this period of time, Lingxi and he had experienced a lot. It felt like they had gone through thick and thin amidst laughter and anger. Every time Long Chen recalled this, his lips would curve up in a grin.
“Sister Yu from the Emerald Jade Chambers once said that love at first sight is just bullshit. True love is when two people have a journey together, cry together, laugh together, and thus develop feelings. At this rate, might we be in this situation soon?”
Long Chen was exceptionally confused by this. From young, he had had fantasies of taking multiple wives and concubines, and this situation was nothing like what he had wanted.
“Hey, stupid! You’re grinning so disgustingly. What in the world are you thinking about?”

Seeing Long Chen so deep in thought all of a sudden with his expression showing such ecstasy, Lingxi knitted her brows and questioned.
Long Chen simply laughed in embarrassment. It had already gotten dark, and Long Chen glanced in the direction of the Daybreak Merchants Union, suddenly beaming, “Little Xi, did you notice that the name ‘Daybreak Merchants Union’…”
“Is there anything strange about it?”
Long Chen lightly smiled, “Daybreak (Chen Xi), is made up of my ‘Chen’ and your ‘Xi’. Together, won’t we be Chen Xi?”
Feeling Long Chen’s passionate gaze on her, Lingxi turned bright red, flustered, and made threatening gestures as she scolded, “If you dare take advantage of me, just see if I smack your bottom!”

Though this was admonishment, there was still sweetness and gentleness in her tone.
Suddenly realising what she was doing, Lingxi was stunned for a moment and then changed the topic, “It’s about time, isn’t it? I want to leave now.”
Long Chen had no desire to stop her. If she did not display her usefulness, she might cause some trouble for him in the future.
The danger of this mission was relatively low, so Long Chen agreed to it.
“Remember, your safety is more important than anything else.”


The little Lingxi Sword slid out from the side of Long Chen’s ear, and then disappeared into the night.
Without the Lingxi Sword by his ear, Long Chen felt a little empty and unsettled.
When Lingxi was not by his side, he suddenly felt extremely lonely.

“Am I actually afraid of loneliness?”
It was difficult to imagine how he would have survived this journey, and how he would fare in the future if Lingxi was not around.
“‘Chen Xi’ talks about the beginning of a day. We’re always going to be like the crisp morning, signifying a new life that will eternally exist!”
At this point, Long Chen closed his eyes, placed his hands on the armrest of the chair he was sitting on and leant back, feeling his own heartbeat.
Long Chen listened closely, finding that it was very loud.

This sound was extremely loud in his ears. There was a vague sense of the omnipresence of a crimson, godlike dragon in his heart, roaring and snarling.

“The Immemorial Blood Spirit Dragon… Is my fate only blood and slaughter?”

Time slowly passed, and in a little more than a quarter of an hour, Long Chen’s eyes opened. At this moment, a cosmos pouch fell into his palm, and a satisfying feeling reappeared by his ear.
“You idiot, get back to Lingwu City as soon as you can!”
Without a word, Long Chen strode forward and headed for Lingwu City.
Noticing that there was no sign of weariness in Lingxi’s voice, Long Chen heaved a sigh of relief. While rushing back, Long Chen asked worriedly, “How was it? Did you get hurt?”

“How’s that possible?” Lingxi was rather proud of herself, “That stinking guy got his cosmos pouch stolen even before he noticed me. I even helped you teach that Ao Xue a lesson! Who told her to be so hateful!”
Upon hearing that Lingxi had done something mischievous, Long Chen was rather interested, “What did you do to her?”
Being asked this, Lingxi turned red and became a little embarrassed. The feeling of being a bad child was amazing, though it did not fit with her style.

“I… I cut her hair…”
Long Chen was rather unsure about this, but he couldn’t help but feel that this little girl was simply too adorable.
“Oh right, there’s something else. While stealing this cosmos pouch, I exchanged some moves with Manager Zhao. I also used a secret method to conceal myself, which consumed quite a bit of energy. Out of the medicinal power from the four Spirit Recovery Fruits, I’ve used up about two…”
Long Chen was quite speechless at this spoilt child, but he waved his arms and spoke grandly, “Don’t worry and consume as much as you like. Once it’s not enough, I can go steal more!”

“Let’s go. Once we’re back, let’s see how many Thunder Flame Crystals you obtained!”

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