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Chapter 90 – A Sudden Birth of an Uncertain Situation (6)

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Chapter 90 – A Sudden Birth of an Uncertain Situation (6)

Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLC by: Shiroyukineko

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Liu Yue rode her horse quickly and flew across the field, her whole body was emitting an aura of killing intent at its full force. That shocking bloodthirst was even scarier than the sword in her hands.

A dense cloud of cold air enveloped her body, making her seem like a death god wielding a scythe. That sort of grim aura that should have belonged to the underworld, inflicted fear upon the hearts of everyone present.

Qiu Hen, Mu Rong Wi Di and the others were stupefied as they watched Liu Yue rushing to their side. In that moment, Liu Yue, who was shrouded in a bloodthirsty aura held everyone present spellbound, unable to break eye contact. Everyone was filled with respect towards her. She was the true master of massacre.

The assassins in green were all frozen with fear. Assassins were killers, hence they were extremely sensitive to killing intent. With regards to other people outside of their assassination world, they could fight them head to head to their death. But with regards this queen of the assassination world that they were facing, they could only feel unbridled fear arising from the depths of their hearts. It was a type of fear that could not be stopped.

In just a moment, every single assassin seemed to forget their initial mission of assassinating Xuan Yuan Che, as they immediately charged towards Liu Yue.

Her sword blade moved swiftly, sharply and decisively.

dop873 The whole ground was filled with corpses and bloodbath.

No one was left alive on the grounds that Liu Yue had stepped on.

Blood trickled down her sword to the ground as Liu Yue stepped over the field of corpses. The blood-soaked Liu Yue came down from her snow-white horse in a swift movement, as she came to Xuan Yuan Che’s side. Her eyes was filled with anxiousness as she looked at Xuan Yuan Che and asked, “Are you alright?”

Lowering his head, Xuan Yuan Che saw that although Liu Yue looked calm on the outside, her eyes were filled with worry and anxiousness. Xuan Yuan Che slowly reached out his hands and held Liu Yue’s blood-stained face in his hands. He laughed out with a raised brow, “Aren’t you belittling me too much? How would anything happen to me? These are all their blood, not mine.”

He, Xuan Yuan Che, had fought in deadly battles since his teenage days. He was also one of the survivors who had climbed out of the hellhole. These mere assassins, although strong, would never be able to harm him.

However, his little Princess Consort’s worry had thoroughly warmed his heart. With those grim-looking eyes, fierce determination and a whole body stained with blood, her first sentence had actually been these three words, ‘Are you alright?’.

dop872He could actually heard concerned words out of a cold-blooded person like her, a person who did not change her expression at all as she stepped over a pile of corpses. That sort of feeling, was something that couldn’t be described by words.

Holding Liu Yue’s face with both of his hands, Xuan Yuan Che lowered his head slowly. Very gently, he placed a small kiss on Liu Yue’s lips.

The kiss was very tender; soft and gentle like floating water, yet blazing hotter than the sun’s warmth on her skin.

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  1. Varler says:

    Thanks for the chapters! Today’s batch was probably my favorite so far. The mix of cold-blooded murder and warm-blooded romance sent chills down my spine.

  2. midoriha says:

    After the action scene…here comes the heartwarming, cute romance scene—-!OTP—-!-grins- the most powerful duo!

  3. hicaro says:

    don´t forguet the images of the chapters that you put at the begining of the novel please they make easy to creat de image of the chapter whit the imagination.

    • Sylvia Moriah Le Titania De La Waldgrave says:

      that is where you are wrong… the images make it easier to create “an image” but not “the image” the text is portraying. character details of appearance, details about the event and setting also end up questionable if you value the images over the written text.

      In the end, if it’s the images you are after, stop reading this and wait for the relevant manhua chapters to be translated and released. It will save you quite a bit should the story head off in a direction the images can no longer help with.

      The WN are edited (and more often turned into a LN first) which is then used as basis for the manga/manhua that gets made. And it is easy to understand that bits are added and removed, details are changed and characters adjusted, all to make for a better story when it changes media-form.

    • deadlybell says:

      to be fair any woman is like that

      best example is a tomboy whose like one of the guys around anyone else but when they find the one they love they act like a normal girly girl.

      love is a powerful and in some cases scary thing 😛

  4. Zeth says:

    Thank you Shiroyukineko, I thank you here too for the other 4 chapters released, thank you for your hard work.

  5. xen0uryou says:

    Thanks for the chapter. Btw, can you update the ToC. Its inconvenient for anyone that want to check the chapter directly from there.

  6. felix says:

    Thx 4 chapter and new website. Well i kinda have guess. But i leave it to the author. my guess this plot was design by the left minister or rival prince

  7. momosakura says:

    Thank you Elizabeth Vera, Siobhan Porter and Betty Tam for the sponsor!!!
    Thank you Shiroyukineko for the translation, editing, and posting!!!

    Their relationship, hehe so cute. XD

  8. Nakiami says:

    I thought her hubby was supposed to have black hair, why is it always white!?
    and thanks, I still love it anyways.

    • Phantom Starlight says:

      Because white uses less ink.

      Actually, its probably because white leaves a deeper impression than black, so the manhua chose to change it.

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