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LLS Chapter 53 – It’s decided, let’s LIE!

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Chapter 53 – It’s decided, let’s LIE!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko, Zaza
Edited by: Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko, Zaza

To Yue Yang, the Hidden Treasure Map was indeed safest in his pocket..

He was rather satisfied with the spoils this time. Not only had he acquired the Golden Bell, the Blindness Rune and a Hidden Treasure Map, he had also raised the level of his [Divine Vision] ability. This was actually the thing he was happiest about. It must be known that Yue Yang’s noblest aspiration was to raise the limitations of the [Divine Vision] and be able to see through clothes, making it easy for him to peek under beautiful girls’ clothes anytime and anywhere… The only thing that made his heart hurt a little was that he had spent a whole 15 gold coins in order to acquire the Hidden Treasure Map, stretching his wallet to the extreme. This had caused the previously rich third young master of the Yue Clan to go a little bankrupt.

Stepping out of the wrestling ring, Yue Yang saw that Hui Tai Lang was rolling on the ground; it looked like it was really in pain.

Could this dog have actually stuffed itself with the snake’s corpse, trying to vent its anger from being swallowed by the snake?

He only found out that it wasn’t the case when he observed a little more. The Demonic Energy inside Hui Tai Lang’s body had fused better because of the fight. With the addition of the Level 6 Gold-ranked Chimera’s snake tail flesh to improve his condition, his level had risen.

He had risen to a Level 4 Bronze-ranked beast, from a Level 3 Bronze-ranked Ironback Demonic Wolf.

Of course, the cause of its pain was the level increase.

Yue Yang saw that Hui Tai Lang looked like it was choking on something, and thought that the snake bone that it had eaten was stuck in its throat. Opening Hui Tai Lang’s mouth wide to check, he saw a green crystal that was even bigger that the size of a fist, stuffed in its throat…

Is that a Demon Crystal?

Where did it come from?

Yue Yang then saw a hole on the snake’s forehead that was caused by Hui Tai Lang, and realized what was happening. He angrily gave a flying kick of fury to this greedy bastard of a dog.

“Hui Tai Lang, you really have guts. It wasn’t easy for me to defeat this snake beast, yet you dared to steal my Demon Crystal? It was the first time for ME to even acquire a Demon Crystal, such a precious item. You, instead, have already eyed on it without saying anything. It serves you right to be choked to death!” With Yue Yang’s kick, Hui Tai Lang flew more than ten metres and then fell down hard on the ground with a loud thump. However, the kick had saved it as the green crystal was thrown out of its throat with the impact. After almost dying, Hui Tai Lang didn’t dare to have any more ideas on the enormous Snake Demon Crystal. It quickly scrambled back up, bit the Snake Demon Crystal and brought it back to Yue Yang with an eager tail. Seeing there was a little bit of drool on top of the crystal, it quickly wiped it clean, then stared at its master giving him a sincere, honest look of ‘I-just-wanted-to-try-out-what-it-tasted-like’.

As far as Hui Tai Lang was concerned, Yue Yang thought it was both funny and ridiculous.

If he had come out even ten minutes later, he reckoned that this fellow would be the first beast in the Soaring Dragon Continent that had the bad luck of being choked to death by trying to swallow a Demon Crystal due to its greed, not even getting to celebrate its rising of a level before dying so miserably.

It was quite lucky. If he had tried to examine the Hidden Treasure Map inside the hall first, Hui Tai Lang would have been dead.

The monsters had been defeated, and the treasures had also been acquired. Yue Yang prepared to leave happily when suddenly he knocked his forehead. Ah, I still need to get the proof of completion.

Yue Yang crossed over to the corner of the arena and walked towards the secret door that was revealed after the three-headed Chimera had left. When he entered the room, he found out that the room could only be opened for a limited time. Yue Yang realized that he had spent too much time inside the Right Hall, and the time left before the secret door closed again was not much, hence he quickly charged in.

The lights shining inside the secret door was extremely warm and clear, yet it did not hurt one’s eyes.

In front, there were two statues of beautiful goddess-like beings. One of them held a beautiful gold plated basket that contained a few white-coloured balls that emitted a warm light. The other statue was blindfolded, her left hand on her heart, and her right hand holding a golden-coloured balance.

Yue Yang took out his own Crystal Card and put it on one side of the balance. There wasn’t any reaction, so he placed it on the other side.

After putting the crystal card on the left side of the gold-coloured balance, it immediately emitted a rainbow coloured light.

The white coloured balls on the gold plated basket immediately lighted up, emitting a ray of bright light towards the Barbaric Cow and Hui Tai Lang. The ray that fell upon the Barbaric Cow was larger than the one that fell upon Hui Tai Lang. When the Barbaric Cow and Hui Tai Lang were bathed in the ray of bright lights, the white coloured balls on the gold plated basket became dark. Finally, they became gigantic crystal balls that had used up all their energy. Yue Yang extended his hand greedily, wanting to take away this crystal ball, but the power of the Law Guardian prevented him from doing so, and even when using all his strength, was he unable to move the crystal ball.

There was a time limit, if the secret door was shut, who knew what kind of consequences would follow.

As Yue Yang did not want to be locked in this secret room for his entire life, he extended his hand to grab the Crystal Card, and immediately turned and left.

Only when he returned to the portal that had sent him here, did Yue Yang let loose a sigh of relief. He felt that when he was challenging it this time, his mental preparation was not enough. At the start, he was challenging it with a ‘let’s play and see what happens’ kind of attitude, which ended in danger all around.

However, after going through this challenge ignorantly and fearlessly, he had also gained much experience. If he challenged it again, he estimated that he could go through it easily.

Looking at the accomplishments and accumulated points on the Crystal Card, Yue Yang showed a smile on his face.

The Twelve Zodiac Temples were really worthy of being the hardest and most abnormal challenges. They were hard enough to make one become frantic, but after clearing the challenge successfully, the amount of points gained was also very high. Yue Yang had seen Ye Kong, Li Qie, and the Li brothers’ Bronze Cards; all the points they had accumulated up till now was less than what he had gotten during that one challenge. As for the prizes for successfully completing the challenge? What was that white light? Yue Yang summoned his grimoire, and saw at once that the Barbaric Cow’s other abilities had not changed at all. Only an additional attribute, ‘Low Sentience’ had been added, which had made him so happy that he thought it was a dream.

In this world of numerous beasts, what was the hardest ability to raise?

Without a doubt, it’s sentience.

Why was it that a beast’s ability to transform into a humanoid was so highly evaluated? The reason was that the ability to become a human also allowed a beast to gain sentience through evolving. Why was it that some beasts that weren’t weak, they were actually much stronger than other beasts at the same level, yet people had still given them a low evaluation, calling them Toiling Beasts? The reason was that they were stupid, as they had no sentience.

Sentience was also a criteria for assessing a beast’s ability to evolve. The higher its sentience, the higher its potential to evolve; the faster it evolved, the more skills gained from its evolution.

The biggest difference between Sacred Beasts and ordinary beasts was that Sacred Beasts had high sentience levels, while ordinary beasts did not have sentience.

Another way to put it would be the difference between that of humans and monkeys.

The Barbaric Cow originally had no sentience, she only knew how to clash head-on with the opponent foolishly. By successfully challenging the Aries Temple, the Law Guardian rewarded her by raising her sentience. Of course, this made Yue Yang extremely happy. With sentience, it would be easier for her to understand his commands, her ability to comprehend the meaning would be better, and it would be easier for her to have matching ideas. With sentience, he would be able to ‘teach’ her to use some simple combat skills.

“Keep all the treasures, definitely cannot let others see it.” Yue Yang did not care about the others, but he was afraid that the silk-clothes wearing beauty, the Master of Luo Hua City, would see it.

This Master of Luo Hua City, gave people a feeling of ‘danger’. Although she wasn’t as dangerous as the big-breasted beauty he met at Shang Wu Camp, this female was obviously not someone who was easy to deal with.

She was still a City Master.

People such as the City Masters and Lords, in the Soaring Dragon Continent where the strong prey on the weak, and in the world where Rankers were respected, these posts could only be held by Level 6 Elders.

In other words, this Master of Luo Hua City, that silk-clothes wearing girl, was at least a Level 6 Elder. In the entire Soaring Dragon Continent, she was also an outstanding person. When Yue Yang didn’t have any treasures on him, of course it was no problem, but now that he had acquired a treasure, he had to be careful. He did not want her to find out about his real strength from his feat of acquiring treasures right after he stepped out.

After being teleported out, Yue Yang didn’t see that silk-clothes wearing Master of Luo Hua City, but he saw Ye Kong and the others looking at him as if they had seen a miracle descend from heaven.

“You’re not dead?” Ye Kong questioned stupidly.

“No kidding!” Yue Yang snorted, in a bad mood.

“You really didn’t die? How, how is this possible?” The Golden Armour Guard Captain’s mouth was so wide that a three-headed Chimera could be stuffed inside.

“…” Yue Yang was speechless, and he felt that these people’s exaggerated reactions were absurd. Curious, he replied them with a question: “Why is it that so many people who go in to challenge are fine, but when I go in I’ll definitely die?”

“Because even when the challengers were Level 5 Rankers, not a single one of them was able to come out alive even after 2 hours. You’re the first, no that’s wrong, you’re only a Level 1 Beginner, not a Level 5 Grandmaster… Can you tell us, you stayed in there for 3 hours, what were you doing? Were you chatting with the three-headed Chimera?” The Golden Armour Guard Captain had the urge to bash his head violently on the wall, because when he challenged it, his record was half an hour before he retreated. Normally, it was as if he had won the lottery, and bragged to others about it often, but he never thought that his record would be beaten so easily by a Beginner.

“Oh right, what were you doing inside?” Everyone was extremely curious, and crowded around Yue Yang, becoming inhuman spectators to him.

“Ah… “ Seeing the expressions on the crowd around him, Yue Yang decided to feed them a large amount of lies.

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