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DOP Chapter 379 – Marriage of a Princess (10)

Chapter 379 – Marriage of a Princess (10)
Translated by: Andy
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Liu Yue turned around and looked at Xuan Yuan Che. That grand and majestic look on his face. The arrogance that he has. This was a man who looks to conquer the world.

She slowly moved her hand towards his and intertwined their fingers together. She held his hands tightly.

No matter what happens, she will also be by his side.

“Master, Mistress. The Dragon Riders brought news.” Qiu Hen held a letter sent by a flying pigeon and came running.

When they were in the rainforest, no one had a concrete location of their whereabouts so they couldn’t receive news from the outside world. When they finally left, news started to fly in.

Xuan Yuan Che received the letter and looked over it with Liu Yue.

“Snow Saint and Hou Jin fought like fire and water. Hou Jin has three hundred thousand troops stationed. Hou Jin’s minister escaped towards the Chen Empire.” The news was very short. With a single look, they were able to finish reading it. Xuan Yuan Che suddenly laughed loudly.

“For Hou Jin to fight the Snow Saint Empire, they need the help of the Chen Empire. This news about the minister escaping to the Chen Empire is just an excuse. It seems like this Chen Fei’s tactics are so-so.” After reading it, he released the flying pigeon back into the sky.

“If they really do battle, then Hou Jin’s destruction is imminent.” Qiu Hen revealed a smile.

Hearing this, Liu Yue looked over at Xuan Yuan Che. She was the one who stirred the tension between the two empires. However, the destruction of an empire isn’t really possible. Hou Jin is pretty strong themselves.

However, she didn’t care about what happened. She wanted Hou Jin to be destroyed in the first place.

Looking at how Liu Yue was thinking about things, Xuan Yuan Che smiled and flicked her nose, “It’s all because my Yue is incredible.”

The situation of the seven empires, the strategies for war, they can all change in matters of seconds. No one can be sure of what’s going to happen. Liu Yue doesn’t know any of the ancient stratagems so it was useless to tell her anything.

Liu Yue looked up at him with an arrogant look, “Of course!”

Hearing this, Xuan Yuan Che laughed loudly. The sound of the laughter resonated throughout the entire ravine.

“Mistress, there’s news from the Blood Shadow Guards.” In the midst of the laughter, Yan Hu quickly ran towards Liu Yue.

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