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Chapter 270 – The Calm Before the Storm (13)

Chapter 270 – The Calm Before the Storm (13)
Translated by: Andy

Last chapter in arc.

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Xuan Yuan Che stared at Liu Yue some more and raised his brow, “I feel like…… I feel like you look like somebody I know.”

That night when he came back, he didn’t get to see Liu Yue’s face very clearly. Maybe it was because he was too excited that he overlooked her face.

It was two days ago at the auction where he had noticed it.

“Look like somebody? Why don’t you say that they look like me?” Liu Yue glared at Xuan Yuan Che.

Xuan Yuan Che immediately laughed to spite himself, “She…uhhh…she’s older than you?”

“Who?” Liu Yue glared at him again.

Xuan Yuan Che was thinking. After he saw her death glare, he replied, “I don’t know. I only saw a glimpse of her face. We were pretty far away from each other too. However, I felt that you two looked very similar.”

Liu Yue saw that he didn’t have any impure intentions and was just saying this out of curiosity. She waved her arms in discontent and said, “Whatever. There are a lot of people who look similar in the world.”

She pointed at Xuan Yuan Che’s chest and poked it a few times, “Remember this. You’re mine.”

If she saw that he had some other intentions, who knows what she would’ve done with him.

Such overbearing words caused Xuan Yuan Che to laugh. So possessive. But, he liked this. It’s been three years since he’s felt like this.

This was his little princess.

She also poked Liu Yue and said, “and you’re mine.”

Liu Yue grabbed his finger and Xuan Yuan Che grabbed his hand. They both saw through each other’s intentions.

The room was filled with the scent of love.

That other girl they were talking about? They had already forgotten about it.

Seven days. It wasn’t too long away.

The entire Hou jin empire was preparing for the wedding.

Once the many ministers in the empire heard that the emperor and the the crowned prince will make an appearance to personally host the wedding, they all sent people to Liu Yue’s general mansion.

They had sent many precious and rare treasures as a congratulatory gift. Gifts were pouring into the mansion like water.

The scene was very familiar. It was exactly like the time when the three princes of Tianchen sent Liu Yue her winnings from their gamble.

This was a very grand occasion in the empire.

Even the surrounding empires like the Chen Empire and the Zhao Empire heard about it.

As the entire empire was busily preparing for the celebration, Xuan Yuan Che was preparing for his plan in the shadows.

Seven days passed very quickly.

The spring wind was blowing and it was finally Liu Yue’s wedding day.

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