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VW:UUTS Chapter 22 – Guarding Corpses

Chapter 22 – Guarding Corpses
Translated by: Erza
Edited By: Shiroyukineko, Surjit
TLC By: Shiroyukineko



I held up three fingers, though strictly speaking, they were just three bones with pieces of bloody flesh sticking on to them .

Ghost Valley was watching over the strong enemy intently, preparing to stand up straight away the moment he resurrected. On the other hand, Wind Fantasy hardly cared about our bodies as he stood 10 meters away, waiting for our resurrection. He didn’t seem to care about us, two Undead players, teaming up together.


Breathing in deeply, I prepared to press the resurrection button.



Ghost Valley was an honest person and both of us resurrected at the same time. We both gulped down a health potion each and charged towards Wind Fantasy.


Wind Fantasy seemed to sneer at us, and suddenly counterattacked straight towards us. His white robe fluttering in the wind, his glowing weapon that struck fear on people’s heart quickly charged towards Ghost Valley!

“Eh, aiming for me? Come–at me!”

Ghost Valley was an arrogant and proud person, therefore he didn’t yield under this attack.

Wind Fantasy was also very bold, for he feinted with his sword to bait Ghost Valley into attacking. Then, instead, he turned his body and slid his sword along Ghost Valley’s spear, brushing the sharp blade of his sword at Ghost Valley’s neck. His entire movement flowed perfectly like flowing water, his demeanour befitting a true expert.


When the silvery sword cut through Ghost Valley’s neck, a large number appeared–558!

It was a critical strike, an instant death!

“Pu Tong!”

Ghost Valley’s face was filled with bewilderment as he fell to his knees and died once again!

Instantaneously, Wind Fantasy turned towards me and directed his murderous aura towards me, ready to kill. At the same time, I activated my [Death Blade] and charged towards him, my body fast like a cheetah pouncing, my Green Forest Blade enveloped in a green radiance.

Caught off guard, Wind Fantasy was injured on his shoulder.

“Pu chi!”

Blood splattered, staining his white robes. Without waiting for him to recover, I quickly thrust forward, stabbing his chest, my sharp sword slick like a poisonous snake!



These two consecutive attacks were the result of my attack speed and power at their limits.

Thus, with his HP bar empty, Wind Fantasy slowly fell to the ground and dropped a level.
“Ughh, he killed me . . . it was so painful!”

Ghost Valley had revived and walked towards Wind Fantasy’s corpse, bitterly kicking it then said: “Fallen Hero, let’s guard his corpse. He’s currently the first in the Floating Ice City’s rankings, even after dropping to level 25. Let’s guard over his body for one whole day and see if he could still be the annoying first ranked player!”

I couldn’t help but laugh. Patting his shoulder, I said: “You guard him, I want to keep on levelling. Even if we were to guard over his corpse, I wouldn’t be sure I would be able to kill him again once he revives……”

I wasn’t being humble at all. I could only barely manage to defeat him after teaming up with Ghost Valley just now. If I were to fight against this person one on one, I’m afraid that my odds of winning is less than 50%!

Looking at the rankings, I found that I had fallen to level 22 while Ghost Valley fell to level 21. Both of us fall out of the top ten Floating Ice City Player Ranking Board. The ground around us were filled with corpses of over ten members of the [Mad Dragon] guild; even the first-ranked player, Wind Fantasy, encountered the same fate and was killed here. Frozen Ice Mound was indeed the territory of the Undead, befitting Mad Dragon then sent some people to find the corpse of Wind Fantasy. For someone or some people to be able to kill the top ranking player in Floating Ice, this news sent waves of terror throughout the city.

Looking at Sentinel Skeleton Leader Falk’s corpse, Ghost Valley said: “This non-boss NPC needs up to 24 hours to resurrect. We definitely can’t receive any missions today.”


I smiled and didn’t comment any more. Turning my body, I walked into Frozen Mound to replenish my potions and repair my equipments. Then, I treaded along Frozen Alley, entering the jungle.

Anyway, I need to first rise to LV. 25. If I could equip the Weeping Fireblade and the Cyan Fire Cloak, I wouldn’t be inferior to Wind Fantasy even in a direct confrontation.

In the edge of the cemetery, I looked for a leveling ground. LV. 25 Bone Spear Undeads, though weak in power were high in EXP. In the absence of missions, this monsters were still a good source of training.


In front, a neutral creature appeared – Wild Chicken LV. 20. Its attack and health was all low, it died with two of my sword strikes. As its corpse collapsed to the ground, I moved forward and activated my [Corpse Pillage] skill!


System announcement: Congratulations, you have obtained chicken egg x1! (Quality: 4)

There was nothing else. So I ate that egg raw and recovered 4 points of satiety. Compared to Xin Ran’s oat bread, this was much worse.

Using one hand, I summoned an Undead with [Summon Undead]!

“Hiss, hiss…….”

Struggling for a while, the dead chicken slowly stood up again, this time as a beautiful, magnificent Skeleton Chicken. It had became an Undead Servant of LV.10, with its attributes receiving great penalty. This [Summon Undead] ability was really “chicken”.

(Shiro: real bad joke, i know. Dunno if this makes sense in English context. Chicken = weak/coward for clarification)

Continuing to level, after four hours of killing the skeletons, I finally rose to LV. 24. At this time, Du Shi San sent me a message: “Lu Chen, I just got to LV. 17, isn’t that fast? We have already been online for at least ten hours. Isn’t it time to go offline to eat and rest a bit?”

“Okay, I’ll log out immediately!!”

Rushing back to Frozen Moud, I saw the the players from Mad Dragon guild had already resurrected and left. Wind Fantasy had also disappeared. His level had become LV.27, keeping his wide margin ahead.

Entering the cemetery, I found that Ghost Valley was just entering the grave. With a smile he turned to me: “Finished with work and returning home?”

With a thump, I laughed: “Yeah! Are you returning home too?”

“En, good night and sweet dreams!”


Logging out, I found that it was already three in the afternoon of the next day. I found that my body still felt refreshed and full of energy, as if I had just taken drugs and became like an Ultraman, my whole body full of energy. Though naturally when I stood up, I felt a wave of dizziness, confirming that this body of mine was indeed still human.

After washing myself up, Du Shi San and I went with to a restaurant downstairs. We asked for a bottle of alcohol and a few dishes. The restaurant served a few Hunan cuisines which were all quite delicious. The boss was a 30 year old woman, with a slim waist and plump butts. She looked enchanting when she walked; in Shi San’s words, she was a ‘bombshell’. This was one of the reasons why Du Shi San and I frequently visited here.

Du Shi San downed a glass and ate some of the dishes, his brows frowning deeply that it almost formed an 儿 character. He looked at the boss’s ass as he laughed out, “LU=u Chen, through this years, a lot of girls have taken interest in you, yet why didn’t you reciprocate them or show interest? Take Tan Xue from the Foreign Language Department in our third year high school for example. She was obviously interested in you.”

“Tan Xue, who is Tan Xue?” I asked at a loss, draining my cup.

“F**k…….” Du Shi San just glared at me and said: “In your third year of school, there was a heavy snow in Suzhou. Didn’t she sent you a message saying: ‘Ah, it’s snowing outside, isn’t it beautiful? Shall we go outside and watch the snow together?’ Think about it, how did you answer……”

Muttering: “How did I reply? I have forgotten…….”

“Damn…….”Banging the table in frustration while he exclaimed in exasperation, “You replied with: ‘Why would I go out on such a cold day!’”

“Damn!”I slammed the table: “Such a thing happened?!”

Du Shi San raised a glass towards me and said: “You aren’t young anymore, you should find a wife already. Look at me, how happy I am…….”

“How are you happy?” I chuckled: “Are you talking about your philandering ways and how every women from Suzhou to Shanghai is calling your name in bed?”

Staring blankly, Du Shi San said: “Shit, you know that too? That’s right, that’s what happened. How could I go on without girlfriends?”

Shaking my head, I replied: “Forget it, those things don’t suit me.”

“Not suitable? Don’t tell me it’s because they don’t reach your standards…” Du Shi San helplessly retorted, “Back in the day, Tan Xue was the Madonna of the Foreign Language Department. If she didn’t reach your standards, then who can….”

As he was speaking, his eyes lit up, like he remembered something: “Indeed, women like He Yi are simply women of the best quality. Shame…dear brother, can you really be the dominant over those types of women?”

Looking outside the window, I muttered: “I never thought of such matters before……”

Du Shi San just stared at me. After a while he said, shaking his head, “Nevermind, you are still just like how Tan Xue used to say you were, you are a big blockhead, a blockhead that wouldn’t mature his whole life!”

I couldn’t help but smile: “We can still live comfortably even without women. How about we talk about what course of action we should plan to take in the future now, eh?”

(Erza: Oh my, Lu Chen, Lu Chen. Du Shi San is correct, I’m worried for your future, not thinking about those types of things! Are you planning on becoming an old man alone?)

Then with great interest, Du Shi San chattered: “I’m nearly at LV. 20, and at LV. 25 I can choose a secondary profession. What do you recommend? Pharmaceuticals, wood-cutter, hunter, blacksmith, tailor?”

“Up to you, but don’t forget you must be able to earn money.”

“Blacksmithing would surely earn lots of money in the later stages of the game. I think I will learn blacksmithing.”


Du Shi San then smiled, eyes full of longing: “Lu Chen, when we are high level players, we should start to make your own guild and spread our fame!”

“That’s right!”

Clenching my fists, I shouted: “We shall establish a brand new guild that ignores all justice, laws and values to focus on our sole purpose of annihilating [Mad Dragon] and other kinds of tyrannising guild. We shall sweep the Floating Ice City clean of any influences!”

“Ha ha, that’s my intention exactly!”

Rather excitedly, Du Shi San called spiritedly: “Owner, two more bottles of alcohol!”

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