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Change to Patreon and release rate

Alright, my schedule is being filled so first up, I’m back, but I’m gonna have to go slower. Chaps will be out 5 a week instead of 7. As for patreon, I can longer keep up with what I was previously doing, so I’m changing the system. Instead of a monthly subscription, it’ll be a pay per chap. The value has been changed to $1 every 2 chapters. Also, for some reason you guys are subscribed at $20, I’ll be giving you a week to change it(otherwise, according to what I can see, you’ll be charged $20 per 2 chapters). You guys have to unsubscribe and resubscribe to the new one. Sorry for the trouble.  Anyway, I”ll be flushing my stockpile to make up for lost chaps. There’ll be a bulk release coming sometime tomorrow.



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