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Change in Release Schedule

Hey all, my semester just started on Monday and all my free time suddenly vanished into thin air. Tried persevering for three days but I realized I won’t be able to go on like this, it will probably affect my health and grades. So here’s the revised schedule.

Regular Chapters/week: 3 DOP, 1 LLS, 1 UUTS

Sponsored Chapters/week: 0-3 Sponsored chapters (3 DOP chapter = 1 sponsored chapter)

This will be effective from next week (24/8) onwards.

I apologize for any disappointments that we’ve caused, but it’s a decision I’ve come toΒ after much deliberation.

I’d also like to take this chance to give a shout out to all potential translators out there! If you know Chinese and would like to contribute to our efforts, do check out our Recruitment Page! We’ll be glad to welcome you to join our team!



  1. McLaindog says:

    Well I don’t know Chinese but I’ve read so much Google translated works I can probably make a decent profit for lls πŸ™‚ if you need one

  2. Seigi says:

    Thanks for the translations! School and health goes first.
    Any chapters are better than no chapters at all.

    • shiroyukineko says:

      erm. excuse me. I think this is fair enough. previously, i released 6 regular chapters and 6 sponsored each week. Now I release 3 regular and 3 sponsored. the ratio and proportion is still the same. And do note that donation is optional.

    • Pie_Demon says:

      well he could always just drop it, but he’s not. This is something voluntary he is doing and frankly to do 3 regular and 3 sponsored a week is quite alot with schoolwork added in. So thank you Shiroyukineko. πŸ™‚

  3. Busy Bee says:

    School and health are more important. I am grateful with whatever translations you churn out. Take care.

  4. Drey says:

    Yep, can’t be helped since life has to go on.

    May I ask so when will we get the next DOP release? Facing withdrawal hahhahhahhahaha

  5. saiamaru says:

    Yep yep! Not a problem! I know sometimes things get rough. Just take care of your personal business first. It’s alright if it’s a bit late. I think we all understand. Really appreciate your work regarding the schedule!

  6. Old Man Sage says:

    Any more than that while at school would be crazy. Tbh I have no idea where you are finding time for this ( unless you are a business major)

  7. nagiso says:

    thank for your hardwork ^^ Not worry and rest yoursell well. After all the health are very important!(more than the school). It would be better a neko in good health that it sick. It’s ugly a neko sick. :p

  8. Saemon says:

    Every time i read another of the negative comments in threads like this, my first taught is that if you ain’t paying stop complaining. (Well really i am thinking more about painful hemorrhoids attached to you but …)

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