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Announcement – Welcome Ze Tian Ji!

Shiro: Hey all, as you all might know, Ze Tian Ji was recently dropped, and another translator, bbkgs, has decided to pick it up. I asked whether she/he wanted to host Ze Tian Ji in shiroyukitranslations.com, and he/she agreed. So, I’d like to offer a warm welcome to bbkgs and Ze Tian Ji here in Shiroyukineko Translations! Do check it out, I think it’s a great novel 🙂 (and I don’t know if he/she is a girl/guy lol.)

bbkgs: Hi everyone, bbkgs here.
Shiro contacted me almost straight away after my initial translation post and offered to host the translations on her website, being a fan of a series translated here (LLS), I saw no reason to decline.

In the interim I’ve been using a wordpress site created by a kind reddit user (trauma_kmart) and it was appropriate for allowing mobile users and regular users alike to read my translations without hassle, so it might be a little awkward to switch over to a different site, but arrangements here should give me less hassle in site maintenance which was being handled by trauma_kmart.

I’m currently planning on releasing a new chapter every 2 days, this isn’t fixed, but I wish to maintain this pace until the end of the current arc as readers have been waiting patiently for a long time to finally see some MC cultivation.
This pacing will slow down after the current arc, as it’ll be too much of a time burden to continue long-term.

Shiro asked me about donations and so I will state: I will not be accepting donations.
A chapter every 2 days is already a lot of time spent translating and I honestly cannot spend time on extra chapters. There is also the obligation that comes with accepting donations and I do not wish to be tied down with such an obligation as someone new to translating.



  1. hipployta says:

    Reading the comments there in the drop and someone else is translating posts I have come to the conclusion that readers are really spoiled brats. I could not do the work ya’ll do and remain civil. I hope we are not a group of whiners here.

    Great job Team Shiroyuki. Welcome aboard bbkgs.

  2. Jaeger says:

    Thanks for picking this series up. i haven’t read the last 10+ chapter of this series and just hoping to read it at one go till his first power-up, but who have thought that this has been dropped. Hopefully you last with this pacing and last longer, and somehow please avoid the helter skelter pacing of translating of the previous translators. The helter skelter release of the previous translator really bottlenecked the series, which should be updated frequently because of the slow story development, and that lead to losing faith to the translators by some readers.

    But, still, kudos to Bing translator for introducing this great series, and hopefully you returned back to your previous form of translating almost everyday in your next prospective project.

    • Bodohnakmampuskoni says:

      Dont go telling translator what he/she should do. People like you just know how to whine.Translate yourself if you want faster pace.

  3. HydroPoop says:

    I’d rather more translators on LLS tho……
    Been planning to read ZTJ but put off by comments on how slow it is.
    Maybe i’ll read when the chapters have progressed much further

  4. Kelly1127 says:

    Yay! Thanks for picking up ZTJ and your intention for the faster pace! (Not that I don’t appreciate all that Bingo and co have done. They were brilliant)
    Basically, welcome! Looking forward to the mc’s cultivation and future opness!

  5. onehitkill says:

    Thank you.. this is a great novel i relly got into it after a few chapters.. right now i am desperately waiting for more.. if u can, increase the pace please.. still iam happy..once again thank you and good luck.

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