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Announcement for Shadow Rogue

Dear Readers,

Thank you for your continued support. Unfortunately SR will be temporarily placed on an extremely long hiatus, or until I decide to continue it, or until someone else picks it up. If there are any translator who wants to pick this up feel free to take it any time. As for my further work, I’ll continue doing LLS for now and I might pick up a new work but I won’t pick up Apocalypse Summoner anymore.



    • bkchan says:

      Just go for machine translation,I gotta say when you reach around chapter 1000 you will start to lose interest,it begins to really copy Shura’s Wrath in so many ways…
      And the Harem gets too big imo…

  1. bkchan says:

    Tbh this series is not really worth it,i’ve read most of it in lnmtl and I gotta say that it gets pretty bad later on,so it’s best to just drop it here…

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