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      • ScalTurN says:

        i think you should try and post this on WebNovel, it will get more people to read SDG, more people will donate etc.. try this strategy.(you dont need to translate anything, just post what you already have, you might get somthing for nothing)

  1. DMR says:

    No offense… but… that’s not a really good reason to not translate….

    Just because other translators aren’t translating, you are punishing us readers???

    • JR says:

      i believe the reason of them not translating has to do with copyrights Qidian and 17K.com own most if not all of the popular novels being translated all over the place so they must be worried about that. though to be honest translating a work is not illegal in any way. publishing is however. so shiroyukitranslations would take the heat if any such problem would arise in the future but since we as readers do not know the internal workings of this site all we can do is hope they resume translations soon.

    • Last says:

      It’s not like I won’t release during hiatus but lesser. I also understand that its not a good excuse but I can’t really handle that much load

  2. busnuss says:

    Or you could alternate between LLS and SDG~
    Like if you would(normally) work on LLS on M T W Th F then just work on SDG T Th instead

    There’s no sense in keeping the LLS schedule the same as when there aren’t people helping you as it was when there were people helping. That’s taking the burden of [how ever many other people work on LLS] as one person, which is a bad idea if that number is just 1 other person, much less multiple other people.
    Don’t burn yourself out and die!

  3. Tereus says:

    School – Killer of 95% translation projects i read… The remaining 5% is translated by working adults and for them i have more patience. I know that first and foremost priority is “Paying bills”
    Good luck and i hope “Father Life” wont kick you too hard

  4. AonDuine says:

    This might be cruel of me to say, but at only 50 chs in nearly a year, it already was on half-hiatus as far as I am concerned. That said, no one can claim that you owe them anything. In light of that, let me leave you with a favorite quote of mine.

    “So you do you, and I’ll do me, and we won’t do each other…probably.”-Markiplier

  5. FERNANDO says:

    Deja de traducir SDG hay otro traductor que lo quiere traducir de SKYNOVELS pero por respeto a tus traducciones no lo saca

  6. patomalo says:

    I appreciate the notice. I hope everything goes well for you. Regardless of anything else I appreciate what you have done and have enjoyed it greatly.

  7. Mentolatt3 says:

    Thanks for letting us know beforehand. Hope everything goes well for you and we can read SDG again soon.
    Take your time and handle your stuff well, RL is the most important.

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