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  1. gamer3012 says:

    gt is not that bad, most of their novel get regular updates(unlike here) so you don’t have to keep guessing

    • minruaust says:

      i thought gmc was on perma hiatus. I do not read hk but do not remember seeing many posts. was it being updated weekly or twice monthly? if GT can increase the posts that is all good, but if they don’t add some staff or offer current staff some carrots then there will be no improvement.

  2. busnuss says:

    I used to really love gravity tales… now that it’s quidan tales I pretty much only stick to the stories I was reading. I really don’t want support pirates. (QI has stolen translations from WW and claimed that they had come to an agreement with WW about dual hosting[a lie])

    • vanaril says:

      Money, QI want to be the only one, stabbing in the back doesn’t matter to them, so I think it’s quite a shitty decision to go work for people like that but hey, money govern the world

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