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Shiroyuki Translations was created on 1st June 2015 by Shiroyukineko. We translate Chinese light novels to English, currently taking up 5 projects:
1. Descent of the Phoenix: 13 Years Old Princess Consort a.k.a. DOP
2. Long Live Summons! a.k.a. LLS
3. Virtual World: Unparalleled under the Sky a.k.a. VW:UUTS
4. Ze Tian Ji (Way of Choices) a.k.a. ZTJ (dropped)
5. The Strongest Dan God a.k.a. SDG
6. Dragon-blooded Martial War God a.k.a. DBWG
6. Godly Model Creator a.k.a. GMC


We claim no ownership to any chapter of these novels. All chapters, characters and storylines are owned by the respective authors. We do not own any of the original material. All these light novels are freely available on Chinese Light Novels websites, link provided under their respective pages.

Reddit User ID: /u/shiroyukinekotrans

About The Team:

Shiroyukineko: Currently translating LLS and VW:UUTS
Bbkgs: Currently translating ZTJ
Andy: Currently translating SDG and DOP


Q: Focus more on <insert novel name> please?
A: It’s respective translators’ judgement on which novel they want to translate. However, we will keep the minimum chapter release at 1 chapter/week. If you want to see more releases, you are welcome to be our slave join us. See Recruitment.

Q: Do you have a Release Schedule?
A: See Release Schedule

Q: More chapters?
A: See Donations.

Q: Timezone?
A: GMT +8 for Shiro, but chapter release have no fixed timing.

Q: Translation Speed?
A: On average, DOP: 1hr/chapter, LLS: 4hrs/chapter, VWUUTS: 4hrs/chapter due to the different length and language level.

Q: Method of translation?
A: I translate using my brain and this very useful chrome extension (scroll over any chinese letter and it will show a pop-up english translation). In fact, I strongly recommend all translators to use this – saves a hell lot of time.

Q: Translation Quality?
A: May change the meaning of the raws a little to fit English common sense or if I thought it doesn’t make sense. Translations are tweaked (just a little) to enhance readers’ experience.

Q: I saw grammar mistakes!
A: Too lazy to change them, sorry. But do tell me in the chat if it’s a mistake related to the story though…Or if any link is not working… Thanks! 😛

Q: Pictures?
A: They are from the manhuas.

Q: Shiroyukineko?
A: Based on my anime-learnt Japanese, it should mean Snow White Cat. At first I wanted Neko, but it’s taken, then Shironeko, which is also taken, so it’s Shiroyukineko now. Blame wordpress for making it so long :/

Q: Questions! Suggestions!
A: email me at shiroyukitrans@hotmail.com.

About Shiroyukineko:

white-kitten-with-its-pa-toy-105722 ID: Shiroyukineko (female) a.k.a shiro, neko
Lvl: 23
Job: Lazy Translator
HP (TL-ed words): 1500/5000 (can be replenished with nice comments and good mood)
MP: 0/unlimited (can be replenished with donation)
Cute Kitty Eyes
(Passive – Increase reader’s desire to donate by 25%)
Berserk Translator Mode
(Active – Releases more chapters than what’s written in the Release Schedule. Requires full hp)
Multiple Chapter Release
(Active – Releases more than daily release schedule. Requires mp)
Cute kitty who loves reading and freedom. Often seen together with her laptop typing away through the night. Serial Procrastinator who would do most things last minute – which often results in delays on Release Schedule that she tried to follow (But she tried hard to keep to it though). Looks pretty normal and harmless but no one knows what’s going on in her mind. Dreams of becoming a self-sufficient NEET.

Well, that’s all for this page. Do comment and like the chapters! They’ll make my day 😀

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