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9 May News and Updates

Hi all!

Update 12 May:
If you are still getting redirected, could you try to do a hard refresh on your browser?
For Mac: Command + Shift + R
For Windows: Ctrl + F5

You can also try clearing your cache.

Let me know if the ad redirect problem still persist in the poll below!

[12 May] Are you still getting redirected?

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Shiro here~ Here’s some announcement and updates for you guys!


Auto-redirecting Ads
Lately I have been alerted that various users has been redirected when they try to access my site. I tried tweaking my site, let me know if the problem is still ongoing. I would really need your help with this. Please comment in this post if you are still getting redirected!

Also, I would like to sincerely apologise for this issue. I really don’t know how this happened, but I want you guys to know that I definitely won’t set any ad auto-redirects from my site.

Thank you for your support in this matter!

Andy’s Return, SDG Comeback
The title speaks for itself – Andy will be making his return to the site! He is very sorry for disappearing for a few months and for letting his readers down. He is translating like a machine now and is planning a mass release to make up to you guys. He’ll be posting chapters whenever he can!

Here’s a photo of Andy feeling sorry.

Hahah that’s all for today, see you guys next time!

With love,


  1. 2_chan says:

    Hurray for SDG. Looking forward to 70+ donor chapters not spaced out over multiple years. If this is responsibility, honesty, transparency, accountability, integrity, consistency, communication, and professionalism that’s coming with a new Andy, who previously displayed an unfortunate lack of all of the above, welcome back. This isn’t a hate comment; this is just coming from an extremely disillusioned and disappointed reader. Just a “sorry” doesn’t cut it. I hope your actions will show that you have at least a modicum of respect for readers, donors, and shiro (who ends up taking the misdirected flak for your errors). If they do, I hope to frequent your chapters with gratitude, respect, and enthusiasm.

  2. kyonasakura says:

    I get a lot of salt for saying this on any translation sites but here we go :

    Donations are just that , donations, they are used as a incentive to your translator and nothing more can be expected from it . HOWEVER when you promise chapters in exchange of a certain amount of money , then it isn`t just a donation anymore, even if every site likes to pretend that it is, you compromised to release those chapters, it became a exchange. And it doesn`t matter how bad thing get on RL , it takes 1 minute to write a commend explaining that you won`t be able to translate, and not even that was done.

    this was the rant of someone whom donated for absolutely nothing.

  3. Tono Eiji says:

    Welcome back Andy! Shiro said “He is translating like a machine now ” .So I really hope Not, Machine Translate is really bad so don’t try to imitate them.

    Joke aside Good to see u back and well.

    • Ren Ashbell says:

      Also i dont know if its just me but i think shiro removed the chat box in this site …..

  4. chyrion says:

    When trying to open the most recent posted chapter of LLS (473) got redirected to a fishing site trying to get my passwords and it wouldn’t easily let me close the tab

  5. SCP says:

    i stoped being redirected after blocking everything. im not talking about using an adblock i mean i blocked images, flash and java using the site settings in chrome.

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