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DOP Chapter 47 – Condemning the other Party (3)

Chapter 47 – Condemning the other Party (3)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko

TLN: I’m sleepy…

Her aggressive voice immediately silenced the murmurs of the surrounding crowd. The Yellow Tune Street that was usually lively had now turned dead silent.

“No Royal Decree, no weapons and troops, is she even prepared to cause such a big trouble…?”

“Did you see that two attacks? That was not easy…not easy…”

In just a short moment, the crowd immediately started to mumble their astonishment.

Although Liu Yue had heard all of these whispers, she closed her eyes and sat back down calmly, not even a tinge of smile could be seen in her face.

“Who? Who dared to disturb our Left Ministers’ Residence?” At this moment, the large red-coloured front door suddenly opened again as a bunch of soldiers wielding swords and spears burst out, each and everyone filled with killing intent.

“It’s her.” The guard with the beaten up face immediately pointed at Liu Yue, his whole face distorted with anger. “She also said something about only allowing people in and not letting a single one out.”

When the leader of the troops heard this, he was extremely angry as he hollered at Liu Yue, “What a nerve you have! You dared to beat up our Residence’s Guards, don’t you have any respect for this country’s laws?”

Liu Yue, whose eyes were still closed, didn’t react to his question even a little bit. It almost looked like she had fallen asleep.

Seeing this, the Guard Leader was immediately furious as he waved his hand and shouted, “Charge, everyone! Break her legs for me, then tie her up and throw her into the jail! Our Left Minister’s Residence is not a place for you, a kid, to kid around.”

As he finished his words, the ten men behind him immediately brandished their weapons and charged towards Liu Yue.

Her lustrous black hair swayed in the wind as Liu Yue flicked the whip on her hands, her eyes now opened and showing a fearsome killing intent. The whip flew towards the guards fast as lightning.

A whiplash split the air and produced a thundering sound, just like the sound of thunder across the sky during a storm.

A loud “bam” was heard as the dark shadow of the long whip landed on their targets. The surrounding crowd almost couldn’t see the lightning fast movements before the whole place was suddenly covered with dust.

Liu Yue was still closing her eyes and sitting down on her chair, right at the same place.

dop50-2However, in front of her, the ten large, bulky men were all pushed back from the attack. There were traces of whip lashes along their throats.

One whip. It was just one whip.

Over 10 large men collapsed with a single whip.

Taking of their helmets, the ten large men held their throats and writhe in pain. Beads of perspiration filled their foreheads as they felt a sinister aura seeping out from the little girl in front of them.

Closing her eyes and leaning back on the chair, Liu Yue slowly rubbed the long whip with her fingers. The indifferent look in her face had turned hostile and domineering as she glared at the guards in front of her.

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  1. jacobpaige says:

    This doesn’t seem like a very effective seal. They could easily leave through the back as long as they were willing to abandon their pride by avoiding a small girl.

    • Tcol521 says:

      This is China we are talking about and its someone in high nobility ranks so leaving through backdoor would damage their influence too greatly, giving Liu Yue step-mother complete control of Emperor Harem. Emperor Harem in Chinese empires and many others can have a great amount of influence so if Left minister looses face it means the Emperes loses power. Liu Yue is 3-5 steps ahead in crushing her enemies if she succeed.

      • jacobpaige says:

        Its true that leaving out the back would hurt his reputation, but not being able to leave at all would damage it as well. Plus, he doesn’t need to be the one that leaves out the back. It could just be a messenger asking the emperor to reign her in based on the excuse that his guards can’t bear to hurt someone so important to one of the kings. Face would still be lost, but not nearly as much as would be lost from allowing this to continue.

        • Tcol521 says:

          Though the Emperor gave her permission to beat up her bullies and this is good way to indirectly do it. The Emperor cant stop it or he would loose face so she got total control of this situation. XD
          This will be fun to read.

        • jacobpaige says:

          He could if he wanted to, I doubt anyone would think less of him for changing his mind. If there was a problem, it would be that he said it in the first place. That aside, the people in the house don’t know that she has permission to do this. So sending the messenger would still seem like a viable option to them.

  2. Helel_Ben says:

    Ey, the link for the webmanhua doesn’t work anymore, the new link is this one http://www.shenmanhua.com/fltxwpsss/ .
    Another thing, seeing the image of both the webmanhua and the cover from the novels that appears in mangaupdates, am i the only one that thinks that the one from the novel is much better? Do the chinese like more the youthful appearance of the comic version ?

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