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VW:UUTS Chapter 46 – Super Mysterious Wasp

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Chapter 46 – Super Mysterious Wasp
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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My mind went completely blank immediately!

This… How could this Mysterious Wasp BOSS monster be a level 1 monster? The system in had never set a level 1 BOSS before. Could it be that this level 1 BOSS could be sealed and became a player’s pet?

If that was true, then this Mysterious Wasp’s attributes would probably be extremely powerful!

I calmed the surge of excitement in my heart and took deep breaths.

Mysterious Wasp! Level 1 Mysterious Wasp! These words keep revolving in my mind.

My first step was to release the trash Wasp with a BN value of 17.


Taking out my sealing cards, I gritted my teeth as I prepared myself to charge forward. A Level 1 BOSS wouldn’t have a very high attack, so my safety was guaranteed.

It was just that I was worried about the 5 tries sealing limit. If a level 1 pet failed to be sealed within 5 tries, it would level up to level 2. Furthermore, the success rate of sealing a level 1 BOSS monster would probably be extremely low. I was not even a Beastmaster and I didn’t have a strong success rate of sealing. What if all tries failed and the Mysterious Wasp levelled up to level 2? Wouldn’t I be so regretful that I would throw up all my internal organs then?

At that moment, I was right in the middle of a forkroad. I was worried no matter if I advance or retreat. However, I have no other choice. I could only harden my guts and tried to seal this monster!


I threw the sealing card into the air, and it immediately turned into a green sealing pattern on top of that Mysterious Wasp’s head. The sealing pattern became smaller and smaller, releasing a mysterious energy to pull the Mysterious Wasp in.

I watched the progress bar of the sealing process, my heart almost jumping to my throat. However, the System Announcement was kind enough to stop my worries after a short while. Not even two seconds afterwards, a “ding” resounded —

System Announcement: Sealing failed. You have 14 more sealing tries!


I was slightly overjoyed. 14 tries? BOSS monsters were indeed different. If it was 14 tries, then my chances of sealing it successfully would be quite big!

I continued to take out the second sealing card. Fortunately I had bought a lot, unlike other beastmasters who were so stingy and only brought 10 cards with them every time they hunt. If they met this level 1 BOSS monster, they would probably die of regret.


The sealing card was thrown into the air once again, revolving around the Mysterious Wasp’s head.


System Announcement: Sealing failed. You have 13 more sealing tries!

Dammit! I failed again! Let’s try again!

And thus, I continued to throw my sealing cards, and the Mysterious Wasp continued to flap its wings, seeming like it had not noticed me, an Undead who came with a bad intention.

The System Announcement bell continued to ring on my ear as my heart started to break apart to pieces–


System Announcement: Sealing failed. You have 12 more sealing tries!


System Announcement: Sealing failed. You have 11 more sealing tries!



System Announcement: Sealing failed. You have 3 more sealing tries!


System Announcement: Sealing failed. You have 2 more sealing tries!


In a blink of an eye, I had failed all 14 tries. Now I was only left with my last chance!

I held my sealing card tight as tears drenched my whole face. I raised my sealing card and kissed it on my lips as I mumbled, “He Yi… Boss, lend me your powers!”


The sealing card turned into a hexagonal pattern once again, flying towards the Mysterious Wasp. Suddenly, the Mysterious Wasp’s body slowly turned smaller and smaller, and in a blink of an eye, it entered into the sealing pattern. However, it seemed to let out a sharp, resisting cry and tried to fly out of the seal with all of its strength. Alas, the sealing force continued to pull the Mysterious Wasp in, and it finally re-entered the sealing pattern. This continued for multiple times, and finally, on the fifth time, the Mysterious Wasp was engulfed into the magic sealing pattern, never to escape again!


System Announcement: Congratulations, you have successfully tamed Mysterious Wasp (BOSS)!


Surprise! Ecstasy! Delight!

Not a single word could describe my current feelings. It was that kind of feeling you get when you have been chasing after your dream girl for many years, and suddenly one day she came to you and said, “Idiot, I have actually been in love with you since very long time ago…”

Checking my pet window, the Mysterious Wasp appeared in my only pet slot. I immediately summoned it out, and a powerful status appeared before my eyes. My heart was immediately so exited that it almost stopped —

[Mysterious Wasp]
Level: 1
Attack: 18
Defense: 15
Health: 17
Agility: 19

Growth —
Attack: ★★★★★★
Defense: ★★★★☆
Health: ★★★★
Agility: ★★★★★☆


My mind went blank.

6 stars attack growth? 5.5 stars agility growth?

What the hell, this Mysterious Wasp was simply too overpowering!

Most importantly was that powerful initial stats value, 69 points! Compared to this, Lin Yi Xin’s Flame Blade was simply nothing!

I was thoroughly overjoyed. Not only was this BOSS pet Mysterious Wasp had a high growth rate, its inital value was also extremely powerful. Seemed like all the 24 years of luck that I have missed my whole life suddenly burst out today!

I quickly open my friends list and found that Wind Fantasy was still online. Thus, I immediately sent her a message, “Beauty Lin, do you want to see something good?

After a few seconds, Lin Yi Xin replied, “What is it? Send it over.”


I immediately sent the Mysterious Wasp’s picture and attributes over to Lin Yi Xin.

Lin Yi Xin didn’t reply for quite a few minutes. Finally, after around five minutes, she replied with a message, “Lu Chen, I want to kill someone…”

I laughed madly and replied, “Hahahah, come and kill me then! Bite me!”


It was obvious that the little beauty had already stormed off.

I was felt extremely refreshed in my heart. Since there was nothing else profitable in this Queen Wasp’s Nest, I took my Mysterious Wasp out to train. Although it was a BOSS monster, it would be useless if its level stayed at 1. I should quickly get it to my level, then I would be like a tiger with wings when I PK other players in the future.

I took out a city return scroll and crushed it to pieces. “Shua!” I immediately returned to the Floating Ice City. It was night, but there was a huge crowd of people.

I checked that my hunger was 40 points, it was time for me to replenish my hunger.

Carrying my sword, I stepped out of the Floating Ice City and went straight to the Frozen Mound. A lot of days had passed in-game, I wonder how the little loli Xin Ran is nowadays.

On the way, I used my Weeping Fireblade to cut everything blocking my path. I also named my new pet, the Mysterious Wasp, “Wind Fantasy”. This name sounded so nice. I wonder how Lin Yi Xin would react when she saw this Mysterious Wasp’s name.

I ordered the Mysterious Wasp to only follow me but not take part in battles. It received experience all along the journey, and when we arrived at the Frozen Mound, the Mysterious Wasp had already levelled up to level 11. All of its attributes had increased greatly —

[Mysterious Wasp]
Level: 11
Attack: 128
Defense: 85
Health: 317
Agility: 169


Based on this initial assessment and Mysterious Wasp’s growth rate, it would gain 10 points of attack, 7 points of defense, 30 points of health and 15 points of agility with each level. This was really a powerful growth rate. If it levelled up to level 33, its attributes would definitely be much greater than mine!

However, players could depend on equipments to increase their attributes, this was their natural advantage. Pets, on the other hand, had a fixed growth rate. If I wore a godly set of equipment, killing a Mysterious Wasp on the same level wouldn’t be a difficult thing to do.

Arriving at Frozen Mound, I found my Teacher — Undead Swordmaster Su Lun.This towering, majestic skeleton stared at me straight and smiled, “Young undead, your speed of growth never ceased to amaze me. This is really great, we have more comrades and more power to stop those humans and abominable Dark Undeads who always come to invade us.”

As he said that, he gestured with his hands and said, “In the forest north of Frozen Mound a bunch of horrible Hell Wind Wolves had appeared. These bunch of vicious wolf pack were starving, not only had they eaten human beings, they did not even let us, undeads, off. In order to discipline them, young undead, kill 400 Hell Wind Wolves for me, and bring me 100 of their Wind Wolves’ tooth!


System Announcement: Would you like to accept [Hell Wind Wolves] quest?



System Announcement: You have accepted [Hell Wind Wolves]! (Quest Level: D-medium)

Quest Description: Go to the Fairy Forest north of Frozen Mound, kill 400 Hell Wind Wolves, get 100 Hell Wind Tooths and give it to the Undead Swordsmaster Su Lun. You would then receive great rewards!


I then prepared to set off to kill Hell Wind Wolves!

After I repaired my equipment and bought some health potions, I exited the town.

First, I went to the Mushroom Forest, where I saw the cute little loli Xin ran wearing a long, azure skirt. She carried a basket as she gathered mushrooms. Seemed like she would be here through all four seasons.

Seeing me coming, Xin Ran ran over to me excitedly and smiled, “Brother, you have finally come. Xin Ran waited for many days, I even thought that you have disappeared!”

I smiled, “Why would I?”

Xin Ran took out an oat bread from her robe and smiled, “Here, for you!”

I received it and gained 50 points of satisfaction after eating it. Seems like as my level got higher, my satisfaction for food also went up.

I took out a piece of Large Magic Stone from my inventory, gave it to Xin Ran and told her to live her life happily. Xin Ran was extremely happy. After chatting for a while with me, knowing that I was very busy, she went away to pick mushrooms alone again.

I bidded farewell to Xin Ran and continued my way to the Fairy Forest.

Fairy Forest was located near the edge of Frozen Forest in Floating Ice City. It was a silent and quiet forest. Legends said that there angels had descended here before, which is why it was named Fairy Forest. However, after many years had passed and the Dark Undead Alliance had devastated the earth, angels and deities had not been seen for a long time. In order to resist the invading Dark Undeads, the others could only rely on their own weapons.

As for me, I was neither a Dark Undead nor human, I belonged to the neutral camp of Undeads. I was a healthy and strong Undead Swordsman that was growing stronger every single day!


The Fairy Forest was a deserted place.

My Weeping Fireblade glowed brightly as I stepped into the forest. I cautiously watched both sides of the pathway I was walking on, feeling as if something was following me very closely.

Night had fallen, and as the cold wind blew, the leaves on the trees growing at both sides of the pathway I was walking on rustled softly.

I opened my map. The area further down had been covered in red, it seemed like the place where Hell Wind Wolves gathered was close.

I took a deep breath, raised my sword and stepped into the forest. Right away, I smelled a whiff of fishy smell as a large wolf with white fur suddenly appeared in front of me and charged forward. It opened its mouth that was filled with dripping saliva widely, its sharp teeth glistening in light.

“Pu Chi!”

I was unexpectedly bitten, losing 287 health immediately. This Wind Wolf’s attack power was really high!

I turned around and counter-attacked, powerful like thunder. My sword flashed as a big MISS appeared, followed by a [Death Blade] from my [Vindicate] and [Death Blade] combo!


A high damage number flew out. My attack was simply too powerful; that Wind Wolf gave a miserable howl as it dropped to the ground from the impact of the attack. It had already lost more than half of its health!

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