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VWUUTS Chapter 5 – Glimmering Breastplate

Chapter 5 – Glimmering Breastplate
Translated by: Shiroyukineko

“Is that an F- BOSS?”

My mouth slowly curled upwards. I was level 2, and it was level 5. The difference in levels did not exceed 5, so the chance of MISS attacks would not be too large. Then, there could be a chance to defeat it.

My heart resolute, I started my attack!

“Sha sha…”

Stepping on the soft grasses, I was only starting to plan my moves, but that Big-Eared Rabbit BOSS had already noticed me. It immediately attacked me, quick as lightning. But I was not slow either. I inclined my body slightly forward, my legs drew a beautiful arch as the Rusty Sword quickly slashed through the Big-Eared Rabbit BOSS’s stomach!


Good brat, what a high defense!

At the same time, I quickly made a calculation. The health of the big-eared rabbit is around 2500, so I would need to hit it at least 100 times to defeat it!

The Big-Eared Rabbit BOSS squeaked “ji ji” loudly, as it turned its body and revealed its tail. That short tail felt as hard as steel as it heavily smashed onto my back!


Intense pain scour through me, wasn’t its attack too high?

My current total health was only at 110 points right now, I would be dead if I received another attack. There was no way I could defeat it, and I started to regret. The game mechanics in this game was too different from the previous games I had played before. I miscalculated!

Since I could not defeat it, then I should just run for my life. Otherwise I might just die until I am back to level 0, wasting all my day’s effort killing the Big-Eared Rabbits.

With a glance, I decided the best outcome, quick as a lightning, and chose the road on the right side. There were less Big-Eared Rabbits there. Just one BOSS was already difficult to bear, if I attracted other monsters, I could be dead.

I ran as fast as I can and tried to change my running path at the same time. I ran across trees, shrubs, grasses and other obstacles, making the Big-Eared Rabbit hop all over the place. As I ran through all these obstacles, I tried to take the shortest path possible. With that, I could make up for the gap in the BOSS’ and my own movement speed.

As I ran through the forest, I glanced around the surroundings. Suddenly, my eyes lighted up!

Not far from there, a bunch of thorny plants appeared in our paths. Those were the Blood Serpent Thorns, it was one of the plants on the <Destiny’s> database. It was highly poisonous. Once you were poisoned, you would lose health every few seconds. Players who trained their manufacturing skills could harvest these Blood Serpent Thorns as a drug ingredient and create poisons for Assassin players. It was an essential assassination weapon!

Of course, the current level of the players were too low, there were nobody who had the ability to harvest these thorns.

But at this moment, it was my life saver. Seeing the Blood Serpent Thorns was the same as seeing my saving grace!


I turned my whole body and entered the shrubs of Blood Serpent Thorns. These thorns were around 1 metre tall, not that difficult for me to jump over them. With one leap, I jumped into the middle of the thorns. I was very careful not to touch any of the thorns, and thus, I stood, surrounded by these poisonous thorns.

“Ji ji!”

The Big-Eared Rabbit BOSS was clearly still furious and similarly jumped, following me. It was a pity that its body wasn’t large enough, it was only the size of a washbowl. As it flew in the air, my Rusty Sword flew towards it, and with great power and momentum, it slammed onto the BOSS’s head!

“Go down, you rabbit!”

I hacked down with all my might, like I was batting a ball, smacking the BOSS right into the middle of the Blood Serpent Thorns shrubs. Just as I had predicted, the Big-Eared Rabbit BOSS was immediately pricked throughout its body as it squealed out painfully. Its health fell even faster as it was poisoned.

Relying on my arms and sword advantage, I jabbed repeatedly at the Big-Eared Rabbit BOSS’ butt. But it was already powerless, as its small body was trapped in the middle of a thorny shrubs and could never escape. It anxiously cried out and jumped about, but it only caused it to be pricked with even more thorns. Gaping wounds could be seen throughout its body.

Not even two minutes passed before the Big-Eared Rabbit’s health became critically low. This was my first BOSS kill, adrenaline shot through my blood as I shouted out, “Drop it, drop a mighty weapon for me, please, rabbit bro!”


The Big-Eared Rabbit BOSS cried out miserably and died, dropping two items.


It gave me a generous amount of experience, raising my levels by 2. I added all my points to strength, increasing my attack sharply to 7-12!

But the joy in leveling did not match up to the joy of getting the equipment drop. My eyes bulged open as I saw the Big-Eared Rabbit dropped a breastplate that glowed with a green light. Furthermore, it had also dropped a diamond-looking, huge stone on the ground.

Carefully reaching out my sword, I picked up the breastplate. “Pa” as the breastplate fell onto my hands, the equipment stats appeared in front of me immediately—

Big-Eared Rabbit Glimmering Battle Armor (Black-tier Armor)
Defense: 9
Stamina : +2
Required Level:2

I was overjoyed, it turned out to be a Black-tier equipment, and it was an equipment with added properties at that! <Destiny’s> equipments are separated into white-tier, black-tier, bronze-tier, elite-tier, rune-tier, silver-tier, gold-tier, dark gold-tier, amethyst-tier, soul-tier, heaven-tier and god tier. Although this black-tier equipments was almost at the bottom, currently, it was no different than a godly armor!

Quickly equipping the black-tier breast plate, my status immediately increased by a lot-

ID: Lost Hero
Job: Undead Swordsman (on probation)
Level: 4
Attack: 7-12


My defense became 10. With such high attributes, I could kill level 3 Big-Eared Rabbits without pressure anymore. Furthermore, my health also increased by 20 points due to the +2 addition to my stamina, totalling 140 points!

My heart couldn’t help but be filled with joy. With such a high defense, in the current stage, could I be counted as the upper elites?

Wait a minute, the Big-Eared Rabbit BOSS also dropped a big stone!

I bent my body down and picked up that stone.Yeah, it was indeed the rumoured Magic Stone – Large Magic Stone (Quality: 77)

In <Destiny>, monsters dropped magic stones instead of gold. Any monsters that possess a magical ability would possibly to drop a magic stone, and these magic stones could be exchanged for gold with any NPC Stores. Magic Stones were divided into 5 types – Small Magic Stone, Large Magic Stone, Dream Magic Stone, Amethyst Stone and Crystal Stone. The higher the quality, the more expensive it would be.

The Large Magic Stone’s quality that I gained was 77, so I should be able to receive a lot of copper coins!

As I jumped out of the Blood Serpent Thorns bushes, I wore my newly acquired black-tier breastplate, looking majestic and powerful. In any case, my ribs were finally covered. Now I would only need a leg guard, a wrist guard and a helmet to shield my whole body, and I can proudly flaunt it in front of other people.

Not far from there, a level 3 Big-Eared Rabbit suddenly bit into me. But I didn’t try to dodge at all. Come at me!


The damage points floated out from my head, making me laugh with glee. 10 points in defense was indeed powerful. The Big-Eared Rabbit who was almost the same level as me couldn’t even break my defense.

After slashing my sword twice in order and killed the Big-Eared Rabbit who didn’t realize its own imminent death, I quickly ran back to the newbie village. I looked for the Scattered Corpse Village Guard and passed him my quest items, 5 rabbit furs!

“Very good, little young skeleton, I’m seeing you in a different light!”

The Undead Barbarian patted my shoulders and cackled, “Come, this is your reward. Let’s work hard for the Undead Legion, riches and beauties!”

I bulged my eyes, what an honest NPC, I liked his attitude! However, this Undead Barbarian’s attitude, had it recognized me as a member of the Undead Legion already?



System Announcement: You have finished the quest [Kill the Big-Eared Rabbits]. You received 150 exp points, 10 copper coins, and fame +1!

I swallowed my saliva. Wasn’t the reward too generous? Alright then, I would just receive my blessing. Anyway, I had received 150 exp points, just a few more Big-Eared Rabbits to go and I would level up to level 5.

The Scattered Corpse Village Guard continued, “Looks like you have killed the Big-Eared Rabbit BOSS. Very good, then the Big-Eared Rabbits won’t be anything to worry about. I have a more urgent quest for you, would you be willing to finish it?”

Exactly what I was looking for. I quickly nodded, “Sure, anything you say.”

“Okay!” the village guard clenched his battle axe and said, “Outside this small village, there is an extremely large Breaking Dawn Forest. One of our skeleton brother had reported that there are green Praying Mantises lurking in that Breaking Dawn Forest. They are extremely large and had a pair of deathly blades. You’ll have to go to the Breaking Dawn Forest, kill 100 Green Praying Mantis, and bring me 10 Green Praying Mantis Blades. I would then give you plenty rewards!”


System Announcement: You have accepted the quest [Green Praying Mantis]! (Quest Level: F)

Quest Description: Go to Breaking Dawn Forest, kill 100 Green Praying Mantises and collect 10 Green Praying Mantis blades. Pass the quest items to the Village Guard.

Yeah, not bad, a level F quest. I could probably get a lot of experience.

I was not in urgent to complete the quest. As I exited the graveyard, a crooked skeleton NPC goods seller appeared. I walked up to the skeleton and took out the Large Magic Stone that the Big-Eared Rabbit BOSS dropped. I handed it over to it and said, “Bro, could you take a look and check how much is this worth?”

The skeleton looked at me with a complicated expression and replied bitterly, “Do I look like a man to you?”

I froze. This skeleton had only bones left and I couldn’t judge the size of its chest. “Cough cough, beautiful lady, could you please take a look at this and check how much it is worth?”

Only then did the beautiful skeleton lady took the Large Magic stone. She observed it closely and said, “1540 copper coins!”

I was pleasantly surprised. What good luck! That quest reward just now was only 10 copper coins, I never thought that just a piece of Large Magic Stone would be worth 1540 copper coins. I’m so happy!

I received 1540 copper coins that was converted into 15 silvers and 40 copper. I could even be considered a conglomerate!

Checking out the beautiful skeleton lady’s goods, there was health potions, but it was expensive beyond measure. Just one beginner’s health potion that healed 80 HP cost 50 copper coins. It was obviously daylight robbery!

However, after thinking a while, I still bought 20 bottles in the end. I could hunt higher level monsters with health potions, which would allow me to get more magic stones to change for gold. You should always think ahead!


After buying the health potions, it was time for me to continue my adventure!

Outside the newbie village, I killed a few Big-Eared Rabbits and leveled up to 5. I continued to put my 5 points on strength, and increased my attack to 10-17. Looks like an Undead Swordsman strength growth is not that bad. 5 points to strength would become 3-5 addition to attack. I remembered reading from the forums that the profession with the highest strength growth was warrior. 5 points addition to strength will increase their attack by 2-5, while a Magic Knight would be increased by 2-4 and Ranger, 3-4. So looking from this perspective, Undead Swordsman strength growth belonged to the upper tier professions.

Opening the table of rankings, there were a total of three newbie villages around this area, of which two belonged to the Radiance Alliance. Amongst the three newbie villages, the highest leveled player was already level 7, which was so much higher than me. Indeed, in every game, there would be people who would level like crazy. I should start working harder.

Under the moonlight, a creepy small skeleton wielded his Rusty Sword as he walked swiftly through the wilderness, slowly humming, “The little monk went down the mountains to beg for food, but the old monk warned him, don’t pluck the wildflowers below the mountains, don’t pluck them~~”

(TLN: I think it’s this song…, MC sort of changed the lyrics a bit)


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  1. acouvis says:

    …. I would then give you plenty rewards!”
    I will then give you plenty of rewards!

    (Would would make more sense if he stated the conditions as an “if” statement, if you did x, then y… Will is if he is addressing it as he’s expected to do this (almost like it’s a given)…)

  2. mythu says:

    the author forgot he starts from level 0, he leveled up from 0 to level 2 with 5 ability points(previous chapter) and gave him 5(half) ability points after gaining 2 levels from 2 to 4. But he does know how to do the math from 4-7 damage after his first level up at level 2 to 7-12 damage at level 4 and 10-17 damage at level 5, or not, if he’s showing damage for a level 3 character at level 5. But game mechaning don’t matter so much if you consider the story and system messages irony 😛 It ends the same anyway even if he hits 1 damage to end an F rank boss

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