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VW:UUTS Chapter 33 – Golden-scaled Python King

Chapter 33 – Golden-scaled Python King
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited By: The poor guy
TLC By: Shiroyukineko

The forest was quiet and the land was still. Brightly coloured fireflies flew around the grasslands, fluttering and chasing each other.

A faint fiery light glowed from my Weeping Fireblade, a few stains of blood dyed the edge of the blade red. On the ground, a python that I just killed lay lifeless. I didn’t know how many pythons I had already killed, I only knew that my experience had increased by a whole lot. I had already reached level 29. The experience from Forest Pythons was indeed bountiful.


Taking a deep breath, I looked inside my inventory. I had already collected 45 sacs of poison, and I still didn’t know what use this plaything would have.

Originally, I had wanted to go through the Dark Forest as a shortcut to go to my destination and draw out Forest Pythons and kill them one by one. However, I had miscalculated. I had been stuck in the Dark Forest for four hours full. A cruel reality posed in front of me — I was lost!

The map was blurred, so I was unable to scout the area. I could only roughly estimate the direction of the Frostwind Canyon.

Carrying my Weeping Fireblade, I brought along my footman, a ‘fierce-looking’ skeleton. It was a level 25 fossil which looked like a t-rex, and it could already serve as a meat shield for me. This was also one of the secret weapons that allowed me to survive through the dangerous Dark Forest until now. The slave from [Summon Undead] couldn’t be kept. It’s gone if it dies, it’s not that regretful.

Right at this moment, a bell suddenly rang through the air —


System Announcement: Player Domineering Heaven Blade has successfully reached lv.30. As the first player reaching lvl.30 in Floating Ice City, he received 3000 exp points and 200 fame!
What a fellow, Domineering Heaven’s Blade levelling up speed is really fast!

I slowly sighed. But then I thought again, if not for Lin Yi Xin and I killing each other so many times and dropping levels, how could the first player reaching level 30 be Domineering Heaven blade?


A message from Lin Yi Xin: “See? You have seen it right? Both of us dropped so many levels and allowed Domineering Heaven Blade and his Domineering Clan to take advantage of it. They won easily and we both lost out in the end!”

I was a little speechless as I replied, “This is not the responsibility of just one of us you know?”

She quickly replied, “As a guy, you should bravely accept responsibility!”

I couldn’t help but laugh and replied, “Alright, I’ll take responsibility of you.”

After around half a minute, when I thought that Lin Yi Xin was too angry to reply, she finally replied, “I haven’t even eaten breakfast yet…”

“What’s that got to do with me?”

“I don’t have the strength to beat you up…”


After our exchange, Lin Yi Xin was pleased with herself and sent me a cute laughing emoji.

I continued to force myself onward. I must find the location of the Green Peppers before daybreak today, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get Red Iron Tablet’s gold!

After walking a little, I suddenly noticed that the environment had started to change a little. Observing closely, I saw that the grasses on the ground had all mostly withered, their leaves pitch black. From the looks of it… It seemed like it had been poisoned?

I raised my head and gripped my Weeping Fireblade tight. I had a feeling in my heart that I had met a strong opponent!


The night wind blew, rustling the leaves. In the darkness of the night, a pair of red eyes was intently glaring at me. When I saw it through the limited light from the moon, I was so scared that my whole body started to tremble. It turned out to be a giant python, a truly giant python. Its body that glowed with a golden light was as thick as a tree trunk, and it was at least 15m long. The scarier thing was its enormous head; it was baring its fangs, full of killing intent. It let out a hiss that was reeking of bloodthirst as its pair of expressionless, savagewild beast’s eyes glared at me intently!

[Golden-scaled Python King] (E-upper ranked BOSS)
Attack: ???
Defense: ???
Health: ???
Abilities: ???

I couldn’t see its stats at all, but I was sure that this BOSS wouldn’t be easily defeated. His level might even be more than lv.40!

I secretly cried in my heart. My house was already leaking, yet it was raining the whole night (chinese idiom). I was just a little skeleton trying to pick some Green Peppers, but I actually met this Golden-scaled Python King, a frightening BOSS monster. This joke must be the guardian of this Dark Forest. Being able to meet it, was it my fortune or misfortune?

Gripping the Weeping Fireblade tightly, I stared intently at the Golden-scaled Python King. I must fight it! Since I had already met it, I couldn’t run away like a coward. That’s not this hero’s style!

Behind me, my Green Fire Cloak fluttered with the wind. The 22 defense points from my Green Fire Cloak was also one of the things I could rely on. The additional 22 defense and 7 stamina increased my health to 610 points, so there should be a glimmer of hope.


The Golden-scaled Python King filled its fangs with venom as it glared intently at me. Then, its body suddenly moved towards me, mouth open wide, scary as hell!

I found the perfect timing and slid away with my foot, perfectly avoiding the BOSS’s attack. At the same time, a green glow enveloped my Weeping Fireblade as [Death Blade] swung down, splitting the air.


Right at the BOSS’ heart, a damage number that simply made me excited flew out–376!

Not bad. Since I could break its defense already, then killing this BOSS shouldn’t be a problem.

But right at this moment, the Golden-scaled Python King quickly spit venom towards me. My whole body was immediately stunned, as my health quickly depleted–


Battle Announcement: You have been poisoned, you will lose 5% of your health every 10 seconds!



The hard scales of the python’s tail crashed onto my armour, and that black stone armour’s durability immediately depleted. This BOSS’ attack was simply too powerful!

I downed a bottle of health potion. I couldn’t simply charge in blindly now. I moved my feet at lightning speed, 45 degrees to the right, then passed through a gap between two large trees away from the Boss.


Golden-scaled Python King charged forward, opening its mouth wide. With a ‘Pu Chi’ sound, it actually bit on a big tree, its poisonous fangs boring through the tree trunk. The python king struggled with all of its might, it was a pity that its fangs were so long that it almost tore the whole tree trunk off. In the end, with a thundering sound, the two large trees were torn off and fell to the ground.

My eyes lighted up. Here’s my chance! I never thought that even BOSS monsters could make mistakes, this was practically a blessing bestowed to me by the heavens!

I quickly moved closer to the BOSS’ body, avoiding the BOSS’ tail with my agile feet. At the same time, I stabbed the BOSS’ heart repeatedly.

“Cha cha cha!”

After continuously slashing countless times, finally two gold-coloured scales flew out with a “gu dong”. I had finally broken through the python king’s defense, after its scales fell, its defense went down by a lot!


Suddenly, a big tree was unearthed to its roots as the Golden-scaled Python King swung its head and tore the tree to shreds. It then looked at me viciously, seemingly thinking that this irritating skeleton was as annoying as a poisonous thorn, making its life miserable. As the guardian of the forest, the Golden-scaled Python King suddenly charged towards me violently.


“447 !”

A shot of pain ran through my waist. I was bitten by the BOSS, but luckily I wasn’t swallowed up.

Gulping down a bottle of health potion hurriedly, I thought, if I was bitten once again I would probably die!

The situation was urgent. It was a matter of life and death now, so I decided to give it my all and quickly unleashed my [Earth Evasion] ability.


My whole person suddenly turned into a crimson light as I disappeared into the earth, in the form of a crimson light.

I did not dare to make a sound, and prayed to god that the Golden-scaled Python King’s seeing ability was not strong. Otherwise he would see through my [Earth Evasion], and I would die a heroic death right here.

My heart kept thumping loudly. But what made me happy was that the Golden-scaled Python King lingered for a while then actually MISSed its aggro on me.


Hurriedly gulping down a few health potions, when I was back to full health, I slowly moved my [Earth Evasion] to the right place, in between the dense forest and the Golden-scaled Python King.

Humph, aren’t you the mighty Guardian of the Forest? Then, I will let the whole forest know that you have become a corpse today!


A crimson light spread out as I suddenly charged out of the earth. The BOSS’ aggro immediately returned to me as the Golden-scaled Python King charged quickly towards me. As for me, I immediately charged towards the dense forest.

My body was only 30 centimetres wide, and the Golden-scales Python King’s body was at least 50-cm wide. I had observed it clearly that the distance between trees in the dense patch of forest ahead of me is less than 50 centimeters. Since that was the case, I would definitely have an advantage.


Passing through a few big trees with the speed of lightning, although the Golden-scaled Python King was a BOSS, its intelligence wasn’t that high. It followed my movement route as it chased after me.

As a result, the python’s long body wriggled around in the dense forest, hitting trees at every turn. As for me, I was like a dragonfly touching the waters, effortlessly passing through every single gap in the trees.

The whole Black Forest was resounding with the Golden-scaled Python King’s roars. Snakes have scales, and at our previous battle, I had actually peeled off all of the Golden-scaled Python King’s scales. It would be weird if it wasn’t furious.

“Pu Chi… Pu Chi…”

The sharp edges of tree branches cut through the Golden-scaled Python King’s injuries. My previous attacks was taking effect. The thistles and thorns tore the BOSS’ injuries even wider. Not long after, the Golden-scaled Python King was injured all over as its health continued to drop drastically.

Seeing the miserable Golden-scaled Python King, I couldn’t help but laugh, so a thousand miles dragon dance actually looked like this!
(Shiro: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragon_dance)

Time passed by the seconds and the Black Forest was turned upside down.

Trails of the python’s blood remained on the conical thistles and thorns, leaving a potent fishy smell in the air, making others had the urge to vomit.

I walked a few more steps forward and took out a health potion to heal the health that was depleted by the BOSS. This poison really would have been the death of me. If it were not for my ample stock of health potion, I would already be poisoned to death!

Closely observing the BOSS’ health, it was getting lower and lower. Under my opportunistic attacks, the Golden-scaled Python King’s health had been reduced from 80% to around 15%. Seems like it is going to be over soon.

I felt an excitement surge through my heart. If this Python BOSS died, it would definitely be the first fallen higher ranked BOSS in <Heaven’s End>. Even its terrifying attack strength itself was unbearable for an ordinary person. Fortunately I had two Bronze-tier equipments on my body that allowed me to deal with it. If it were an ordinary party instead, even a Magic Knight would probably be killed on the spot!


After a few minutes, the Golden-scaled Python King who was already on its deathbed let out its last cry. Its might as the king of the forest had long gone; at this point of time, it looked extremely miserable. The armored scales on its head had been hacked away by my sword, and its long formidable body became its burden in the end, being complicatedly tangled in the forest. The dense forest finally became its burial ground.

Seeing that the BOSS’ health was down to the last thread, I didn’t hesitate for a moment and swung my sword down!


A green light enveloped my Weeping Fireblade as a [Death Blade] was unleashed. Furthermore, my figure was slightly tilted forward as a I unleashed a formidable strike, not giving my target the opportunity to dodge. It didn’t matter if using [Death Blade] was an overkill.

“Pu Chi!”

Fresh blood spilled over as a huge number of damage flew out – 724!

It was a fatal blow!


The Golden-scaled Python King let out a miserable cry as its last thread of health disappeared. Its giant body slowly slumped to the ground, finally dying!

“Shua shua!”

A golden light appeared as I immediately gained two levels, rising to level 31. However, my vision was locked at the place beneath the Golden-scaled Python King’s body, there were some item drops!

A glowing fluorescent dagger was lying in the bushes, in addition, there was skill book glowing in a purple light!

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