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LLS Chapter 36 – Level Up

Chapter 36 – Level Up
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Rango, Surjit, Krithika
TLCed by: Zaza

The terrifying demon that couldn’t come out smoothly from the portal, suddenly started to gradually vanish after receiving Yue Yang’s Supreme Sword attack.

This outcome amazed Yue Yang.

Could it be that he could defeat that powerful fellow with just one attack? Really? Xie Huo had used the lives and blood of hundreds of warriors as a sacrifice to summon the terrifying demon, yet it was so easily defeated? With regards to such an ending, Yue Yang couldn’t believe it at all… … Could it be that an attack with the added strength of ‘Binding Chains’ and ‘Giant Shadow’, together with a Supreme Sword attack from the Innate Invisible Sword Qi, could really obliterate everything?

Suddenly, a premonition of danger surfaced in his heart.

Yue Yang immediately reacted, moving both of his legs to execute the ‘Elegant Sword Dance’, one of the Mysterious Three Styles. In an instant, he drew back by 10 metres.

A Beheading Arc Wave that was capable of tearing apart the whole sky and earth suddenly lashed out from within the portal.

Tearing through the sky faster than lightning, with one flash, it almost hit the tip of Yue Yang’s nose as he desperately evaded the attack. The slash then lashed the ground at a distance, gouging a bottomless deep crack in it as easily as a hot knife cut through butter, before it disappeared into the far distance…

The Merry Forest building that was going up in flames was silently slashed into two by the Beheading Arc Wave. In the next moment, a loud, cringe-inducing crashing sound boomed out as the huge pavilion collapsed slowly. The deafening sound exploded as if it were a sound wave attack, making Yue Yang’s hair stand on end. It was such a terrifying Beheading Arc Wave; he was almost cut in two by it. If he hadn’t evaded it in time, even with his defense, he wouldn’t be able to survive that attack that could even split the sky. No, if he had not learnt the unrivalled ‘Elegant Sword Dance’, one of the Three Mysterious Styles, he would have already died a miserable death from this sneak attack.

“In the past 600 years, you are the first human to injure me.”

Following the furious roar that sounded from within the portal, a Demon’s hand tainted with black blood and engulfed in purple flame extended from within the portal.

A cluster of Dark Green Flames condensed in that hand, with power so strong that it could destroy both the heavens and the earth. The Inferno that Xie Huo had summoned previously was insignificant compared to these Dark Green Flames. Seeing this, Yue Yang didn’t think that the current him would be able to withstand the next attack. If he let these Dark Green Flames touch him, the consequences would be disastrous. But what else could he do now?


Or should he resist to the end?

Maybe it was a pretty good idea to destroy the portal forcefully and stop the terrifying demon from coming out.

But the problem was whether he could evade the Dark Green Flames’ attack and destroy the portal behind it. Beads of sweat formed on Yue Yang’s forehead. Looking at the ever expanding Dark Green Flames in front of him and then looking behind him… … In that direction was the beautiful woman’s house. Despite the house being quite far away, if this cluster of Dark Green Flames’ emitted an energy shock wave, maybe…

Perhaps, Fourth Mother and the little girl were still in dreamland?

Yue Yang gritted his teeth as he started to revolve his arms around each other. Rotating, he formed the remaining Qi in his body into a stream that flowed against the current of Yin and Yang and became a cyclone.

Even though the terrifying demon’s powers were too powerful and hard to defend against, Yue Yang still courageously charged forward… … Yue Yang hardly cared if the whole of Soaring Dragon Continent’s people lived or died, but he couldn’t simply watch without taking action when the danger could possibly threaten the safety of Fourth Mother and the little girl.

The Fourth Mother who doted on him and the mischievous little girl, they were his only family.

“Foolish humans.” After extending its hand from within the portal, the terrifying demon let out a blood-curdling laugh.


As if it knew that Yue Yang would charge forward in a desperate suicidal attempt, the Dark Green Flames suddenly exploded. A pillar of green light suddenly shot out from the terrifying demon’s palm, straight towards Yue Yang’s body.

Suddenly, a light green Halo Shield appeared in front of Yue Yang. Like a circle of rainbows, a beautiful yet mysterious luster that was comparable to the glow of a diamond pattern suddenly appeared on the surface of the shield protecting his body. A Diamond Grimoire appeared at the same time and Little Wen Li, who was wielding her Dual Icicle Blades in her small hands, came out from within Yue Yang’s body voluntarily. Her face was full of nervousness. The green pillar of light shot at her Halo Shield, and it shook violently. With a loud booming sound, the Halo Shield was almost destroyed. Yue Yang was shocked. Fortunately, the Halo Shield protection succeeded in dispersing the powers of the green pillar of light. The power contained in the green pillar of light shot out far into the distance and, in the end, disappeared into the air.

Seeing that the Halo Shield was still intact even after its encounter with the green pillar of light, Yue Yang sighed in relief internally.

He had gambled correctly.

The Halo Shield summoned by Little Wen Li’s Diamond Grimoire could indeed defend against such a destructive attack.

“Ah!” Little Wen Li let out a high pitched cry that reverberated through the sky. Yue Yang realized that, unknown to him, the terrifying demon’s hand had already pierced through the Halo Shield. Although it was just one finger, Yue Yang was extremely shocked.

Only now had he realized that the Halo Shield was not an absolute defense and had its own limitations. The terrifying demon’s fingers had succeeded in piercing through the great defense of the Halo Shield. Yue Yang’s natural reaction in the next moment was to hold Little Wen Li tightly in his embrace, protecting her even if he would die. He’s done for… he’s really done for this time!

However, Little Wen Li wriggled out of his embrace. Raising her little icicle blades, she ruthlessly hacked at the terrifying demon’s fingers.

In an instant, the terrifying demon’s hand became frozen in ice.

Even the blazing Inferno near it got frozen and was completely extinguished.

“There’s still hope!” Yue Yang’s reactions completely exceeded his previous limitations. He forcefully concentrated his Qi again and prepared to unleash the strongest attack from the [Mysterious Three Styles], the ‘Supreme Sword Aim’. The Supreme Sword was unleashed yet again, stronger than his previous attack. It ruthlessly pierced into the terrifying demon’s hands that were steadily thawing.

The Sword Qi’s sharpness, which was without equal, didn’t let Yue Yang down.

The terrifying demon’s hands wanted to retreat, but under the unshakable trap of ice, its retreating speed was as slow as a snail’s crawl.

The Sword Qi overtook it in an instant, and with a “shhk”, it pierced right into the centre of the terrifying demon’s palm. A hole appeared on the back of this terrifying demon’s scaly hand.

At this moment, the portal immediately became smaller and smaller.

The terrifying demon’s hand that extended out from the portal didn’t even attempt to attack Yue Yang again, as it retreated quickly, withdrawing back into the portal.

Little Wen Li’s snake tail waved back and forth, looking extremely beautiful as it slithered around on the ground. She managed to chase after the terrifying demon’s hands. With a furious look, her small mouth let out a sharp hiss. Yue Yang could feel that she was unleashing her Binding Chains with all of her strength…

If it was used ordinarily, the effect would not be very big.

After all, the binding duration was only for one second. But right now, it was extremely effective.

The terrifying demon’s hand was firmly held fixed in its position by Little Wen Li’s skill and was not able to move even a single inch. When the portal disappeared, the space was like a sharp blade, immediately chopping off the terrifying demon’s arm. Yue Yang was extremely shocked by Little Wen Li’s battle sense. She had not used her Binding Chains all this while, instead, waiting for the right moment when the portal was about to close, she inflicted serious damage onto the terrifying demon. Such a move was unthinkable for a small fry like Yue Yang.

“Dammit, annoying human Ranker, I’ll remember you. We will definitely meet again, just wait and see…”

The portal disappeared along with the terrifying demon’s frustrated howl echoing in the darkness.

If they had battled face to face, Yue Yang wouldn’t have been able to win with his current power.

However, separated by two different worlds, the terrifying demon couldn’t smoothly exit from the portal. It could only attack from a separate dimension. Furthermore, it had underestimated Yue Yang. Finally, under Yue Yang’s innate Sword Qi, Little Wen Li’s extraordinary Binding Chains and her amazing battle sense, the terrifying demon had suffered a great loss. It had lost an arm… No wonder it was so furious.

Every single bit of Qi in Yue Yang’s body was depleted as he weakly dropped to the ground.

He had managed to turn the battle around and win despite the danger.

The Bronze Grimoire that floated beside him silently turned into a bright shining light in the dark night. A white pillar of light suddenly shot out, shooting at least ten metres high into the sky.

Due to Yue Yang’s victory in this battle, it had leveled up… … Inside Yue Yang’s mind, a huge wave of information appeared causing him to be indescribably pleasantly surprised. “You have defeated an enemy in a battle that was impossible to win, acquiring a miraculous victory. Hence, your battle experience has reached the full limit of your current level and your Bronze Grimoire has been raised to the Intermediate level. You have also received another blank page. Also, by the laws of the Ancient Code, a godly grace will be bestowed upon you. Your Guardian Beast ‘Phantom Shadow’ had gained a new ability…”

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  1. Papafade says:

    So uh, did that guard captain that survived happen to hear him be called a “Ranker”? Cause if so… Snack for the flower?

      • Mythic Beast says:

        Eh, of course the demon said it. What Papafade meant is whether the demon said it loud enough that the Guard Captain also heard it. It wouldn’t be good to leave somebody alive that knows he’s a ranker.

        • Vincent says:

          lol what? So all the other stuff he saw was okay? A lvl 1 summoner beating a lvl 3 hero guy? No, he needed to die the moment the MC revealed his abilities.

  2. Crombat Monta says:

    Thanks for the lovely bunch who feed me this chapter! Thanks and thanks and maybe, just maybe, thanks!

  3. Lednacek says:

    i am quite confused. MC is a rank1 novice, his grimoire is copper and his thorn summon is lvl1. He defeated 2 enemies but the kill was done by the thorn so only thorn gained some experience.
    Now he fought a huge fight killed rank3 enemy, defeated/canceled summon of horrible demon and the upgrade goes to his grimoire.
    How is he going to raise his own rank when whatever he does gives experience to his summons of summoning book.

    • shiroyukineko says:

      no idea hahah. But author did not specify if the experience goes to the thorny flower or the phantom shadow or grimmoire… Well I’m reading as I translate so i have no idea what will happen haha

      • McLaindog says:

        He himself doesn’t have a real lvl besides his grimoire he has his intate rank but that goes up by cultivation. Probably the thorny sacrifices the exp to help fuel the rank up. Since a lol up is a lot weaker than the rank up. His shadow probably lvls with his grimoire another reason why he got another ability which is what makes guardian spirits even more terrifying. They have the same amount of potential as their owner. It truly is his shadow.

  4. Rafis says:

    Whats with these statements? “Yue Yang hardly cared if the whole of Soaring Dragon Continent’s people lived or died.” That’s not normal, shouldn’t he care for people lives, but not to the extent of risking his own life for… << Why is it that he doesn't care at all if they die or live… I mean if I was in his situation I would pick the course of action that would prevent innocent lives death, while not risking my own life.

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