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DOP Chapter 3 – Unrivalled Beauty

Chapter 3 – Unrivalled Beauty
Translated By: Shiroyukineko

She wriggled her eyebrows and was silent for a little while.

Liu Yue observed her reflection closely in the bronze mirror. Not right, she thought, she was changing her expressions but the reflection of her face had remained stationary. There was something on her face.

dop3-2Eyebrows still frowning, Liu Yue turned her body and exited the old house.There wasn’t any servants serving her here, except for an old grandmother. However, she was already too old and couldn’t walk, so she had returned to her old home. She was all alone in this place, her future was all up to her now.

Taking a pail of water in, Liu Yue scrubbed her face hard in front of the bronze mirror. Then, the reflection on the mirror had alarmed Liu Yue. Her pale white, dainty face had a pair of shapely brows and pitch-black doe eyes. With those eyes and that face, how could this be an inferior face? This is a face of an unrivalled beauty, capable of taking down an entire kingdom.

And the most surprising thing for Liu Yue was that this face looked exactly like her previous life’s face. If she were to grow up a little, she would look just like herself.

Touching the face that looked exactly like her, Liu Yue quickly searched through the body’s memories. With such a beautiful face, why would she still be suffering in this secluded place? She could just show it off, but why did she chose to mask her appearance?

dol3-1 “My daughter, remember this. Before you could protect yourself, don’t let anyone see your appearance. On your eighteenth birthday, Mom will definitely return for you.”

Other than a memory vision, a soft and gentle voice resounded in her mind. That was Liu Yue’s mother, Ou Yang Xue.

When Liu Yue was five years old, General Mu Rong had sentenced her mother to death. But Liu Yue remembered it very clearly, her mother didn’t die, she only disappeared.

Disappeared? It was a strange word. A five year old’s memory didn’t help that much even if the memory was very clear. The word “disappear” contained too many meanings.

Raising her eyebrows, she thought, before she could find out any information, she won’t bother understanding this situation. She wiped her face once again, she thought that her mother’s words was right. If she didn’t have the strength to protect herself, this face would be her source of calamity and bring her lots of problems.

The sun shone brightly outside, as inside the house, a new person replaced the previous one.

Time passed quickly, and soon, a month had already passed by.

Today, the Mu Rong residence was filled with songs and laughter, the atmosphere happy and lively. It was General Mu Rong’s sixtieth birthday.

The residence was filled with guests. Distinguished nobles and officials walked forth and expressed their blessings and good wishes to the General. Even the current Emperor had appointed the Crown Prince and three other Princes to congratulate the General for this day, giving him plenty of face and reputation. It had also further strengthen Mu Rong family’s reputation and glory as Tian Zhen’s Empire number one family of generals.

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  1. grim says:

    wow. came here from the manhua, and … just wow.All ready i see the differences, and theyre important ones too.
    The manhua failed to mention her birthmarks were fake, and shes a beauty. It also failed to mention that her mother was sentenced to death, it said she was said to have died. so it left the impression that she just abandoned her.

    • Jenn says:

      Rather I remember it mentioning that she just up and left out of no where after saying she’ll return on her 18th birthday. Sadly it really didn’t mention the fake mark, but the novel isn’t mentioning a mark, just a plain appearance

  2. midoriha says:

    ooh, an unrivalled beauty, huh? and a similar face to her own? that might be one of the reasons why she was able to enter the body—? hm…
    disappearance? hm, odd indeed. We can only wait for her 18th birthday, it seems…

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