The Strongest Dan God Chapter 84 – Using treasures to trade for one’s life

Chapter 84 – Using treasures to trade for one’s life
Translated by: Andy
Edited by:

Hey guys. It’s been a while :(
I’ve been dealing with some family problems as well as some work/scheduling problems so I wasn’t able to get to TL much, much less get on the computer and do other things. But everything seems to have worked out (I hope) and I’ll have more time on my hands now.

Right now I have work on Sun-Thurs until around 11:00PM. Will try to spend time on Friday/Saturday to cover up for my work days and make a stockpile for when I can’t get to it.

1st Chapter of the Week (1/5)

I’ll slowly get the owed chapters out and hopefully, I can do so by next week. (7 Owed. (This should be the right number))

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Dropping ZTJ

Hi everyone,

As you can probably guess from the title of this post, I don’t have any good news.

After taking into consideration my current time constraints, the editor applications and various other things that have cropped up recently, I have made the decision to stop translating Ze Tian Ji.

Work was an important factor towards my decision to drop the project, but I also had to take my health into consideration (I have a long-term condition that makes it very bad for me to not rest properly), alongside my wish to try and apply to study a doctorate – something I was originally going to put on hold for a while, but recent events have made me decide not to wait any longer.

It has been fairly fun to translate ZTJ for others and to try my best to allow everyone to appreciate the style of the author. I haven’t reached far enough to show others the plot progression, but hopefully, whoever picks up the project will be able to lead readers towards that goal.

I will continue to work on editing the old chapters done by binggo&corp because it’s something that needs to be done, but other than that I won’t be participating in translations of ZTJ at all.

I have already sent out emails to those who applied to be editors, to explain my choice, but I would once again like to thank them for taking the time to apply.

Thank you everyone,

Chapter 10 – Cultivation

Chapter 10 – Cultivation

Translated by: FourTimesTwo
Edited by: Julia & Vick

This chapter was supposed to be posted yesterday but I got delayed. Sorry for that :(

Chapter 4 has been edited.

– fighter blood congealment technique will be changed to Fighter Blood Condensation Technique
– fighter blood stage will be changed to Condensed Fighter Blood Stage

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