Change to Patreon and release rate

Alright, my schedule is being filled so first up, I’m back, but I’m gonna have to go slower. Chaps will be out 5 a week instead of 7. As for patreon, I can longer keep up with what I was previously doing, so I’m changing the system. Instead of a monthly subscription, it’ll be a pay per chap. The value has been changed to $1 every 2 chapters. Also, for some reason you guys are subscribed at $20, I’ll be giving you a week to change it(otherwise, according to what I can see, you’ll be charged $20 per 2 chapters). You guys have to unsubscribe and resubscribe to the new one. Sorry for the trouble.  Anyway, I”ll be flushing my stockpile to make up for lost chaps. There’ll be a bulk release coming sometime tomorrow.


RNGM Hiatus

Sorry for the lack of news these past few days. Been busy. Anyway, I’ll probably be busy for awhile. RNGM will be back on Saturday and it’ll still be 1 chap a day. I’ll probably throw in an extra chap a week for i dunno, 7 weeks? To make up for the lost chaps.